Thursday, April 17, 2014

Let’s all Observe Holy Week – and all the usual obscenities that come with it.

Well, it’s that time of year again when the mythical man-god of the Christians who committed suicide by cop to save the world from his own retribution, is credited with rising from his tomb, seeing his shadow and thus condemning the planet to a few millennia of superstition, lies, rejection of science, and assorted mystical stupidity.

Yes… It’s Holy Week, the week before Easter – which of course we all know was co-opted from the pagan celebration of the goddess Ishtar AKA Eostre  by the Council of Nicaea in 325 C.E.,  almost three-hundred years after the alleged death of the alleged Jesus.

So besides the usual egg rolling, egg hunts, egg dying, Cadbury crème egg eating, Peep sucking, Jelly-Belly sugar highs, weirdos in bunny costumes terrifying children, and a nice smoked spiral ham, exactly what else do Xtians do during this most religious of Christian holidays?  For a majority of Xtians that about does it. For the most religiously afflicted, they’ll go to their local church and pretend to believe they are drinking man-god blood and eating man-god flesh, and feel oh so holy. 

But to a select group of Christians they’ll go above and beyond and really give it their all.  Here’s a short list of how some Christians are honoring their zombie man-god this Holy Week.

If you live in the insanely Catholic Philippines you could volunteer to be crucified with genuine nails and hung up for a few minutes to demonstrate your devoutness.

Or, if crucifixion isn’t your “thang” you can don a hood and flagellate yourself into a bloody pulp thus absolving yourself of your sins.

Or, maybe you can get some Brazilian kids whose undeveloped toddler brains have been washed and dried by their Christian folks to splatter a child in fake blood and pretend to crucify him in honor of the holiday. [Photo above]

Or, if you’re into foot fetish, maybe you can get away with it publicly by emulating the pope, washing strangers’ feet and French kissing some toes just like Jesus was said to have done to show his humanness and “humility” (I so hate that word these days).

Or, you can exercise your crazy like the Rev. John  “I support John McCain; and by the way, Hitler was a God send for the Jews” Hagee by declaring the recent lunar eclipse / ”blood moon” an omen of big happening for Israel and the foretelling of  the End Times….again.

Or, [now follow this closely] if you’re an ethnic Russian and of the Russian Orthodox Church living in Eastern Ukraine - while accusing the ethnic Ukrainians of fascism and neo-Nazism - you can illegally occupy a government building and issue a written demand that all Jewish residents (those damn Christ Killers!) of the town you’re illegally occupying register their Jewishness on pain of sever penalty.

Yep, that famous Christian ethic and its accompanying dignity and reason rise to a crescendo of grotesqueness during Holy Week.  But then why not?  For unlike the Passover question of “What makes this night different from all other nights?” when it comes to Easter week and the nuttiness and incivility of Christianity … the answer is “absolutely nothing.”    

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Mormon Apostles ‘Splain Gawd’s Position on Gay Marriage: Whew !!! Glad someone got the message direct from His drooling maw.

"While many governments and well-meaning individuals have redefined marriage, the Lord has not," 
So says  Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve, the high level board that controls the Mormon church’s doctrine and thus the thinking of its cult members.  Whole story here:

Really?  Well let’s see: the Lard defined marriage as one man and as many women as he wanted (witness King David, among others), 1 Kings 11.  The Lard defined marriage between one man and the woman he raped (if he pays 50 shekels), Deut. 22. The Lard defined marriage between a man and a captured virgin girl of a tribe that was slaughtered, Numbers 31.  How is it that the Lard didn’t reverse any of these policies, but they are nevertheless not adhered to today?
Oh yes…the Lard has defined lots of kinds of marriages; in fact concubines [translation: sex slaves] mixed into the marriage was endorsed by god. Heck, seems it didn't bother the Lard if incest (a game the whole family can play) ran rampant - witness Lot's daughters, Adam and Eves children, Noah's grandchildren, et al.  I guess as long as the Lard could watch he was okay with it.

So now, according to the great and powerful board of the Twelve Mormon misogynists, the Lard has defined marriage as ONLY between one man and one woman? Hmmm … that’s funny, in neither of my bibles (the KJV and NIV) does the Lord define marriage as between "one man and one woman".  You won’t find it in your copies either.
But hey… it’s the Mormons, the same people who said God told them he wanted them to be polygamists.  Well, that is until they were going to be refused entry into the Union because of it, and then suddenly God changed his mind. Coincidental no doubt.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Christianity.  Cultish self-serving interpretation of the bible to support institutionalized homophobia -  thy name is Mormon. I despise those nutters.