Friday, December 19, 2014


The obscenity that is the surrender of free speech by SONY Pictures to a little fat bastard in North Korea has my hump in a twist. So, I am departing from my usual religious themed rant to just clear the air...especially for anyone who doesn't see this issue as particularly troubling.

People are reminding me that Sony is a Japanese held company, and thus has political concerns relative to Korea, a centuries old enemy, vis-a-vis the potential of starting a hot war over this idiotic movie. Or they  cite the financial exposure in the event of a terrorist attack at a theater as the over riding concern to the Japanese. 

To both of those things I say: Bullshit!

Look ... it's very simple: If you want to play in America, reap the benefits of the American
consumer's dollar, then you play by American values. And one of those values is:

The ability for a company within our borders to produce and present the ideas words and pictures they want to should not be truncated either by OUR government, or by threat of another government, or by religious fanatics. To bow to that pressure, to let that happen, is counter to American values.

If a foreign company wants to play the American capitalism game then that is the price a foreign company should pay to do business here.  If that runs counter to their business philosophy, their cultural imperative, or offends their sensibilities, then sell that segment of your business to a US concern, or just get the hell out.

Okay... I feel better now.

Monday, December 8, 2014

PERSECUTION!!! The annual sob of the Christian majority.

Well, it’s that time again when Christians don their gay apparel…oh, wait...they don’t like gays.  Right… when Christians don their holiday finery.

Too soon for the finery you say ... Christmas is still over two weeks away?  Nope…not this finery.  This attire includes a the figurative hair shirt, upon which they will figuratively flagellate themselves as the devout Christian martyrs of another age were famous for.Yes, tis the season to bemoan the annual persecution of the Christians.


If  you’re asking wtf  I’m talking about then you just haven’t been paying attention …or mercifully are too smart to watch FOX News.  Here, the Christian martyr himself, Bill O’Reilly, will ‘splain it to you with his annual rant:  

Yes, that’s right … we, the evil hell bound godless heretics, are out to destroy Christmas.  We’re out to demean, deny, and otherwise dis Christians, Christmas and their imaginary man-god himself. They are being persecuted every bit as much as the fabled Xtian lion food of old. How so?  Because stores are saying “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas, and schools are giving kids a “Winter (or holiday) Break” instead of Christmas Break. What’s more, atheist scum are demanding equal space on town property to put up secular displays alongside Christian nativity scenes … as is required by the law. Even the Satanists are getting in on the equal space requirement, demanding their fallen angel displays get equal consideration (see below).

So, Christians ...  here are a couple of news flashes for you, the 76% majority, who wring their hands over their persecution by the 8-10% of this nation’s freethinkers - brace yourselves: 

Shocking I know. The other December holiday observances include: Hanukkah, Kwanza, The Winter Solstice, and New Years Eve.  Thus, when someone wishes one “Happy Holidays”, they aren’t dising your celebration, they simply aren’t making an assumption by singling out any one particular holiday.  They are covering the gamut with no preconceived notion as to what holiday the recipient of their well wishes observes, if any.  Simple as that.  Too reasonable for you?  Too rationale? Too radical?  Too bad!

If still confused this simple chart may be helpful.

Now, do I care if I am wished a Merry Christmas?  No, I do not.  I will neither be offended nor hostile.  I simply chalk it up to that person making the erroneous assumption that I am one of this nation’s majority religion. After all, the odds favor it.  No harm no foul.  I may reply in kind.  But if I should respond with “and  Happy Holidays to you”  let it be received with nothing other than a smile and graciousness.

In short, Christians, your pretend baby man-god’s birthday celebration is safe.  It will still go on unencumbered by raging atheists in jack boots wielding truncheons, defiling your displays, burning your Churches, or hunting you down and dragging you out into the street to be shipped off to some torture chamber or death camp.

So, my dear readers, when you hear a Christian sobbing about attempts to destroy Christmas and persecute them, show them this article.  You can also reassure them that even when we become the majority, we’ll treat them with a kindness they never afforded us.  


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Crediting “God” for Human Advancement: A Double Edged Sword.

Mrs. Hump and I have been long time supporters of St Jude’s children’s hospital. Started by Danny Thomas, and now lead by his daughter Marlo Thomas,  they do wonderful things for kids and are responsible for monumental improvements in success rates fighting all types of childhood cancers.  

You may have heard about Marlo Thomas adamantly correcting a Today show interviewer who used the word “miracle” in reference to St. Jude’s fantastic work. She reminded everyone that what they do is the work of science and dedicated researchers committed to curing, not the supernatural. We should all applaud her for that.  The whole story here:

Of course, there will always be the deluded who credit man’s abilities and advancements to the supernatural.  The following comment in response to the Marlo Thomas article was posted on facebook:

”Not everyone has the ability to be a doctor. It is God who has blessed them with that special gift. With had work and dedication they use that gift to help others”.
Frank Procaccini,  11/27/14

But what poor deluded Frank’s religious non-reasoning does not consider is the backhand to that mentality, the inevitable down side. Because if god thing gives people the ability to become medical doctors who find cures, and treatments for previously untreatable diseases; then it is only logical that said god thing assigns everyone their occupation and ability. Thus, it gives car mechanics the ability to fix cars, and cat burglars the ability to steal, washroom attendants the ability to attend washrooms, etc. 

Funny how Gawd tends to favor certain races, nationalities and ethnic groups with higher paying, more prestigious jobs than others; and atheists with the greatest percentage of the most prestigious science related positions versus It’s believers. It would seem based on those results that their god thing is a racist, bigoted, non-believer.

But we can’t just  stop there. For logic tells us that if their god thing is so concerned with what each infant is going to be when it grows up then it must also “bless” (or curse) those who eventually become demagogs, tyrants, mass murderers, genocidal maniacs, and sexual perverts. After all did not god thing say:  " I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things." Isaiah 45:7

The inherent stupidity of supernaturalism is remarkable. It knows no limit, it has no bounds.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Congratulations America!!!

In September the Republican Party had a disapproval rating of 72%.*  Worse than the Democrats,  worse than the President, the lowest approval rating for any party in modern US history.   

Yesterday America, or more accurately,  less than half of America spoke... and handed the entire legislative branch to the GOP.   Joseph de Maistre was correct
The people get the government they deserve”.
Congratulations, America! You have demonstrated that we are indeed
the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, Cave to the Apathetic, Pawns of the Corporate Power, and Asylum to the Utterly Stupid


Friday, October 31, 2014

Ready to Join the “Atheists for the GOP Revolution” ?

Who controls the Legislative branch is more than just their position on one or two issues. Before one casts their vote they should answer some pretty important questions.  This list should help you decide if it is time for you to belly up to the bar and join the "Atheists for the GOP Revolution".  Go for it....

  • If you agree that state efforts to suppress the minority vote is the American thing to do.

  • If you concur that non-believers are rightly declared a blight on America’s morality and should not hold public office or teach in our public schools.
  • If you believe that gays getting married will weaken or has weakened your own marriage.
  • If you accept that corporations are just like people with all our rights and privileges.

  • If you understand that making a company’s health insurance cover contraception is an affront to that corporation’s religious  beliefs.
  • If  you accept that Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, and Ted Cruz  reflect your perspectives and priorities.
  • If  Lindsay "If I get to be president, white men in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency."  Graham is your kinda guy.
  • If you agree that the stated  #1 priority for ½ the Congress for four years, during thisnation’s worst economic crisis in over seventy years,  was preventing that Kenyan     Muslim Monkey from being re-elected was the right and proper priority.  
  •  If you want to see more religion in our schools & on government property, and support the call to put “God back in the White House”.
  • If you accept pregnancy from rape is a blessing from God, or scientifically can’t happen; or that there is both a “legitimate” and “illegitimate” rape.                               
  • If you think allowing affordable medical coverage to millions of Americans & covering pre-existing conditions for hundreds of thousands of citizens who otherwise would be without is “Godless Socialism” plain and simple.
  • If you are comfortable with this being declared a “Christian Nation” by 76% of your like    thinking political cohorts.*
  • If you agree with the 69% of Americans who say that liberals have gone too far in     keeping religion out of schools and government.*
  • If you are happy that at least two of the Supreme Court justices put the Bible over theConstitution of the United States, and concur that States have the right to establish an
      official religion.
  •  .. If you think that the past six years of deadlock in Washington, and the government shut down was good for the nation. 
  • If you support indefinitely blocking Executive Office appointees, including Surgeon       General and scores of federal judges makes perfect sense for the nation.
  • If you agreed that “high gas prices were the fault of the current administration and wasdestroying the economy”; and that “current low gas prices are the fault of the     administration and is killing the economy”.  
  • If you concur that Veteran’s Benefits are good enough, and maybe too damn much; and that the epidemic of vet suicides is simply because they are weaklings and pussies.

  • If you think we don’t spend enough on National Defense, and too damn much on    repairing infrastructure and those welfare children.
  •   If you see carrying an AK or AR-15 into a supermarket, restaurant, and at school bus   stops as normalcy, and simply a valid expression of your 2nd amendment rights. 
  •    If you buy into eliminating the minimum wage will grow business, decrease      unemployment, reduce the deficit, and reduce welfare rolls.

  • If you agree that EBOLA and BENGAHZIE, are the critical policy issues of our time.
  • If you concur that what a woman does with her uterus is the government’s business not her own.
  •   If you perceive FOX News to be “fair and balanced” and the news source of record forthis nation & that the likes of Hannity, Savage, Rush, Coulter, et al  are “telling it like it is.”          

    Then check yourself into a fucking asylum with the other seven freethinkers / atheists in this country who think like you.     

* Pew statistics:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014




Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Camel weighs in on the Maher, Harris, Affleck debate/debacle.

I have been asked by a good friend to give my perspective on the Bill Maher, Ben Affleck, Sam Harris "debate" about Islam that has been hyped allover the media.  I won't belabor it because my views on Islam, so called "Islamophobia",  and fundamentalist Muslim accommodation have been pretty well covered in my books and blog articles.  So here's my position in a nutshell and a half.

Maher has always impressed me as being a world class asshole The week after 911 when he said in (so many words) "... the terrorists weren't cowards, they were takes guts to fly a plane into a building. Americans are the cowards..." I lost all respect for him and discounted everything else he had to say from then on. His subsequent apology following public outrage meant zero to me.

Sam Harris takes a position that's a little extreme, but I understand it and the reasoning behind it. Liberals are way too accepting of Islam as "just another religion like yours or mine."  It would be like a 12th century Muslim (or Jew) saying "Christianity is a religion just like yours or mine, there are good and bad in them all" while the Pope's Crusaders are slaughtering fellow [Coptic] Christians, Jews, Cathars, and Muslims wholesale across two continents... and later when Jews and "heretics" were being tortured and killed during the Inquisition.  Bullshit to that.

We are now dealing with an Islam where they were dealing with Christianity 900 years ago. The fact that the average Christian peasant who tilled his fields and killed no one wasn't part of the problem doesn't permit us to look back at that era and say "Christianity wasn't so bad. They were being "Christian-phobic'. " 

Now this isn't to say that every Muslim is bent on killing the infidel, or installing sharia  law to replace the Constitution.  But it doesn't have to be every or even most Muslims. If Harris' harsh position helps bring about a realization that we are engaged in a global war with Muslim fundamentalists and that the US could well become like Europe where some countries have 5%, 10%, 17% Muslim populations that are growing exponentially (the US has 0.8% Muslims),  many of whom are demanding very special considerations and accommodations; who see those governments' accommodations as Western weakness; and who are going to fight along side terrorists in Syria and Iraq in significant enough numbers to be a concern  when they "come home" to their adopted country ... then his efforts will have made a difference. If it is ignored then we will be in the mess that Europe has been experiencing and will soon experience to a much greater degree.  

When the time comes that European parliaments pass  laws against criticizing Islam, or drawing pictures of Mohammed then you'll know they have utterly and totally acquiesced to those demands, and surrendered their birthright.  Harris doesn't want that to happen there or here, and activist Islam has every intention of doing precisely that...and more.

If it takes Harris' kind of rhetoric to jog the Far Left - Politically Correct - "Anti-Islamophob" - Head in the Sand-Liberals (AKA The Ben Afflecks of the world ) to move slightly more to the middle and see the handwriting on the wall & potential horror that Muslim fanaticism on our own turf will bring, then I support Harris 99%.

As for the cry of  "racism" against Harris by Affleck, that's just stupidity. Islam is a religion, not a race. But then, to the warm and fuzzy Far Left, that doesn't make much difference.

And that's my position. Like it or hump it.