Thursday, May 29, 2014

“Cancer Fears Jesus”: The ultimate example of religious ignorance and obscenity

How sad and pathetic this is. The meme above was posted by a religious fanatic on her facebook page. It seems posting crazy religious memes are her life’s work. Check it out if you have the stomach for it.


I’m still trying to figure out the meme’s message. What…if they don't believe in Jesus a child is more likely to succumb to cancer?  That chemo, radiation, all that modern medical science has done to extend and save lives means nothing if that child doesn’t have Jesus in her corner facing down this disease like some imaginary superhero? That cancer has a thought process, is sentient, and can be intimidated into remission / eradication by the mythical Christian man-god?    

I posed these questions to the devout readers of this religious nutter’s page. Amongst the  “Amens!” and “Hallelujahs” of agreement with the nutter’s meme, there were these responses:

”Ok. You Don't Believe In God/Jesus. Why rant about the ones who do? Your interpretation wasn't correct.”
Barbara Latty

Needless to say, no “correct” interpretation for the meme was offered. I imagine Barbara tried her  hardest to make up some off the wall interpretation for this embarrassingly absurd “Cancer Fears Jesus” non-think, but came up dry.

 “I think the message is no child should have to live with cancer so pray for them or do whatever you can for them. But then some people just have to jump on the Dumb wagon because they have nothing else to do…”
Patricia Henderson

Lest it be lost in translation, I’m the one driving the “Dumb wagon.”
If they truly believed prayer was effective and their god was real why even bother with modern medical science?  Why not go one step further and pray to end ALL cancer everywhere?

OH NO, that wouldn't do would it? Because cancer isn’t going to suddenly disappear, they know that, it’s just too big a challenge for their imaginary friend; where as this young girl COULD go into medically induced remission thus permitting the religionists to claim “God answered our prayers!” Convenient.

”I wonder how many people die in the hands of our mighty doctors? They can kill an unborn child but not heal em off cancer? Wow science is the greatest thing that has ever happened to us.” 
Mahase Mosoloane

Says the halfwit who likely runs to the doctor to reconstruct his face when he falls off his trailer head first into his wood chipper; or saves his wife from hemorrhaging, or cures his infection with antibiotics so he can save his limb, or corrects his cholesterol, or treats his kid’s appendicitis,  or exorcises his anal wart. Funny how they bad mouth doctors when their god’s healing power is challenged, while only a miniscule minority of fringe Christians actually refuse medical treatment favoring prayer only.

”Well Bart u obviously lack several things 1. A brain 2. Compassion 3. Faith and most important self worth! U poor ignorant man we'll pray for u!”
Conni Gent there’s an in depth analysis!  Yes, the lack of a brain and my utter ignorance owing to my accepting reality and rejecting ancient superstition and religious mind masturbation is quite a burden. 

But it’s a burden I  share with 93% of the National Academy of Science fellows, and 96% of the Royal Society (UK's counter part) the best scientists in both nations, who reject supernaturalism - those very people who have extended the lives of humans, who found the treatments for childhood diseases (the ones their god thing seems to keep creating). Yep I, just like all of them, are missing a brain and self worth, and because we reject ignorance in favor of medical science, we are lacking in compassion to boot!  Brilliant.

Note the passive aggressive “We’ll pray for you.” …Strangely, it didn’t make my head explode as Conni no doubt expected. 


Mindless kowtowing to myth and fable is one thing, but implying a child's cancer will be healed by indoctrination into Christian delusion is another entirely. That they don't see the grotesque stupidity of it is simply a result of total immersion into the religious affliction. They are the Christian answer to the Bushman shaman chanting, shaking a rattle and throwing ashes over a sick child.   People who embrace this kind of non-think disgust me. It is obscene... simpleminded obscenity.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hey, Black Clergy - "Civil Rights" ... It Ain't for Blacks Only!

The article in the Huffington Post declares:  African-American Vs. Gay Civil Rights Is A False Choice

Evidently it is perceived to be insensitive or demeaning to the historical Black struggle for civil rights to equate the gay rights movement with the African-American fight for equality. Leading this indignant opposition to gay rights as a civil rights issue are the Black pastors.  The African-American community is among the least accepting of gays, the most homophobic group, thanks to hard-core Christian indoctrination and the fire and brimstone rantings of many of their religious leaders.

Whole pathetic story here:

But "Choice"?  What's choice have to do with anything?  The fight for civil rights, for equality and equal protection under the law whether black, feminist, or gay doesn't require a "choice". Since when is civil rights an "either or" situation?

The fact that African-Americans were subjected to the abomination of slavery doesn't give them more right to equality, more right to respect, more right to the sole ownership of the term  "civil rights", or the benefits thereof.  The Jewish community came to the aid of the Black civil rights movement in the 60's.  Some of those Jewish activists were beaten and hosed,  torn by police dogs, and killed by racist southern scum.  Those Jews felt a kinship with the black activists because they had borne the injustice of antisemitism.  I don't recall rabbis coming forward to declare: "Well, yes, you're put upon, but you haven't suffered a Holocaust; so your demand for and expectation of equal rights is less than ours. Besides, the Torah doesn't say anything about Black people deserving equality." 

The shame of Black Christian clergy  is and always will be the fact that they stood against and barred the door to equality of another oppressed group that is desperately trying to throw off  second class citizenship. Their opposition reminds me of Gov. Wallace and his ilk, and the crowds of ranting jeering whites, who barred the door to school  integration by black children.

Can they be so blinded by the religious dogma inherited from their white slave masters,  and their obedience to a book of fables?  Can they be so callous as to NOT see the correlation to their own struggle for equality?
Interesting how, in such a short time, the persecuted easily becomes the persecutor.

Steven Weinberg's observation has never been more true: “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion."
Jesus wept.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Racist scum Robert Copeland makes me ashamed to be a New Hampshirite

The photo above is Robert Copeland.  An eighty-two year old elected member of the Police Commission of Wolfboro, New Hampshire; a bigot; a man with zero social grace; a person of questionable integrity; possessing no dignity or sense of  shame.  He has now become the face of New Hampshire to over 300 million Americans. Although I don't live in that town, I am never the less ashamed to be associated with his home state.

Copeland was overheard calling President Obama a "fucking nigger."  Not only  was he unapologetic when challenged,  he was actually indignant that his assessment of the President was being questioned. It seems the President "meets [his] criteria"  for the epithet. When questioned by the press, he became enraged that reporters would dared question him on his use of the term much less make an issue of it, calling one local TV reporter  "a skunk" for doing precisely what reporters do. I imagine it would be fair to proffer that had  the reporter  been black he'd have been called "a fucking nigger skunk." 

Details here:

This would be reason enough to be ashamed to be a resident of a state that would elect this racist old  fool to local office; but one of his fellow police commissioners, Joseph Balboni, went so far as to seemingly defend Copeland's  right to free speech, condemning the town's and state's citizenry's expression of outrage,and offering how generous and fair Mr. Copeland has always been to the town - as though he is due a pass for his obscenity based on past financial contributions; or that the outrage against his comment was somehow an attempt to deny him his 1st amendment rights. This simply served to heap more disgrace upon an already disgraceful situation.

Yes, Mr. Copeland has the right to say what he pleases.  This isn't in question. But so too do the public that he was elected to represent, and the people of the state in which he lives, have the right to condemn him for his backwardness, archaic incivility, lack of decency and gross behavior which casts us all in a bad light. The fact that New Hampshire has one of the nation's smallest  populations of minorities should raise sensitivities to any bigotry and racism displayed by an elected official. Indeed, how can an African-American, or Hispanic, or Jew, or Muslim, or atheist,  or any minority that Mr. Copeland may also harbor hatred toward, ever feel that their interests are being fairly represented by an admitted racist and bigot who goes so far as to take pride in his bigotry?

The jury is still out as to whether this piece of human flotsam can be recalled, and what pressure can be put on him or the town to unseat him.  It's entirely possible that nothing can be done and that he will serve out  his three year term which ends in 2017 - unless he dies before that by natural causes. If so, I harbor a hope for the latter.

Mr. Copeland's political party hasn't been specifically divulged as yet.  However, his documented derogatory references to "liberals" eliminates a lot of the guess work. As a moderate and undeclared / independent voter I'm no admirer of  either end of the political spectrum's fringe.  But the mentality displayed by Copeland, and the many like thinking Republicans country wide - local, state and federal- who openly or covertly "hate that fucking nigger in the White House", make me glad to have left the "Party of God, Racism, Homophobia, Misogyny and Anti-Science" far behind years ago. 

I can at least be proud of that.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014