Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Curing God's Disease Creations: An Act of Disobedience?

Ask a Christian why their God created disease and you will get some of the most bizarre responses, tortured reasoning, ever devised by human minds. Here’s a few common answers actually taken from the internet

- "Disease is a curse, so is poverty, addicition [sic] and debt. Disobedience by man is what brought on the curse, and separation from God."

- "Germs and viruses didn't harm anyone until Adam and Eve caused death and destruction for us by their disobedience and rebellion."

- "God is pure. God did not create disease, virus or sin, man has."

- "Once Adam and Eve sinned it gave all ownership and rule over the earth to Satan. Satan owns this earth at this point in time. That is why sickness and death and hatred runs so high in the world these days."

- "God made disease, and mosquitoes, so that you would know when you were getting sick! These are warning signs for your good."

Pretty fricken pathetic. The fact is that if their God created all life on Earth, as they are told in their book of fables, then God’s intent is clear: he created germs, virus’, bacteria to plague man as a punishment. Simple.

It wasn't enough to banish Adam and Eve for disobedience, make them earn their bread by the sweat of their brow; make them feel the wrath of the elements, hunger, deprivation, the pain of child birth. No, He’s going to inflict his beloved creations with hideous diseases that cause untold pain, suffering, disfiguration, and death for all time. Seems logical, and oh so loving.

Of course, Christians don’t want to piss God off by blaming him so Satan, Adam and Eve, or “it’s a good thing”, is the best way for them to deal with this, make the troubling reality of God’s hideous diseases go away. It’s Christians way of putting their hands over their ears and shouting “I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you… nyah, nyah , nyah!!!”

But there’s a bigger question here: If God created these microbes with the intent of making mankind suffer for sin, then surely medical science’s fight against disease is an act of rebellion / disrespect toward God. It’s outright blasphemy!!!

Medical science’s eradication of small pox, and polio is a blatant “in your face” challenge to God, a direct act of disobedience. Research into cures of diseases like AIDS, or Ebola, or flesh eating bacteria is a slap in the face to the Creator who made them. If God had not intended Man to suffer from his diseases, he would not have created them. Who is Man to eradicate what God hath created just for him?

Thus, what right does a Christian have to seek inoculations, vaccinations and medical assistance to avoid God’s microbes’ devastation? Every chemo therapy session, every flu shot, every antibiotic capsule, every application of Neosporin on a child’s cut is an act of disobedience against God’s Will. How dare these Christians!!??

Now, Christians will often use the escape clause: “God gave man the ability to discover the cures…so it’s ok.” But that doesn’t float because God keeps creating new diseases, new strains, to replace the ones that he allegedly gave science the key to cure or fight. The logic thus doesn’t hold up. At best, it infers God likes to develop replacement diseases for the ones he gives science cures for. Plus God seems to really like some of his more grotesque creative exercises, like Muscular Dystrophy, since Jerry Lewis has been raising money to help find a cure for the past 40 years. God obviously wants to hold onto that one.

The logic is irrefutable. If Christians continue to allow medical science to ease their ills born of God’s microbe creations; ill’s whose pain and death are justifiable retribution for Original Sin, then they are rebelling against their Creator.

They had better stop it now, or there’s gonna be Hell to pay.

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