Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obama, the Anti-Christ, & Dementia

No doubt everyone has seen the email that has been circulating over the past year that proclaims Obama the “anti-Christ”, the “Beast” as described in the Book of Daniel, and Revelations. It details the foretelling of the arrival of the “666” emblazoned evil one, and all his attributes, some conveniently contrived for Obama’s benefit. It was emailed to me by my devoutly Catholic / rabidly Republican accountant earlier this year.
I have since found a new accountant.

The other day I received word from my atheist nephew that his mother’s husband (my wife’s brother-in-law), a staunchly Republican septuagenarian, forwarded the infamously moronic Obama / anti-Christ email to him. Evidently it’s making its second round with Obama’s lead in the polls provoking the Republican “faithful” to a frenzy of hysteria. Mercifully, I had myself removed from the old guy’s mailing list a few months ago when I received a racist anti-Obama chain email from him and realized he had nothing to say that I wanted to hear. My nephew doesn’t have the luxury of that option, unfortunately for him.

The funny thing is when I told this old guy back in January that I was an atheist, he too claimed to be a non-believer. Having never had any previous discussions with him about religion I had no reason to doubt his veracity. But now I was confused. How could a self proclaimed non-believer forward to everyone he knows an email that is steeped in ancient ignorant religious doctrine; a doctrine that would be dismissed (along with the sender) as idiotic and mindless theist political blather by any atheist or modernist believer with a working brain stem?

I pondered this for a while until my nephew threw in the coup de grace. It seems the relative also declared that of the four Presidential and VP candidates, he believes Sarah Palin would make the best President (!). That’s when it all fell into place: the old guy is suffering from dementia.

Now my only question is this: does being religious make you a senile halfwit…or does senility cause religiosity? If the latter I hope Mrs. Hump pulls the plug on me long before it comes to that.


Tracey said...

There's one in every family. My brother is the forwarding fool in my family. If not for the fact that he loves a good cold beer at the end of the day, he would have been a good Baptist. He sends all of the "atheists hate god" and "Target hates 'Nam vets" type bullshit to everyone and their dogs. I really wish people would learn to check facts before hitting the send button. I must say, though, anyone who thinks Palin is the best choice is just plain demented.

DromedaryHump said...

The moronically inclined, gullible, and hyper religious don't knoiw how to use or don't care to.

They may discover their preffered rumor is un true, and that would never do.


The Great And Mysterious NUMBER SIXX said...

I Agree its Bullshit to use use religion as a reason to not vote for somebody. There plenty of other perfetly viable, proovable reasons to hate both Obama AND McCain. If a huge group of people are for something because a huge group is for it too, is the perfect reason not to get behind it.

But besides all that, I have to say I want that Obama Anti christ Graphic as a bumpersticker or a patch or something, just to piss folks off, but I'd have to explain it too much. Great stuff man!

Tracey said...

Did you happen to catch the news bites of the nutty old hag that McCain had to take the mike away from?

DromedaryHump said...


Tracey, yeah I saw her. Ignorant,racist, uninformed, lead by designed rumor and misinformation...thats the "core" that supports McCain.

If my idiot bortherinlaw had been there he'd have spouted th anti-christ crap. They are all the same.

Candace said...

"Now my only question is this: does being religious make you a senile halfwit…or does senility cause religiosity? "

I think the former. Studies of Alzheimer patients have indicated that the more one exercises the mind, the later the onset of the disease. Since religious folk have abdicated their right to think, I'd say that being religious at least contributes to senile halfwititude :)

DromedaryHump said...

You may have something there.

Anonymous said...

I love how Atheists like yourself always fancy themselves as being intellectually superior creatures. Of course, that's a common side-effect of self righteousness. While I can agree that their are certainly some people in the religious community that need a slap in the face, to imply that we are all that way makes you just as grotesquely unintelligible as them.
I'm not going to sit here and try to debate with you whether or not God and Christ, regardless of what you claim, we both know they do. Instead, I will leave you with a fact to process in your intellectually superior brain. Sooner or later Hump, you are going to die. If God & Christ are real, then your lifetime of denying Christ and His desire to have relationship with you will (as much as He will hate to do it) end with you being banished from His presence. As much as He loves you, sin cannot stand in His presence.
If you are correct and their is no God, then you simply cease to exist. If that is the case, then by that measure we are all just accidental, insignificant, pieces of shit in the perpetual scheme of human existence and no accomplishment any of us achieve means anything in the long run.
With your current mindset Hump, it looks like you're screwed either way.

Post this comment, if you've got to guts.

DromedaryHump said...

Thanks for your comment.

It doesn't take guts to publish your comment. It just takes enough control to stop laughing in order to steady my hand. :)

First: you claim we both know god and jebus exist. Sorry. You need to come to terms with reality. So here's YOUR slap in the face: Your preferred man-god and/or his other personas exist everybit as much as tammuz, mithra, zeus,vishnu, shiva and 1000 other gods exist. That you reject them as false, shouldnt make it that difficult for you that I reject them, and yours, as equally nonsensical inventions of man's imagination. If youre a big boy, and can break free from your religious cranial rinsing, you'll come tro terms with that and understand it. It's not difficult... of you have intellect. Which as you know, I don't credit theists with having alot of.

Second: your presenting Pascals Wager is a tad tired, and boring.
I've addressed it in detail. Read it.. if YOU have the guts. Then think of what an inane and hackneyed concept it is. Here's the link, scroll down to Oct 8:

Come back when you can think and present something new, and original, albeit I doubt that's a real possibility.


The Angry Apostate said...

I find it so very entertaining that you christers claim to each have a personal relationship with the 'creator of the universe,' and still somehow (see dimwittedly) have the audacity to insinuate that we atheists are the arrogant ones. You know not your place on the universe, and that's a sad way to live.

Also, you made some mention to not debating your jebuz, but it was incoherent and unintelligible. It wasn't even a complete thought. Your ignorant ramblings do you christers no favors, and neither does your cowering behind your veil of anonymity.

Hump, do what you do. You're a credit to us all, and I'd like to correspond with you after I launch my own Angry Apostate page.

Anonymous said...

By your profoundly ignorant and cavalier misunderstanding of what dementia actually is, you're obviously one of the luckier people who has never had a loved one suffer and die from dementia and its effects - yet. Dementia can hit anybody - atheist, religious, right-wing, left-wing, good, bad, intelligent or not particularly intelligent. By pre-supposing a moral judgement as part of the explanation for a disease you are no different than those medievalist religious fundamentalist fanatics who might assume that the reason a given individual is afflicted with a terrible disease is that they are being punished by God or demon possessed. Disappointing.

Dromedary Hump said...

Dear Anon,
you said: " By pre-supposing a moral judgement as part of the explanation for a disease.."

Hmmm.. I made no moral judgement.
I simply chalked up this individual's flight from relaity to dementia.

Moreover, My queery into whether religion causes it, or if having dementia is resultant from being religious was something of a backhanded slap to religion...not to those afflicted with dementia.

That said... you're obviously a little too invested to make any reasoned and thoughtful statements as to who is ignorant, or who is cavalier.

Try and get a grip on your anger and over reaction. Searching the net for the word "dementia" and finding an old blog post upon which to vent is not a good sign. It is indcative of an unhealthy obsession and unresolved personal problems.

Via con dios.