Monday, December 1, 2008

Satiating God's Blood Lust...Again.

Ah… how those theists love to appease their God with blood letting. What’s the latest count from India, where Muslims, were killing Hindus, and Jews, and Christians with delightful abandon? 175? More?

To those who would try to down play the religious factor, and call the cause “political”, please…spare us. Muslims comprised 100% of the perpetrators. And given that eight or nine Jews were executed among a Jewish population of something in the order of approximately 0.00001% of the Indian population pretty much eliminates their deaths as chance.

Was the hate for the infidel, and resultant enthusiastic murderous acts of those Muslim terrorists fed by Allah’s or Mohammed’s (camel turds be upon him) promise of a paradise replete with the reward of eternal virgins? Count on it.

Among the families of the deceased Jews, is their loss made more bearable by the martyrdom of their loved ones? Perhaps.

Does the belief that the Christian victims now reside with Jesus salve the pain and anguish of the senselessness of their loved ones deaths? Surely.

Is the suffering of the surviving families of the Hindu victims relieved by knowing that their dead will be reincarnated perhaps as a cow? Probably.

Did the believing victims pray for mercy and continued life in their last moments of terror? No doubt. Did it calm their horror? You tell me. We know for certain, it didn’t save their lives.

Now, imagine there were no delusions of supernaturalism, no promise of paradise, nor any life after death. Imagine no adamant claims of “the only TRUE way” fanning hatred and intolerance of beliefs that are equally moronic to ones own. Imagine if all people were free of the religious meme slave mentality. Imagine no need for platitudes, justifications and myths. Imagine those 175 people still alive. Imagine no religion.


Anonymous said...

As has been probably posted many times on many forums and message boards, even if religion was no more, humans will still find irrational reasons to kill one or another - be it for greed, fright of the stranger, anger, insanity or shear stupidity.

People would still rally around the "evil" manipulator leader(s) for political, economic or national reasons and still would do stupid amoral stuff. With that said, taking away religion would be ONE less tool at the "evil" manipulator leader(s) disposal to rouse the rabble and stupid.

- Fastthumbs

Anna said...

Dude, join us.


DromedaryHump said...

wow... now theres a name from the past!! Thanks for the invite. am awaiting clearance from your board of investgators. I hope I pass ;)

I trust I can count on you to subscribe to this camel's blog.

Anonymous said...

Consider it done, CamelMan :D. Happy to see you on Lefora.


JeanneAnne said...

Excellent points you make here. While I'm not an atheist or agnostic, I don't believe in any deity whose followers obey a premise of violence or hatred.

It's so very, very sad that most of the death and murder in our world can be connected to religion.

Excellent post.