Friday, February 6, 2009

Meet a real live Dark Ages Christian

“I'm a Christian. The most important event in history is the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. I believe true science does not contradict the Bible.”

So reads the personal profile of a 58 year old internet message group member. When I read it I was semi-incredulous. This guy actually believes the Bible to be a history book and science book.

I could understand that coming from a 9th century monk or peasant, but there’s been way too much water under the bridge of understanding and discovery for any adult with a functioning brain stem to make such absolute and unyielding statements in the 21st century.

Let’s take his belief that the myth of Jesus’ resurrection is “history” (it is as much “history” as Mohammed’s flying up to heaven on his horse). He is saying it supersedes in importance the following events:

· Man’s migration out of Africa and the subsequent population of the world;
· Man’s mastery of fire and the invention of the wheel;
· The Neolithic Age where man established agrarian societies, leaving nomadic existence and settling into communities, laying the foundation for human culture;
· The development of the first written laws for human behavior, i.e. the Hebrew Ten Commandments, The Code of Hammurabi, etc.;
· The advent of Greek philosophy, mathematics, government and social structure which was the foundation for our modern Western civilization.

Had none of these, or indeed only ONE of these genuine historical events not taken place the world as we know it would not exist. But the mythical rising of a mythical dead man-god who is rejected by two thirds of the world as either myth or not pivotal in their existence, THAT is the most important historical event according to this theistically handicapped unfortunate. Hell, the invention of the flush toilet has more historical value than a mythical zombie’s resuscitation as far as I’m concerned.

Then there’s the “true science doesn’t contradict the bible” claim. Well, since physics, biology, astronomy, geography, all the hard disciplines contradict and reject:

· The concept of a domed firmament over the planet with stars set into it;
· People living to eight hundred years old;
· The Creation story;
· The ability to see the entire earth from a mountain top (i.e. a flat Earth);
· The ability for life on Earth to survive a cessation of rotation of the planet (the sun stopping in the sky);
· The ability to reanimate and restore to life three day old dead corpses;
· The ability for two each of millions of species to fit on a boat;

It therefore renders those scientific disciplines, by this Xtian’s definition, “not true science[s]”.

This theist's reasoning goes beyond denial. It’s self imposed ignorance, rejection of prima facia evidence, a complete regression into Dark Age think. I wonder if he suffers witches to live.


Tracey said...

Where do you find these poor, lost, misinformed souls? Please tell me this isn't another Arkansan. This guy is nuts. Everyone knows that the most important event in history was when Promethius stole fire from the gods of Olympus and gave it to the humans. In fact, I spent the weekend paying homage to Promethius for this blessed gift.

DromedaryHump said...

heheh. I found this theist on the science and religion forum. But they abound on the net. One need only turn over a few rocks and they crawl out.

Naturally, when exposed to the light of day they dissapear quickly. This particular unfortunate mental defective never did reply to my response, nor posted subsequently.

no surprise.