Saturday, August 15, 2009

Geocentric Believers - The TRUE Christians

"Modern geocentrism is the belief by extant groups that Earth is the center of the universe .... This belief is often based on Biblical verses and is most common among American Protestants. This belief is directly opposed to scientific evidence that the Sun is essentially the gravitational center of the solar system, and that the location of the Earth is not privileged."

As long ago as 600 BCE, Ionians postulated that the Earth orbited the Sun, and that the sun was the central point of the solar system about which the planets revolved. Subsequent Ionians correctly calculated the size of the earth. They understood the stars to be very distant, that they are created and eventually extinguish, and correctly determined that the magnitude of light from a star determined a star’s age and phase of life. This was in the 2nd century BCE. These Greeks were the forerunners of the scientific method, and modern astronomy.

This view of the universe was corroborated by Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo and Isaac Newton

But the church rejected this concept for some 1500 years. The Bible has multiple references to Earth as the immovable center of the universe. Joshua 10:12-13, 2 Kings 20:11, Isaiah 38:8, Isaiah 30:26 Psalm 93, all of them and others contradict what astronomers knew for centuries. Scripture places the Earth as the focal point of the universe, with the Sun and planets revolving around it. With stars set in a firmament above it (Genesis). To believe otherwise was to doubt the Word of God, a heresy.

The Church suppressed Copernican theory and its scientific truths, by threat, by house arrest, by accusations of blasphemy. But by the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century, truth won out, the Church retreated, begrudgingly accepting that the Biblical concept of the universe was in fact wrong. No wait!!!~ Not “wrong” wrong, ... Uh … “incorrectly interpreted” for 1500 years. Yeah, that’s it… “incorrectly interpreted.”


Among modern day Christians who believe the Biblical concept of the universe to be correct are The Geocentric Bible Foundation of Hugoton, Texas; The Tychonian Society; and Catholic Apologetics International, among others.

Devout Christian proponents of Biblical Geocentrism, some of whom believe that the Copernican helio-centric system is Satan’s deception, have websites that fight proven science , , , , and more.

Now I can hear some Christians protesting “But these are fringe crazies, they aren’t TRUE Christians, they are misinterpreting Scripture, the Bible never said these things, etc., etc., etc..” But they would be wrong. They are in denial. They are apologist liars. There are millions of American Evangelical Christians who subscribe to the Earth as center of the universe, center of the solar system, Earth as fixed / non-rotating etc. These are the devout believers who reject science and accept the Word of God unquestioning no matter how stupid, pre-scientific and deluded their scripture and “God” might be.

I say these are the TRUE Christians. They don’t pick and choose and mince words about what the Bible says. It says what it says! God doesn’t misspeak. He doesn’t deceive. These believers talk the talk, and walk the walk. These Christians deserve credit for their unfailing, uncompromising acceptance of the Bible as the Word of God un-contradicted, inerrant.

They are also total fucking idiots, but how much more idiotic are they than their brethren? Those who choose to selectively believe in reanimation of dead bodies, virgin pregnancy, walking on water, life after death, demons, angels, Hell, Second Coming, Original Sin, Noah’s Ark, et al all because the Bible told 'em so. ? By my calculation, not enough to make much of a difference.


NewEnglandBob said...

I guess trying to distinguish between those "total fucking idiots" and those who are anywhere from 25% to 99% fucking idiots is as much of a waste of time as those theists who try to determine how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

We must remain relentless in exposing the religious dogma for the nonsense that it is and dismiss the accommodationists and apologists.

Aqueous Transmission said...

You are the man... i bet you have killer debates

Henry said...

In the book Rapture Ready by Daniel Radosh, he admits that part of the reason for immersing himself in Christian pop culture is to try to find the ultimate weird belief. He thinks he has gotten close when he interviews Ken Ham at the creationist museum, but later he finally gives up when he interviews an advocate of geocentrism who warns him against the "really crazy" beliefs of rival geocentrist groups. He realized that the rabbit hole is bottomless.

Dromedary Hump said...

"bottomless rabbit hole", the perfect descriptor.


Tidalgrrrl said...

I never knew about the 'geocentrist xtians'. I agree w you, however - props to the fools for actually following the book they say is 100% truth.

They are idiots, but at least they are hypocrisy-free in one area.

Strangelove said...

More info on our geocentric universe here:

daznez said...

not all geocentrists are christians.

and 'scientific evidence' is nothing of the sort when you actually look at it, instead of assuming it's right because supposedly smart people came up with it.

newton was an alchemist and einstein was a plagiarising fraud.

the definition of non-sense is that which we cannot experience for ourselves.

do you really experience the earth moving? is it gravity or is it mass and density that keeps us on the ground, yet able to lift a leg when we fancy it?

because according to the model everyone is taught in school, and so must be true, the atmosphere is spinning round with the earth so we don't feel the spin. what the hell are clouds then?

there are so many holes in our current view yet hardly anybody ever questions it because we are simply conditioned not to - not to question anything official.

Dromedary Hump said...

Thanks daznez,
always nice to hear from a non-Christian geocentrist.

NewEnglandBob said...

Hump, you meant to say an uneducated, evideniceand logic free non-christiangeocentrist. So much nonsense in one place, it's astounding.

Dromedary Hump said...

and imagine, NEBob...we found one right here on my blog comment page. I'm so proud :)