Thursday, September 22, 2011

Did God hear the prayers for Troy Davis - or just against Troy Davis?

Last night Troy Davis was executed in Georgia for the 1989 murder of a police officer. I don’t have to recap all the facts and circumstances in detail; the fact that seven of the nine eyewitnesses have recanted, another man has confessed, and three of the original jurors said knowing what they know now, they’d have voted to acquit – it’s all been widely reported.

I don’t know if he was guilty or not. I do know there was enough information to warrant reducing the sentence from death by lethal injection to life imprisonment. But this is all water down the River Styx now.

Friends and family of Davis met regularly to pray with and for him. Supporters, ministers, the Pope all prayed the truth would out, that Davis would get justice, that mercy would be shown, that his life would be spared. As the hour of his execution approached crowds prayed for some miracle...a divine intervention. It didn’t happen.

Now, the faithful will tell us that their prayers were answered, but God said “No.” That God had a bigger plan for Davis. That he took him for a reason we can’t understand. I expect that they will eventually get around to saying God sacrificed this man on the lethal injection table just like god sacrificed his son on the cross, in order to save the world from future injustices by wrongful execution. It’s all rather predictable.

But somewhere, lurking in the shadows of religious zealotry, there are people who are praising the Lard for Davis’ death. They are thanking God for answering their imprecatory prayers that this “nigra” killer of a white police officer pays the ultimate price. They are likely the same folks who applauded Perry’s execution record. Good Christians who seek God’s vengeance on the weakest, the most downtrodden, the least among us.

Somewhere, most certainly in The South, these Jesus lovers are lifting a long neck beer to Jaay-zus in thanks that their prayers have been heard and God said “Yes!”


Chuck Honold said...

Once again, the United States - virtually the only civilized country still killing criminals - takes center stage. Is it any wonder other countries regularly deny expedition for people seeking refuge back to the US, only to be killed? The vengeance and hate exhibited by Christians stands in stark reality to the lessons of forgiveness taught by Christ in the New Testament. As usual, these lessons are cherry-picked by the faithful to match their lowest human failings.

Mike Meyers said...

In one of the stories I read, the victim's son said that justice will prevail because "God is on our side." This reminds me of sporting events (not that I am making light of the situation) when the winning team thanks Jesus for the win. I guess God and Jesus had money on the game, just like they favored the victim's family over Troy Davis. I always wonder why one side thinks God will favor them over the other. Aren't they both praying for intervention on their behalf? I guess the winning side gave more money at church the previous Sunday? Either way, as long as loons like Perry hold powerful positions as law makers, this will continue.

tiNstAg said...

As for the "selective" nature of the Xtian faith Chuck, don't forget Matthew 10:34 "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword." Not exactly a great opening statement for a peace diplomat!
There were no winners in this scenario. There appears to be sufficient doubt cast on this case to question the veracity of the verdict and I doubt the victim's family feel any happier than Troy Davis' family after today (though they have to believe him guilty to get closure). The victim wasn't resurrected and potentially a murderer remains at large.
But to your point Hump, in the end this is just more evidence that Nuthin' fails like a prayer!

David said...

I don't know if he was guilty or not but clearly there was reasonable doubt about his guilt. That they would execute criminals in the first place distubs me but to execute a man when there is so much doubt surrounding his gult is just abhorrent. It's not like they can give him back his life if they are proven wrong.

LuWeeks said...

Two words that strike fear into Xtians:

Reason(able) and Doubt.

Anonymous said...

'God had a bigger plan for Davis."

I love this "explanantion" the christians come up with when innocents die young.

"So we all prayed our fucking guts out for a week, 24-7 and our newborn still died.
God did not listen to us.
Why would god take our innocent newborn baby from us? We're good christians. Oh wait. Maybe it was actually Satan that had a "plan" for him. After all, the bible says we are all born as sinners. Or maybe...just maybe... there's nobody up there to hear our prayers."