Friday, February 17, 2012

“Muslim Threat? What Muslim Threat?” The Denial of a Professional Muslim Apologist.

Omid Safi is a Professor of Islamic Studies at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, specializing in contemporary Islamic thought and classical Islam. An award-winning teacher and speaker, his most recent book, "Memories of Muhammad," looks at the biography and legacy of the Prophet Muhammad.”

The above is the profile of a blogger who writes for the Religion News Service, a website where I often pick up recent religious news and general craziness from around the nation and the world. That’s his photo above.

My description of him is a little less glowing: He’s an American Muslim apologist, a denier of Muslim inspired unrest; an apologist for Iran, terrorism, anti-Jewish/ anti-Israel sentiment, and anything else that makes Islam look bad to civilized and thinking people.

Recently he posted an article explaining how very few deaths Muslim terrorism causes in the US compared to total murders. The FBI stats are 33 Muslim terrorist caused deaths per year on US soil post 911, compared to approx 20,000 murders a year country wide. A tiny proportion that the Professor says doesn’t warrant the hysteria and disproportionate expenditures of resources we are spending to thwart Islamic murder of US citizens. Here’s the article:

His stats are all true. Good solid objective reporting one might think, if one was in a coma or is a Muslim. Just a minor point to consider, however:

The “underwear bomber” is Muslim. He was the guy who tried to blow up an entire plane over US soil. Just sentenced to life in prison, he proclaimed Allah’s greatness a number of times during the sentencing.

Naturally, no sense in bringing up the Times Square Muslim bomber, and his van full of explosive tanks ,since it failed to ignite in midtown Manhattan.

Or the bearded Massachusetts Muslim who was in contact with Al Qaida and wanted to acquire weapons and kill Americans, intercepted by the FBI and now in custody.

So what could we estimate might have been the result of these attacks? Well, an entire plane full of people... perhaps 250 dead had his crotch bomb ignited as planned? Times Square during rush hour? Hard to say, maybe 50 dead if the perp had better technical skills?

Those two evens alone would have increased the body count of “religion of peace” devotees ten (10) fold., bringing Muslim terrorist’s body count on US soil post 911 from 0.17% of all US murders, to 1.7% Still not that bad a rate., that is until you realize that Muslims represent only approximately 0.6% of the US population. How many more terrorist events were averted or failed in execution to keep the number to “only” 33? We likely won’t know.

But for good luck and bad planning by the terrorists the rate of deaths caused by Muslims on US soil would be over double the proportion of Muslim representation in the US. Sounds like the FBI resources are being spent wisely.

But hey, the Muslim terrorist plans that are thwarted or go awry just don’t mean anything when calling for a responsible sense of proportion. Muslims prefer not to think about them, or even take ownership of it. After all, the lack of terrorist competency and success shouldn’t be taken as a threat.

I imagine this uncomfortable set of facts will be dismissed as racist, by the good professor. The denial shall begin that would be terrorists aren’t “true” Muslims. Or it’s a Zionist inspired lie. Or mass murder failed attempts just don’t count.

Apologists for religion, be they Jewish, Christian or Muslim are full of shit


NewEnglandBob said...

Liars for Allah are no different than liars for Jesus or liars for Yahweh.

David said...

The fact that there are 33 terrorist deaths per year is pretty disturbing as it is let allone the fact that it would be much higher if it wasn't for the anti terrorism efforts of the government. I'd be curious to know how many atheist motivated terrorist deaths occur every year. Sure there would be atheists that murder but murders in the name of atheism - I'm guessing that would be about zero.

Gerard26 said...

I wonder what this guy would have to say about Hamza Kashgari who faces a death sentence in Saudi Arabia for insulting the Prophet Muhammad and this is the so-called religion of peace.

Dromedary Hump said...

i'll tell you exactly what the professor would say: "That's not islam, that's Saudi policy / Saudi culture; it's a distortion of the Quran. The quran doesn't support that."

all of which is utter bullshit borne of the Islamic apologists. And not he, nor one of his readers would lift a hand to protest against this injustice.

They are no different in defending the most hideous aspects of their religion than fundie Xtians are in defending theirs.

tiNstAg said...

I would think you're on pretty safe ground by saying it's unlikely there have ever been any "terrorist deaths" directly attributed to atheist motivation. Even those of us that are rabidly anti-theist don't ascribe to wholesale killing of the ignorant an misguided in the name of no God. All we want it to be left alone and not have a creeping theocracy forced upon us or our descendants bit by bit. The concept of my god is greater than your god obviously doesn't apply to atheist thinking and therefore wouldn't drive this sort of heinous behavior.
If an atheist terror organization did exist though we could easily distance ourselves from it by slightly modifying a hackneyed phrase as a defense: "...but they're not REAL atheists" :-)