Monday, August 13, 2012

Vacationing camel, or Lazy camel

One of those two things are for sure...possibly both.

But the Hump is taking a not so well deserved sabbatical during the dog days of summer.

Watch for a new blog article next week.

Stay cool.


Nontheist44 said...

hi, I've been an atheist since 1962. Resume: retired engineer, MS in mech. engineering, 21 patents. Summary: faith is NOT a virtue. Skepticism is. Faith is something you were told is good as a child, as a means to set up your brain to be washed. You were then taught stuff that was ridiculous yet you dared not to challenge it. The virtues are not faith, hope and charity. They are skepticism, rationality, and kindness. Have a good day, keep up the good work.

Jim Hudlow said...

Have a great vacation Bart & Family!!

Den!s said...

Hump... The JWs visited my home today, and part of the conversation involved me referring to following the meanderings of an atheist camel. That sure raised their eyebrows. I love causing cognitive dissonance in religionists. A very pronounced visible question mark appeared above their heads. I showed them your picture prominently displayed on the front of your first book .... the question marks grew brighter yet as they now know that there is at least one camel on this planet that can write.

At least these two ladies were ultra polite, not like the creepy JW male that last soiled my stoop. When I told him that I was an atheist, he said "Oh, you're one of those Darwinists who believe in that evolution stuff". He then went on a diatribe that the earth was only 6000 years old etc., etc. I immediately kicked him off the property.

Today's JW duo were very nice and I wished them a good day when they left, and that it was nice to speak with them. I thought however, that if they had even basic critical thinking skills, they wouldn't have knocked on my door in the first place. They did comment that I had given them lots of stuff to think about, which I took as something positive anyway.