Friday, January 18, 2013

An Inaugural Benediction: If we weren’t a nation of deluded religionists

Apparently they had a little problem finding a clergyman to do next Monday’s inaugural benediction who didn’t have some embarrassing skeleton in his closet. The first one turned out to have issues. I can’t even remember now whether it was with homophobia or anti-Semitism, afterall when speaking of Xtians it’s hard to keep it straight. Whether it’s finding a pastor to endorse a candidate, or finding one to appoint for some quasi-governmental function this always seems to be a problem of sorts.

They finally found a shaman who it seems doesn’t have any history of publicly professing hate and prejudice as mandated by the bible. But never mind, we know where the holy witch doctor will take us with his sanctimonious mumblings. It will inevitably include some appeal to the Great Pumpkin to guide the country to recovery and higher greatness; some prayerful wish for this quasi-benevolent monster to protect our president, and perhaps implant some reason and civility into our congress. A veritable hand in hat begging for some divine intervention to stop violence and to end bickering that divides our nation.

In response, the god-thing will remain silent and unresponsive, as god things always do. God thing it seems has other things on its mind like laughing at that Notre Dame football player who had an imaginary girlfriend to match his imaginary god. Or simply wallowing in its own nonexistence.

Just once I’d like to see the obligatory invoking of the spirit world every four years replaced by something meaningful - something that captures the 21st century drive toward reason. Something like this:

"Let's all use our humanity, self determination and common sense, to make this a better nation for everyone. Let’s re-establish the tradition of bridging divides by compromise as our Founders envisioned it. Let’s assess our needs and priorities and stop taking extremist positions…in any direction.

Let’s quit demonizing those with whom we disagree, be it a fellow politician, or our neighbor down the street. Let’s quit depending on some story book character to take control and do something for us when all that does is breed false hope while shifting the responsibility for our nation’s direction away from our own minds and hands.

Let’s grow the hell up and get to work.  The lives and happiness of our children’s children depend on it.

There’s a benediction I could get behind. Perhaps my great grand children will hear those words spoken and see their president place his hand on a copy of the US Constitution instead of a hideous book of horrors, intolerance and lies. Perhaps some day – when man evolves further and supernaturalism and archaic beliefs are but a dim memory. Perhaps then will man's intellect, honesty, fairness and courage reign supreme unencumbered by fanatical Bronze Age and 1st century cultist mind enslavement and impotence.


Carl said...

Yes good one Hump the so called separation of Church and State will not be real until the politicians take their hands off those bronze age mythical books and instead pledge to work by the people and for the people.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...What has the Most Wrong Rev.Wright been lately?

tryggvirafn said...

Amazing ! This is cool!