Sunday, September 1, 2013

Islamophobic? Christian Centric? Republican? Southern and Stupid? Then Pass a Non-Law.

North Carolina has been developing a reputation for stupidity above and beyond the norm for the South. Their latest foray into absurdity involves having passed a law outlawing Sharia law in their state.
Let me be clear: I have no love for Islam; less or about the same love as I have for any of the Abrahamic religions. But the fact is NC's legislators, and the GOP in particular, are utterly mindless beyond all reason. They have become “Sharia-phobic.”

If they are concerned about religious, or ethnic, or philosophically based laws supplanting the law of the land then where is the NC law against the practice of Chthonic law, of Talmudic Law, of Lakota Sioux law?  What's that ? They never heard of those things but now will get to work on it right away?  I doubt it.

The orthodox Jewish community has been practicing Talmudic law in this country for generations. As an example: to get a divorce all the husband has to do is repeat “I divorce you” three times and it’s a done deal.  It’s called a “get.”  Not exactly in concurrence with any state law.  But if people who are Hassidic Jews, or Muslims, or Amish, or whatever want their lives guided by a series of traditional laws that have zero impact outside the confines of their culture and community then I couldn't give less of a bowel movement.

Naturally if the Jews started to observe the 613 laws of the Old Testament precisely, and started killing their children for disobedience, as is called for in the Tanakh , US law  would step in. But that doesn't seem to have been an issue thus far. Similarly, if Muslim women are subjected stoning for being raped, or girls offered up for marriage at age nine, then US Law would intervene as murder and pedophilia are in violation of US law.

So why haven’t North Carolina, and the handful of similarly knee jerk states that passed similar anti-Sharia bills, outlawing the practice of Talmudic Laws within the orthodox Jewish community?  We all know the answer to that. If in doubt re-read the title to this article.
In a nut shell the point is simple, so simple even a fundie Christian could understand it: passing a law against installing laws that would wholesale trump, supersede, replace or run counter to the Law of the Land of the United states and against the will of the people is already ...ALREADY... unconstitutional, and thus could not happen.  There is no way Sharia law, Talmudic law, or any other legal system, can be imposed on anyone anywhere in the USA. Thus NC has passed a law for which there is no possibility of violation.

Thank you North Carolina legislature. Without your leadership one might have gotten  the impression this country was heading toward sanity. 


Jefandrues said...

You opine through grated teeth and admirable restraint: "....I couldn't give less of a bowel movement."
I have a T-shirt, which I am fearful of wearing in public (and is thus surplus to my requirements) but which you could wear safely in the land of free expression.
I promises:
I'd consider my cost of postage from Australia to you an investment in rational debate.

Dromedary Hump said...

Thanks for the very kind offer, but in the genteel town where I live it might not go over all that well. ;)

Anonymous said...

My dearest Hump, you have to live in North Carolina to fully appreciate it.

I was politely debating Paul's direction for women to cover their heads during prayer versus a burka, when I was told that I think too much. Huh, is that possible? Or, when asked if opening a political session with an Islam prayer (since a shout-out to Jesus has been deemed to be okey dokey), a politician responds to the question with, "no, I don't support terrorism." In North Carolina, a citizen is free to practice any religion...provided it is Christianity.

I wonder if there is a way to be airlifted out of Wilmington and returned to my native Pittsburgh? I am just exploring my options for when this "white-sheeted" state really does secede from the Union.

Dromedary Hump said...

You have my deepest respect for being able to tolerate the madness of Southern Christianity. I couldn't ktake it for a moment.

Yes, thinking too much is a bad thing down there. I'm just surprised the NC legislature hasn't passed a law against it.
All in due time, I suppose.

paul said...

Sadly, the "christian only" syndrome isn't limited to the deep south. While many states/municipalities/organizations finally recognize the right of citizens to NOT pray, it is still expected (if not mandated) that any such offerings will be some flavor of christian or judeo-christian.