Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tramped to Death for Allah & Islam’s Version of Respect for Life

Thus far this year 50 Muslim faithful have been trampled to death on their pilgrimage to Mecca.  But this isn’t so bad.  A few years back 244 of them were crushed to death while performing the ritualistic stoning of the Devil. 
The latter story included this wonderful quote from an Islamic cleric:

"All precautions were taken to prevent such an incident, but this is God's will."

It was Allah's will these people died in 2004 throwing stones at an imaginary Devil, and it was Allah's will that only 50 died this year walking around a big cube with tens of thousands of mesmerized people peeing in place.

The religious madness of this annual assembly, the self induced ignorance that subjects the faithful to play Russian roulette of self imposed human sacrifice every year, the cavalier attitude of the defenders of the absurdity and the waste of human life for the sake of superstition .. ..such are the wages of religious ignorance and delusion. It disgusts me, and anyone with a modicum of respect for life and reality.

The respect for life and reality isn’t something the devout Muslim values. I commented on this issue on the Huff Post’s story covering the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca  (they fail to mention the deaths thus far, presumably as it seems to be something Muslims would prefer not be discussed).  In response to my commentary on the acceptance of this wasteful dance of death and Islam’s apparent disregard for or devaluing of life I received this reply from “OneTrueLight” who took exception to my perspective:

”Regarding respect for life. I tried to save a baby squirrel who was hit by a car today. It still weighs on my heart. She lay on her back in the middle of the road waving her arms around, I didn't get to her in time.

The Prophet said, ‘No human being kills a sparrow or something larger, without right, except that Allah will be asked why on the Day of Judgement.’”

Never mind that he screwed up that last sentence, I get the gist of it.  My reply was brief and to the point:  ”Save a squirrel, kill an apostate. Yup, sounds perfectly moral & sane to me.”

Three days and thus far and no retort.

I’d like to think he’s pondering that.  That he is wrestling with the incongruity of it all.  But that would be wishful thinking. My guess is he’s still thumbing through the Koran, or Hadith to find a pithy verse that will make that obscene in-congruence seem perfectly moral and reasoned. Maybe he’ll cry “Context!” like Xtians do when faced with an embarrassing biblical verse.  Or maybe I drove him to declare a fatwa on American camels, or behead an infidel, or beat his circumcised and burqua bedecked wife out of frustration. 

If you see a guy wearing a rag on his head,  giving CPR to a squirrel,  while toting an AK and carrying a sign saying “Death to apostates and those who don’t think Islam is the religion of peace” , please… give OneTrueLight the finger for me.


Anonymous said...

When I looked at the picture, the first thought to my mind was opening a concession stand.

The multitudes must get hungry after running round and hurling stones!

WhyNot said...

"Save a squirrel, kill an apostate. Yup, sounds perfectly moral & sane to me."

Sounds good to me too. However, if really hungry, I'd prolly eat squirrel, whereas I'd rather starve to death than eat an apostate.

Your line reminds me of something kinda funny: many years ago, back in Sydney, I found a bumper sticker which read:


My wife and I instantly fell in love with it, and decided it was too good to be stuck on the rear bumper; it deserved a more prominent place. So we stuck it on the rear window.

It lasted only one day. Some born-again cunt lacerated it to shreads. Shucks!

Den!s said...

When I see those cretinous curs playing ring around a rosie at the hajj(small h), I keep waiting for the 'we all fall down' part, and they all die. By the by, I never see any porta-potties at this hajj event. What does the way below average deluded Mohammedan do when nature calls?

Dromedary Hump said...

LOL @ "Ring around the rosie" !!

Like I said in my article...they pee in place. As for bowel movements, frankly, I don't want to know.

Texas Mike said...

"The One True Finger"! HA!