Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Dark Ages weren’t so bad so “Let’s put God back in our country.”

I try to steer clear of religionists who are so over the top that engaging them would be an exercise in futility. It’s not like anything I say would make a difference, and it serves to just get my blood pressure up. That’s why I prefer to keep religionist Facebook friends to a minimum, and fundies to zero.

As luck will have it, a good FB friend who is much more ecumenical than I, asked for my input to a comment left on his page. The comment was in response to an article about Louisiana defying separation of church and state and infusing Christianity into the classroom : 

”God has been taken out of so many things over the years, its no wonder our country is in as bad shape as it is. If we keep the mentally of God first, Country second, Family third, Others fourth, and self last, you'd be surprised what accomplishments will transpire.”  

 Jim Williams, Fishers, Indiana

[Notice that family comes in a distant third behind his imaginary God. I guess if it comes down to God demanding a human sacrifice, or his playing catch with his kid, we know who’s gonna get the short end of the stick.]

Yes, Jim would like to see more god in our country.  You know, the good old days when people worshiped together on bloody knees, while doing penance, and flagellating themselves; when King's ruled with God Given Divine Right; when Pope's and priests were sacrosanct; when unread uneducated peasants fell to their knees praying for the plague to end, or burned Jews at the Church's behest for their having conveniently been found responsible for spreading the plague.

Who doesn’t long for those days when God was first, and prevailed above all else? When he filled the hearts of men; where God and country were one in the same, and family was second so that they didn’t hesitate to turn in their family witches; subjected their ill to the torment of exorcism, and reported heretics promptly and often. Where God determined the guilt or innocence of loved ones or the scapegoated by whether or not they drowned when thrown bound into a pool, or if they felt pain when they were burned alive at the stake.

Ahhh ... the good old days of Church and God above all, when Jews were persecuted, crusades were fought, and science was trampled underfoot all in protection of God's holy word and for God’s glory; when the only book anyone needed was the Holy Bible - but only in the hands of the Church, on pain of death, lest commoners misinterpret the words, contradict the Church’s interpretation and run amok.

Yes… lets get God back into our nation, our schools, our military, our courts, and elevate him/it above all else. Let’s regress, deny the scientific age, toss out all those troubling freedoms and rights societal evolution has delivered over the past 1000 years; chuck the scientific advancement gained in spite of religious suppression.  We can call this new and improved era  "The Dark Ages" or to avoid confusion 1000 years from now …  "The Dark Ages 2.0".

Then, I'm sure God will shine his countenance upon us and bless us much as he has blessed our most religious God Fearing state - Mississippi - whose poverty, crime, teen pregnancy, under education, unemployment, and short life expectancy are epic, and have run rampant for generations under His Divine Blessings.

We have been warned!!!  Until and unless this happens we may fall further into the depths of godlessness and find ourselves like Norway, Sweden, and Denmark three of the worlds ten most prosperous nations, where a majority are atheist, have the strongest economies, enjoy the highest standards of living, lowest crime rates, lowest suicide rates and highest education levels on the entire planet. Gawd protect us from THAT horror!!!

The Jim Williams’ are many.  They infest this nation; they breed in litters and infect their offspring with this backwardness thus prolonging religio-mindlessness for another generation.  They vote for prayer in school, the banning of abortion, the criminalization of homosexuality, the rejection of evolutionary theory, the acceptance of Creationism as science. They promote the idea of dinosaur riding by cave men, the US as a Christian Nation, the Ten Commandments as the basis for the Constitution, and the idea that storms, earthquakes, fires, droughts and slow economic growth are the signs of their God’s disapproval and wrath.

They are the FOX news faithful, and rabid supporters of those GOP politicians  whose seemingly weekly outrageous public comments would be laughable if they were joking, and that make even moderate Republicans shudder in disbelief and embarrassment.

It’s the 21st century in most of the world, a welcome era when the possibilities of scientific discovery and great strides in social advancement will make this country, the world, a better place.   But not in the minds of the Jim Williams’ and his ilk who mourn the passing of the age of the boogieman.  Their own passing can’t happen soon enough for me.   


David said...

Why should I have to put myself last? Call me selfish but there are but only a very small number of close friends and family and certainly no imaginary boogiemen that I would put before looking out for my myself.

Sue said...

I can't Like this enough. Oh wait, no Like button. But I like it.

Bobbie James said...

The next time a fundie puts something on my Timeline, I'm going to ask you to comment for me! Kidding, of course, but I am sure your comment shocked the heck out of Jim! Very thorough and well written!

Helga said...

Scary to get into the mindset of such a man…I do wonder what skeletons he has in his closet.

WhyNot said...

"The Dark Ages 2.0"

Lol. If it's anything like Windows, it will take till we get to "Dark Ages XP" till we get its full uninterrupted benefits. I'm shivering just thinking of the hundreds of Service Packs needed.

But I'm in slight disagreement with you on one point: you say "when the only book anyone needed was the Holy Bible" and seem to dismiss the concept. However, I have once seen a bible, and I can tell you fir sure that you need no other substitute when it comes to wiping your ass after a huge dump. Bonus: it's much cheaper than toilet paper.

Mississippi... Diane, my second spouse, was from Louisiana, which if I'm not mistaken is just east of Mississipi. From the horror stories she told me about her childhood, it is hard to imagine another state being worse than Louisiana, lol.

I once saw a brilliant American movie, I think the title was something like "Heavens Fall". Scary shit. Makes the dark ages of Europe look like a paradise of peace and tolerance in comparison.

Dromedary Hump said...

Thanks for your comments all, and your kind words.

WhyNot: Louisiana and Mississippi are pretty close in terms of religiosity...but MS is hands down the most religious state in the Union. At least Louisiana has New Orleans ;)

Bobbie: sure to invite me, if I can contain myself, I'm liable to make that fundie blog famous ;)

Anonymous said...

I just cannot understand these clueless mystics. Since they espouse the Dark Age mentality, let them move to Saudi Arabia, or Iran to see what life is like in a religious country governed by "God's law". Only in America can someone like that guy seriously believe that having "God" in our political and social life would make things better, or more moral. Saying some tired bromide is totally different than living it 24/7.

I love YouTube because of the many documentaries uploaded. There is a BBC series called Inside The Medieval Mind. It's a four part series chronicling the life during the Dark Age period of Europe. It's separated into: Part 1 Belief, Part 2 Knowledge, Part 3 Sex, Part 4 Power. The nature of irrationalism taking root after the fall of Rome is astounding. England was the focus; the absurdity of what people believed, which stemmed from Christianity. I recommend you check it out, it is truly fascinating. It also scared me because we are reverting to a dark age mentality.

Bookish Babe

Dromedary Hump said...

Bookish..Thanks.. will check out that series on Youtube.

Den!s said...

I saw this today and thought it fits into this thread

Dromedary Hump said...

A sorry state of affairs. But given the US's status as the most religious Western/Industrialized nation, it no surprise.

Self imposed/meme controlled ignorance dies hard.

Anonymous said...

This would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic, and scary. Christians should take note of the affect of Islam on the Middle East. Middle Eastern countries have brought little to advance the human condition since the advent of Islam.

There has been 850 Nobel prizes awarded in total, Muslims have been awarded 10. Spain translates more books into Spanish in one year than the entire Arab world has translated since the 9th century. They still feel that their accomplishment is Islam.

Christianity seems hell bent on returning us to a time of ignorance and superstition, feeling that those were the days of wine and roses.

Unfortunately they outnumber us by a huge margin, and I can only hope that generational changes in attitude will eventually stem the tide of this cancer.

Dromedary Hump said...

There is hope on the horizon: look to Europe, Japan, Australia, NZ... we are perhaps 20-25 yrs behind their lead in the diminishing impact and acceptance of Christian ignorance.

The hand writing is on the wall, and it is THAT which inflames their last fearful gasping calls for a "return to God."

Mortimer said...

Since we are trying to be scientific here. In the science of geography, Mississippi is actually east of Louisana