Saturday, September 6, 2014

An Open Letter to the 9/11 Families for Peaceful Tmorrows

Dear September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows;

Much to be said for the good intent behind your message. Unthinking violence and hostility towards "the other", regardless of their race, culture, faith or lack thereof is simply unjustified incivility.

But, with that said, no poster, no well meaning meme, no appeal to civility can erase that which we know to be true.  Burying ones head in the sand and declaring justifiable  suspicion toward Muslims "Islamophobia", is simple denial of the thousands of instances of  violence, horror, incivilities and death wrought by Islam, in the name of Islam,  on the West and on their own brethren.

9/11 is but one example, albeit to Americans and New Yorkers in particular, the most horrible one.  As well meaning as you, the survivor families are,  who suffered so much, it is  a bit presumptuous to think that distrust, suspicion, and yes even hatred of Muslims can be dissolved by your appeal.  It's deeper than you well meaning folks, and that specific horror.  

It goes to US military officer who kills his own in the name of Allah.  To home grown terrorists who found sanctuary in a free nation and who then turned against it by blowing up innocent people attending a foot race in Boston.  To infatuated and easily led would be "martyrs" who leave their adoptive nation to fight along side murders to whom beheading innocents, abusing women, dismembering and torturing those of another sect or religion is considered "Allah's will" and who will one day come home to use their training to spread terror in our homeland. 

From Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Syria, to Nigeria, to Libya, to China, to Russia;  from London, to Boston, to New york City to who knows where next...the curse that is fundamentalist Islam has become a pandemic poised to consume whatever it touches, wherever it can find an opening. If this sounds like it is analogous to a flesh eating bacteria, it's not by accident.

Some European nations  have kowtowed to the demands of their exponentially growing immigrant Muslim citizens.  They pass laws, and give preferences and make allowances for their culture and religious dogma. They did so in an effort to appease and accommodate and are already experiencing the fruits of that through inflamed Islamic fervor. They have opened the door to even more radicalization, more demands for Sharia law.  Accommodation is viewed as weakness by Muslims.  Until the West understands that mindset it will stand like an open wound ready to be infected with a disease for which a cure would be even more unthinkable than the prevention.

They say a person isn't paranoid if in fact there ARE "people out to get" them.  Similarly, one isn't "Islamophobic"  when in fact Islam is out to convert the world and drag it back into the 7th century; or to punish and kill those they cannot subjugate.

So, keep your warm and fuzzy meme.  I do not disdain Islam solely in the name of the victims of 9/11, or you their survivors.  I do so out of a recognition of the reality of the threat of Islam to the world,  and self preservation.

Your faithful dromedary,


TommE said...

Guess the Commander in Chief should have read the Hump's blog before writing his speech. "ISIL is not Islamic. No religion condones the killing of innocents...". Who the hell does he think he's shitting.

Anonymous said...

I wish you would have expanded it to this - "No country should implement any religious-based or religious-reasoned derived laws that apply to the general populace". EX - gawd created adam and eve, not adam and steve so we can't let gays marry.

I regard the christians to be as dangerous as the muslims. They may not be blowing up buildings or chopping off heads, but look at what they are achieving by legislative terrorism. Isn't that just as devastating? I'm scared when I hear a politician talk about his or her personal relationship to gawd and how he or she uses the buybull when voting/crafting legislation rather than science, data, and reason. Look at the anti-abortion TRAP laws that purport to be about women's health but are really about imposing religious unscientific beliefs on the general populace.

Christians are at the forefront of denying 1/2 of the human population the right to make decisions concerning their body (aka biological slavery). To a rational woman, it is terrifying to realize how few legal rights one has concerning one's body when the fetus is considered a person but the host is not considered a person.

They are at the forefront of demanding the US go to war at every turn because it is a "moral" imperative. To pretend that gawd supports our efforts is utter bs and merely absolves bloodthirsty christians who want to see dead bodies. There are rational ways to win and I don't want a President calling for a holy war like Bush & Co did.

Christians are at the forefront of destroying our educational system by inserting religious beliefs (intelligent design, abstinence only, prayer/ten commandments/"in god we trust" in school, lying about our founding fathers, destroying our first amendment-separation of church and state).

Personally - if we had to redo the pledge of allegiance, I would change two words - it should be "in God we're fucked". That way, the christians can be proud that "gawd" is in the pledge of allegiance and I can be happy to express the rational thought that belief in gawd is destructive.