Saturday, November 14, 2015

No Words...but these

As the heinous slaughter in Paris took control of the internet and the body count rose, people were busily posting appeals to "pray for Paris and the people of France."  It disgusted me.  

How many slaughters must occur at the hands of those who worship the very same god these sheep are praying to on behalf of Parisians before they are shaken to consciousness? 

At what point does it begin to occur to these bleating sheep that the jihadists prayers for success and their own death ... their appeals to Allah to take them into Paradise for their god inspired acts ... is perceived to have been answered by that god by their Islamic brethren? 

When does the grotesque self deception of a prayer answering, all loving, all knowing deity that responds to telepathic appeals and loves all its creations begin to stink from the rotting, decomposing ancient ignorance that is at its very core?

And so it goes on as it has for millennia: the obscenity of the religious belief of those who kill in its name, and fools who pray to it for it to stop. Stalemate.


Riley the Atheist Dog said...

I do have one modest suggestion, Hump.

Feed the carcasses of the deluded homicidal barbarians to dogs. Seriously.

Instead of showing usual Western chicken-shit deference to "proper burial", grind up the remains and take the resulting buckets of slop to the local animal shelter. Feed the dogs. Nature will do its work, and these "martyrs" will be transformed from figurative to literal piles of dog shit.

Video the process from start to finish, and counter fantasies of seventy-two virgins in some mythical paradise with the reality of canine feces. Who knows, maybe it might be enough to give the next batch of willing "martyrs" pause for thought.

Dogs don't care where their food comes from. They won't object to this plan.

Just a suggestion.

Dromedary Hump said...


While I share your frustration and anger, having been in combat my philosophy is we don't treat the enemy any differently than we'd want them to treat us...pre or post mortem.

Additionally, I have too much respect for dogs.

Riley the Atheist Dog said...

I agree with "pre", Hump, but why does "post" matter? I could not care less what does or does not happen to my earthly remains after my time has passed. While I presently hope that whatever usable body parts I leave behind might find some additional utility as transplant or research material, once I'm dead, I won't care anymore.

Reverence for corpses is part and parcel of the deluded religious mindset IMO.

Dromedary Hump said...

It doesn't matter to me either. But:
A) It does matter to the other few million non-militant Muslims, including those who are being persecuted and killed by ISIS. They'd not perceive such an action as positive. It would simply alienate them.
B) Desecration of a Muslim's remains, or the enemy covering it in bacon fat, doesn't in their religion negate entry into Paradise.
C) Because mutilation achieves nothing but satisfying our most base and uncivilized instincts. It makes us no better than them.

Anonymous said...

Hump, I fully agree with you, but I still see a larger problem. Our government and others call these individuals/groups terrorists, without any mention of the respective religion. They seem to want to avoid any characterization that would call these people Islamic fundamentalist murderers. Followers of Mohammed who believe that life is worthless, particularly if you don't believe in Allah. When are governments going to stand up and call these people what they are? When are they going to identify them as such, and attack the religion as well as the murderous followers? I find it most abhorrent that, in light of all the murders by these Islamic religious zealots, that not one Islamic leader, not one Imam, has stood up and shouted "This is not our faith!" And condemned the attacks, and conversely tried to educate their own people in the fallacy of zealot beliefs.

Welcome to the world of ridiculous religious beliefs. How many million people have died in the name of a respective God? My opinion is that if ONE person is killed in the name of some god, that god is not worth believing in. That counts them all out.

A fellow Atheist

Charl said...

"And the death cult chose its targets in the city with ghoulish, self-damning accuracy—everything they loathed stood plainly before them on a happy Friday evening: men and women in easy association, wine, free-thinking, laughter, tolerance, music—wild and satirical rock and blues. The cultists came armed with savage nihilism and a hatred that lies beyond our understanding. Their protective armour was the suicide belt, their idea of the ultimate hiding place was the virtuous after-life, where the police cannot go. (The jihadist paradise is turning out to be one of humanity’s worst ever ideas; slash and burn in this life, eternal rest among kitsch in the next).

Dromedary Hump said...

I don't think it's any secret as to what religion ISIS terrorists belong. The cry to "say Islam!!Call it like it is" is a bit overplayed, in my opinion. ISIS would like nothing more than to make this a "Crusaders against Islam" issue...when in fact it is "Civilization against a cult of death and murder cherry picked from the Qu'ran" issue. That "Muslim Terrorist" isn't on the forefront of every conversation is a recognition of that fact.

Islam is not centralized, that is, they have no pope like the Catholics, no president like the Mormons who establish doctrine and who speak for the masses. But, I have heard Muslim leaders decry this act, and protest the perversion of their scripture(whether it is a perversion, or simply a fundamentalist reading of it is another issue. I am of the latter perspective).

I think we sometimes forget that ISIS has killed many many more Muslims than they have Westerners. Sometimes, especially in the face of the Paris tragedy, we are prone to forget that. In all other respects I concur with your posting. Thanks for it.

Nicely said.

Dromedary Hump said...

A follow up to your comment re "Muslim leaders [having not] decried this act".

This surprised the heck out of me:

David said...

It is normal for us to react with anger and emotion to the news of such events. It is an innate characteristic of the human condition. But emotion usually forces reason and rationality to take a back seat, and decisions and reactions made under the height of emotional influence rarely turn out to be in our best interest. Let's be honest Anon, acts of revenge on a corpse make about as much sense as praying for the victims.

There has been much talk from many members of parliament of what to me seem simple, emotionally loaded single pronged solutions to this complex threat, and there is a great deal of political mileage in politicians using hard line rhetoric accompanied by emotionally charged phrases such as "War On Terror", but their capacity to effectively deal with the threat seems ostensible at best. As is always the case, reason and rationality will find the most effective solution.

And finally all Muslims living in our Western nations must understand that the government enforced protections from offense that are common throughout the Middle East don't apply but there is a difference between reasoned, rational argument and outright callous vilification. The majority of Muslims living in our countries do not have a thirst for Western blood. There are many tenets of Islam that I find disturbing and concerning and that should be challenged, but to drift away from our position of reason and rationality to one fueled by irrational emotion would make us little better than the religious fundamentalists we often ridicule.

Dromedary Hump said...

Nicely said.