Wednesday, November 9, 2016

An Apology to the Free World

The fools have had their say, they have anointed their champion; and now the world will pay the price.   I'm sorry, World. Forgive us. They know not what they do.

And to those who would congratulate the winners, who seek to reconcile, and who use Jefferson's quote as a means of assuring their under educated-right wing-Jesus loving-gun totin'- racist-angry white brethren of no hard feelings I say FUCK THAT!

I wonder how magnanimous Thomas Jefferson would have been if he was Jewish, lived In 1930's Germany, and his "friend" endorsed the "final solution". Or if he was Black, and his white "friend" joined the KKK. Or if he was of Japanese descent in 1942 USA, and his "friend" endorsed internment for Japanese-Americans.

No... it's one thing to disagree on the size of a budget, or foreign affairs, or the running of a pipeline, et al... But it's a whole 'nuther thing to embrace someone who holds in contempt human rights, human dignity, and the sanctity of the freedoms this nation was founded upon.
I'll have none of it.
And none of them.


paul said...

The sad thing is that even a small subset of the 44% (more or less) of the eligible voters who failed to vote "because it makes no difference" might have altered the outcome dramatically.

NDO said...

I wonder if Donald Trump is secretly surprised (and maybe a little scared) that he actually did win. I may be biased but I doubt he knows anything about how government works. It is truly sad to go from a intelligent, well-educated and articute president to someone like Trump, who has the vocabulary of a high school student. What is more frightening, if this is true, who will actually be making the decisions -- the trump kids? Melania? I shudder.

One good thing to come out of this is that the comedians of the world will have plenty of material to make us laugh over the next 4 years.

P.S. Is it too soon to start a petition for impeachment? lol

Anonymous said...

Best blog post. We can't have peace or unity on the backs of the victims. That's a cheap peace but it won't last. We broke black people to bring back the union after the civil war. We broke the blacks again after the civil rights movement. We broke the women after they gained the right to vote. We broke the Native American too many times.

Pence is even worse than Trump. In my book, anybody who decides to make peace at this juncture might as well have voted for Trump.

Bottom line- you don't embrace evil. You don't normalize it. Trump and what his campaign espoused is evil. That is the only word for it. The people who voted for Trump can make excuses about abortion, feeling like Washington didn't care for them... but they are evil. They rolled in Trump's shit and now, they don't get to pretend that they tripped and fell. The people who couldn't bother to vote - they also voted for Trump. They don't get to pretend that their hands aren't full of Trump's shit either. The people who voted for Stein, or other third party candidates; the one's who went "Bernie or Bust" and spent the rest of the election demonizing the only sane presidential candidate right up to election day are also equally culpable. All of these groups are evil. They smeared Trump's shit and they shouldn't be allowed to hide in the darkness or respected.

Dromedary Hump said...

Paul... there will always be the apathetic and back sliders, and it wouldn't be so bad except they seem to disproportionately fall on the left...or would if they gave enough of a damn to vote.

NDO...My guess is Trump is indeed as surprised as any of us that he won. I wonder if he will actually finish out his term.

Anon...I could not agree more. Well said.

David said...

You need not apologize, you have done nothing wrong. You are a beacon of reason in a sea of stupidity. I am sorry if that sounds a bit harsh towards America, but there is not a lot of evidence to the contrary at the moment.

It is a troubling quote from Thomas Jefferson. It would trouble me to remain friends with anybody who would consider a person less human because of the god they don't believe in, or the colour of their skin, or their gender, or the particular variety of genitals they prefer.

As for Donald Trump, at worst he will be serious about implementing all the promises he made, at best, now that he as won, his tone will completely change and he will have been elected off the back of a deceitful, manipulative and dishonest campaign. The more we protest him now, the more he will have an enemy to blame for not implementing half of the hot air that he never thought would eventuate anyway.

And to all that voted for Donald Trump, well done. You figured out how to vote. Quite an achievement considering you have half a brain between the lot of you.

Dromedary Hump said...

LOL.. Thanks!