Monday, January 14, 2008

Getting the Nose Under the Tent


There's an old Islamic proverb about the camel getting his nose under the tent, as a prelude to an invasion of your tent by said camel, the end result being akin to having the proverbial Bull running rampant in the proverbial China Shop. Whether you're an atheist, agnostic, monotheist, polytheist, or (I really hate this expression ...) just "spiritual", your reading this is tantamount to having that camel's nose entering your tent of thought. I'll try not to do more damage than necessary.

My purpose here is to prompt genuine thinking, encourage questioning, provoke discussion, challenge "beliefs", arouse ire, piss people off, educate, be educated, and frankly use this forum as a rant vehicle.

I am an atheist/naturalist. I accept that the natural world, the universe, is all there is. I reject the concept of God/gods as pure myth and fable. Period.

I am not a scientist, I only play one in chat rooms and message boards. I admire the contributions that science has made to Mankind. I respect the scientific method. I have no "faith" in anything in the religious sense of the word. Indeed, I reject the concept of "faith" as a theological construct. That I fully expect the sun will rise in the east tomorrow, isn't a matter of my having "faith", it's a matter of my basic understanding of cosmology. Thus, inlieu of mindless "faith" I possess a high level of "confidence", "expectation", and "probability" borne of said knowledge and real experience, that the sun will rise in the east ...yet again ... tomorrow.

To those theists who erroneously, a result of excessive brain rinsing by Xtian [Christian] websites, believe atheism to be a religion ... please, don't even go there. Read the definition of atheist at and come back when you're able to process that atheism is as much a religion as baldness is a hair color, or as not collecting stamps is a hobby.

As far as my name: Dromedarys have one hump, it's those Bactrian camels that have two humps.

Those are the basics. I plan to update this blog at least weekly, perhaps more often, until I rant myself out. Feel free to rant back. Thanks for letting me into your tent.



Anonymous said...

Looks good old man!

itsme_crazydad™ said...

Thanks for inviting me.

I look forward to reading more.

The Lutheran Atheist, Crazydad™

Joyce said...

Letting you into my tent ... that sounds dirty.

fatherjon said...

honesty is ones man thoughts..and from what i have read so are an honest person. but please make sure your camel wipes its feet before comming into my tent....i just did the sand.

Nikki said...

hmm, that picture of the dromedary just doesn't do you any justice. :)

Hump said...

Hehehh... thanks all. Hope you'll visit regularly.

Everydayman said...

Hi Hump, Good start for a blog, and thanks for inviting me. Can you change my user name from Aternoon tea, a name I detest, to Everydayman on this blog?

Dromedaryhump said...

Hey Every!
What evername you post a comment with here, is the name you'll be seen as here. Thanks for coming.