Thursday, January 31, 2008

Respect for Belief

I recently heard an atheist say he had more respect for Theist A’s religious belief, than he did for Theist B’s belief. While they were both forms of Christianity, one of them evidently was worthy of higher respect than the other.

What exactly entitles theist's "beliefs" to any degree of respect?
-Is it based on which flavor of unsupportable culturally induced sky daddy they worship; what supernatural or inventive "illogic" they use to support that belief; what dogma they pick and choose from the menu of belief; how deeply they believe it; how effectively they induct their young into their delusional belief?

-Is it whether or not they are a threat to Free Thinkers, or our freedoms, or the education of the young, or the advancement of science, or civilization as a whole?

-Should we respect a belief just because it is benign, less/non- confrontational, doesn’t require witch burning (any more), hatred of Jews (as much), or killing of apostates?

- Is their belief due the same, less, or more respect as people who believe in unicorns and faeries; the “miracle” of images of holy figures on their sandwiches; that the Earth is flat; that aliens built the pyramids; or who believe the world is 6,000 years old and that men rode dinosaurs?

I once had some New Age guy tell me he respected all beliefs. When pushed, and backed against a wall, he even agreed he'd respect a resurgence of Aztec belief including human sacrifice. Why? Because "belief is due respect”. Why?? "because it’s a belief”. Ridiculous.

Frankly, I have zero respect for any blind belief, whether it's a hybrid kinder gentler version, or the basic model. Belief in anything with no evidence is self delusion and unworthy of my respect. I’d have the same lack of respect for an atheist’s belief if he “believed” he was abducted by aliens.

Now, don’t confuse the lack of respect for “belief” as a justification for being disrespectful to “the believer”. There are a lot of believers of whom I am respectful in spite of their unfortunate enslavement to fable. They have other redeeming qualities. And, I would stand up for their right to believe whatever absurdity they so desire, just so long as it is legal, doesn’t impinge on my rights, or threaten society.

It’s the 21st century, the scientific age, an age that should be devoted to reason and logic. So, what logic should I be using to have "respect" for belief that is steeped in superstition, ignorance, medieval thinking, and the rejection of reality? Sorry, can’t think of any.


Anonymous said...

You know you're going to hell, right?

DromedaryHump said...
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DromedaryHump said...
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DromedaryHump said...

OOps...two deletions above were my own comments, typo ridden, combined into one here:

Thank you for your deep and thoughtful comment.

If in your imaginary Hell I would be in the company of Gandhi (Hindu), Thomas Jefferson (President/Deist), Einstein (Pantheist/agnostic), Woody Allen (atheist), Linus Pauling (multiple Nobel laureate chemistry & peace/ atheist), John Adams(President/ Deist), George Carlin (atheist), Isaac Asimov (author/atheist), Mark Twain (author/atheist), Freud (atheist), Salmon Rushdie (author/Muslim apostate-atheist), and Tousands of other's who's contributions brought health, longevity, freedom, learning, and humor to the world ... then I'd be glad to go, and be the happiest guy in Hell. Hell!I wouldn't even be worthy to join them. :)

CathyJo4SumissiveJesus said...

Dromedaryhump said...

Great link.
Thanks, (ahem) "CathyJo" (cough).

Salo Odinaev said...

We will meet you on the day of judgment you guys doesn't know nothing about Islam or your religion please read about Islam before doing samething about Islam whoever makes fun & laugh about Prophet Muhammad PBUH & Islam they will go the hell that s 100% for sure

Dromedary Hump said...

fuck you, and your pedophile prophet Mo-Ham-head (piss be upon him).

Have a nice day.