Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Camel Goes on Trial!! Hump Roast Rests in Jury's hands.

Ah, the bad old days, when religion was THE guiding force of Men’s lives, their governance, their sole understanding of the World, the only true source of information.
We call that period The Dark Ages.

Fear not, theists … The Dark Ages isn’t over yet!!! Here’s Proof.

The following is excerpted from comments written by a theist. Sounding very much like the lead prosecutor for The Inquisition this was made in response to a comment I left in another blog in a NON-RELIGIOUS discussion:

“Drome, as we have seen, is always about human reasoning and getting a response. He has a need to analyze and box things up tight and neat so the world makes sense to him … that is why he does not need a relationship with Jesus, because he already has everything figured out”. …” [secular] books are not needed for me because I understand the things of the Kingdom which have nothing to do
with human understanding - Prov 3:5-6.”

Let the Inquisition begin!!!

As to Charge Number One: “ always being about Human Reasoning”, how does the defendant Camel plead?
Guilty, Your Grand Inquisitorship.
-I confess that I have employed reasoning my entire life. I have called upon my reasoning ability to assess the things I am told and discern the difference between logic and illogic; fact from fiction; evidence from unsupported myth; reality from imagination.

As to Charge Number Two : “ using Analysis to understand the World” , how does the defendant Camel plead?
Guilty, Your Holi-mess.
- I confess that when presented with a statement, or an opinion, or a ”belief”, or a hypothesis proffered as “fact” I use my analytical ability to weight that input to assess it’s validity or degree of likelihood. I do so based on my prior experience, corroborating or contradicting evidence, testability using the scientific method, compliance with natural law, attendance to Occam’s Razor, and scrutiny given vast amounts of data gleaned from voluminous readings of masters of the hard scientific disciplines, social sciences, history, philosophy, and comparative religion. I take nothing on blind faith.

As to Charge Number Three” “having everything figured out”, how does the defendant Camel plead?
Not Guilty, Oh Servant of Mass Delusion.
- Only religionists retain an unerring hold on their belief system, unchanged since the inception of their particular flavor of mind slavery. It is they who claim to have it all “figured out”.
The Free Thinker knows that real knowledge evolves, is refined, is improved upon through more information and better technology. Things we don’t know we say we don’t know. We do not fear our current understanding of knowledge being shown to be lacking or being revised with better information and proofs .... we eagerly look forward to it.

As to Charge Number Four: “rejecting a relationship with Jesus, & using Secular Books to Expand your Knowledge Beyond the Things of The Kingdom”, how does the defendant Camel plead?
Guilty, your Enema-mince.
- I confess my brain lacks the need to delude itself into acceptance of the currently prevailing, or any, god myths. My brain is free from the need to delude itself that something supernatural requires my belief, and will reward me with life after death for it, or will punish me for not buying in. I reject it entirely as self imposed subservience to age old ignorance. I admit to expanding my knowledge of the natural world, the only world that can be logically shown to exist. YES, I reject as nonsense the “great beyond”, “the Kingdom”, or any other euphemisms for Valhalla, the Underworld, Heaven, Hell, Hades, Paradise, or the supernatural realm.

As of this writing the jury is still out. But given the fact that fanatical Xtians still walk among us carrying the mentality of the Dark Ages with them, I can only hope for the best: A verdict of BLASPHEMY!!!!!


Anonymous said...

As a peer and potential juror, I find the defendant guilty of having a lack of belief in supernatural mythology and guilty of sound logic and reasoning.

- Fastthumbs

DromedaryHump said...

Heheh. Thanks, Fast.

Yeah, I'd willingly accept their guilty verdict. It would confirm that I think with my brain, not with my heart. Which is why I've always maintatined theists have such a hard time thinking.


Anonymous said...

That book burning picture was a Harry Potter book burning a witchcraft book not s secular book so you lied.

hope they do try you for blasphemy and I wish they still had torture for people like you.

DromedaryHump said...

Heheheh. How very Christian of you. : )
Thanks for confirming what I've always said about extremist bible banging book burning fundies. First, that they are typically undereducated, and second, that they are just a theocracy away from reinstating thumb screws, the iron maiden, and burning at the stake.

BTW, secular means "not pertaining to or connected with religion ". Thus, just like the fictional Star Wars, Grimms fairy Tales, or Moby Dick, Harry Potter is a "secular" book.

I suppose to a religious fanatic a reason could be found to justify burning those books as well. Don't forget the marshmallows.

Joyce said...

I find it extremely absurd that there was a Harry Potter book burning. Anon, I don't understand why you would support something like that ... it's a harmless, fictional book of fantasy and yet you sound very angry and justified -- excited even -- that this book burning happened.

Not only that, but your angry comments about putting Hump on trial & wishing him tortured are pretty disturbing.

How do you justify any of the above? Inquiring minds want to know ...

Really. We do. Care to enlighten us?

DromedaryHump said...

People like anon are the classic xtians that I raille against.

The kind that believe in witches/ witchcraft, and all the attendent absurdities that total acceptence of the innerancy of literal biblical interpretation creates.

That blasphemy as a crime has only just faded from western civilization over the past 150 years, doesn't infer there arent those who wouldn't support its reinstatement and happily enforce it's highest penalties. They exist.

For as long as fundamentalist extremisttheists exist we will have the Phelps', the Bin Ladens, The Koreshs, Khomeinies, and the self appointed Inquisitors of the world with us.