Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why Man Exists: Ok, Theists, Mystery Solved.

The whole premise of a "why" to Man’s existence, “what is the purpose of life?”, is strictly a philosophical and theistic proposition. One may as well ask “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” It has no scientific basis, thus does not lend itself to be tested or falsified, etc. It falls in the domain of mental masturbation, practiced most especially among those who refute the scientific theories and evidence for the origin and development of life, aka: theists.

Suppose we were to ask: “Why does the AIDs virus exist?” Scientists will say because it was a genetic mutation of another life form, and give details on its geographic origins and how it’s transmitted, etc. There is no philosophical question of "why…for what purpose?", nor an attempt to answer it. Its cause (if known) is the only why ... a material answer. Anything else falls into the domain of the philosophical or theist world.

Many Christians will say AIDS is a result of Adam and Eve's fall from grace, and thus a punishment for (or "fruits of") original sin. Fundys take it one hideous step further and declare AIDS a very special punishment for those who defy God’s law, aka: homosexuals. For Christians the “material why" isn't even the first consideration, or any consideration at all. How it formed, its root cause, and properties are unimportant to them. The esoteric, religionist’s "Purposeful why" is all they can conceive of.

How about: “Why do stars exist?” Astronomers and physicists will likely give you the theories on origin, composition, energy, mass, life span, etc., etc.

At worst, a Fundy might say something terribly inane like "To give man light by which to see at night” Oy! Or, “God only knows / has His reasons / works in strange and mysterious ways.” It appears to be a limitation in the thinking ability of religiously impaired people whose scientific curiosity is suppressed, and whose "why" is largely limited to "purpose". But common to all their answers is the imagined “relationship” between Mankind and the universe as a whole. Even stars are there for Man’s benefit. It’s all about Man.

So WHY do theists have this peculiar focus on Man’s Collective Purpose, the meaning of life, and the purposefulness of everything in relation to humans? Because they are taught to be egocentric & species-centric, "astro-centric" by their scripture; taught that humans are more important, thus more purposeful, than everything else in the universe. They cannot, after years of religious mind rinsing, comprehend that Man has no exclusive purposeful significance or importance. In the infinite vastness of the universe human existence doesn’t even register as a sub-microscopic particle, no more so than does a quasar, a grain of sand, a rock floating past Alpha Centuri, the rings of Saturn, or the yet to be discovered life forms existing some where among the billions of suns, with billions of planets, 100's of millions of light years away.

So here, theists, are the answers to your quest: Individual purpose of ones life, is what one makes of his life. Species wide, the purpose of life is to perpetuate the species, just as it is for every living carbon based life form. The Why of our existence is attributable to cosmic dust and the forces of nature, just as they likely happened in other worlds, past or concurrent with ours.

Someday, if and when theists ever really come to terms with this and understand it, we'll have more physicists, biologists, astronomers, geneticists, etc., answering the important questions, and fewer mind numbing clergy and their b-a-a-ing, self centered sheep offering or seeking “spiritual” answers where none are warranted, nor any exist.


Anonymous said...

No no no and NO!

The trouble with your answer to "purpose of existence" is based on the natural world which applies to ALL. So if a theist accepts this, he/she doesn't get that warm smug superior feeling being "God's chosen" or being part of a group with a "greater" destiny then his/her heathen, heretical, or non-believing neighbors.

Also it makes the life of clergy easier to have such followers since they are more willing to "tithe" earnings so that the message of exclusivity is reinforced....

- Fastthumbs

DromedaryHump said...

Yes, good point. That sense of "exclusivity" gives rise to the delusion of a knowledge of higher "Truth".

By capitulating to the religion mind meme club one becomes suddenly endowed with this need to pose the essoteric "Why? Whats our Purpose?", and then answer it themselves with the quintessential example of a slave's mentality:
"To serve God."

Maybe that's why their god never prohibited slavery.