Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Loosing My “Faith” in America, a Country in Distress

With approximately sixty days before the national election, I have become less and less optimistic about the direction this country is going, and where it will end up. The reason? My realization that a large percentage of people in this country are utter morons.

There are some number of voters out there who claim they were once avid Hilary Clinton supporters, but because of the type of genitals the Republican VP nominee possesses, are now voting for McCain, abandoning any social or economic principles they ever had. Or maybe they are just using that as an excuse so they don’t have to vote for a black man. Who knows.

People who will enthusiastically support a Presidential candidate who 8 years ago decried the intolerance of the Evangelical right wing and it’s hold on his party, and now has abandoned that perspective, embraced them, and named an evangelical VP nominee in a move to placate them.

A VP candidate who believes the victims of rape and incest must be forced to bear children against their will. Who is a creationist, and would like to see her religious tenets taught alongside evolution in public schools.

A VP candidate who still believes preaching abstinence only to kids will counter adolescent sexual urges and protect them from unwanted pregnancies, in spite of the obvious fallacy that stares her in the face over the breakfast table.

A VP candidate who’s claim to foreign experience is having been a less than two year governor of the state “closest to Russia”, as the intellectually astute beer heiress and would be First Lady explains.

A VP who will be one heart beat away from the Presidency of a 72 yr old cancer survivor, but who has less experience in national or international affairs than 90% of the congressmen and senators in the legislature / 70% of sitting governors.

While the list of her questionable decisions and actions as governor and mayor continue to be unearthed and scrutinized by the media, the Right Wing attempts to ignore them while endlessly fawning over, and trying to legitimize and glorify, this cynical and purely political decision. Its transparency, its insincerity, its disingenuousness and its lack of benefit to the nation is obvious to anyone who still has a functioning brain stem.

But what frightens me more than anything is that the rank and file Republican mind sheep, the under educated, myopic thinking, one theme Christian devotees, consider her nomination some kind of brilliant revelation … a miraculous gift from God. Never mind that we may well find ourselves with this un vetted political novice, duplicitous hack, religious fanatic, and “moose hunting hockey mom” in the position of the world’s most powerful office sometime over the next four years. None of this matters to a vast number of Americans. What matters is she’s an Evangelical Christian fanatic, a woman, an ultra-conservative, and rabid anti-choice.

If this is the best the country can do; if this is what “energizes” the masses; if this is what we have come to as a country; then this country is in distress. I hold little hope for our future. I will mourn the final demise of our nation’s once proud status as western civilization’s bastion of benevolent measured power, intellectual and scientific advancement, and personal freedoms.

As if any semblance of that still exists after the past 8 years.

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