Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christians Prove God!! Atheists Repent!!!!

Yes… that’s right. They have proofs of God! Brace yourself, here they are:

“What are the odds that Earth would be placed in orbit the exact distance from the sun to support life? What are the chances that all of the necessary elements to create and support life would conspire to present themselves on Earth? They are infinitesimally small …QED: God Did It!! ”

Darn! This is pretty convincing stuff. It seems they have us!!!

Certainly if Earth were the only planet and thus the only platform for life in the universe the chances that these things would occur on this one and only tiny chunk of floating rock would be infinitesimally miniscule. If that was the scenario I wouldn’t bet $1.00 against all the money and precious metals on the planet that such an outcome would occur. Hell, I might even acquiesce, give up my heathen ways, and shout “Hallelujah Jebus, beam me up into your Heavenly abode above the firmament!!!!” Mmmm … probably not.

But what is necessary to remind these Bible thumping, reality denying, science hating uneducated slaves to ignorance is this:
- There are an estimated 100 BILLION GLAXIES in the universe.
- Each of those 100 Billion galaxies contains at least 10 BILLION STARS (AKA suns).
- If conservatively only ¼ of all those stars have conservatively only two planets in their solar system (versus our nine) this equates to approximately 250 BILLION SOLAR SYSTEMS with 500 BILLION ORBITING PLANETS. This doesn’t include solar systems and planets that have become extinct over the past few billion years.

If only one in nine of those 500 Billion planets are capable of supporting life (we are after all the only planet of the existing nine in our solar system that is known to support life) that means the odds are that there are approximately 55.6 BILLION PLANETS out there which are as likely as Earth to provide all of the conditions necessary to formulate and support life. Don’t like that number?? Fine … half it, quarter it, call it 1/10th.

Bottom line: Far from Earth being proof of a sky daddy’s unique and singular creation, the “chosen” planet for some deity’s divine experiment, it is but one of billions of worlds upon which life is likely to be reproducing, causing mayhem, destroying their environment, waging war, and proffering that THEY are their deity’s/deities’ chosen planet. The odds of the necessary condition for life to exist on other planets are more likely than not.

Hopefully, those planets have fewer theists than we Earthlings do, and thus are more intelligent, less destructive. But since Earth is the only example we have it doesn’t seem promising.


itsme_crazydad said...

When I was theist, the single best evidence which would have convinced me there is no god was the discovery of life on another planet.

Instead, I got there by a different route. (Although, the possibility is so overwhelming as to be almost proof.)

DromedaryHump said...

Ah....but the theistically infirm have an apologetics for when life on another planet IS discovered.
Their retort is: "God doesn't necessarily reveal everything to Man. Those creations are but one more proof of God's creative power."

Yeah, its stupid, weak, laughably transparent. But hey, thats what they do best. That's theism for ya.

Anonymous said...

wow, what a waste of cyberspace this dump is...I have something for your forehead..."L"

DromedaryHump said...

hey..thanks for the great feedback!

Whenever an anonomous donor leaves an angry and meaningless comment devoid of thought it confirms he's a theist, and reassures me i'm doing the Lard's work.


DromedaryHump said...

Oh..and Anon aka "Mark" ... Try and grow a pair, have some courage of your convictions and use your real name next time.

Heck, even jesus had some balls. Or so they would have you believe.

Anonymous said...

The Drake equation (propsed by Dr Frank Drake in 1961) attempts to estimate how many tool using communicative civilizations exists - Depending on your estimates, there are just one (us) to tens of thousands of intelligence civilizations in our galaxy (just keep in mind that our galaxy contains between 200 to 400 billion stars and is at least 13.6 billion years old. So spreading the results accross the age and number of stars makes a VERY sparse distribution - Star Trek is sooo very wrong). Since 1961, a lot of biology, physics and cosmology need to be taken into account and modified equations are given. For a detailed explanation\specualtion, see

OK so much for science's take (basically - "I don't know". Now how about the Christian (and Jewish) version (creationists or liberal)? Here are two reasons (among others) I reject BOTH religious views based on Genesis:

1) The Genesis writer(s) didn't understand the nature of darkness. They said God created light (somehow before the sun and stars were made) and then "divided the light from the darkness" (1:3-4). Light, however, is not something that can be separated from darkness. Light is an electromagnetic radiation from an energy source like the sun or stars, and darkness is merely the absence of light. Without light, there will automatically be darkness. No god is needed to separate or divide light from darkness. We know that today; the prescientific Genesis writer(s) didn't.

If God had inspired (aka liberal view) these texts, although it could not have inspired a technical liturgy because the words did not yet exist, God surely would have dictated or inspired text that wasn't out and out erroneous .

2) The seventh day of REST is a confirmation of the mythical assumptions of those who wrote the genesis account. God is suppose to be omnipotent and omniscient. Yet, God took the seventh day resting as well as figuring out if its creation was good? It violates the very definition that an omnipotent (all-powerful) being ever needs to rest. It is also untrue that an omniscient (all-knowing) being ever needs to wonder, ponder or think: by definition such a being simply knows instantly. So, we immediately arrive at the conclusion that the seventh day is allegorical, symbolic and mythical: The reasons stated in the Genesis account are not direct recordings of real events, but stories and reworking of older (probably) Hindu myths.

For the liberal interpetation of the seventh day of REST is that God wanted the seventh day to be holy; therefore God rested on it. HOWEVER - God must by definition be the absolute truth, so it would not be necessary for God to rest in order to make the seventh day holy. To make the seventh day holy God could have inspired Moses to preach "Take the last day of seven days (aka Saturday) to rest" rather than using a illogical seventh day of rest as told by Genesis. As a omniscient being, God cannot be illogical; therefore the Genesis seven day or indeterminate "period" creation story is false.

- Fastthumbs

DromedaryHump said...

Fast said:
"... therefore the Genesis seven day or indeterminate "period" creation story is false."

Well, I'm convinced. Now we just gotta 'splain it to the 5+ billion


Anonymous said...

repent devils hell is coming to claim ye. learn the hard way about hell and heaven if dont...woe unto ye whom mocks...