Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Danes MUST “Believe”… Oprah Demands It!

I caught a glimpse of Oprah’s show the other evening while waiting for the early news to come on. Let me be clear: I never watch Oprah or her spawn Dr. Phil. I’ll leave it at that, lest I inadvertently insult some of my beloved readers.

It seems Oprah was in Denmark for reasons I didn’t catch. The first thing I heard was her observation that practically everyone on the street was blond. Blond!?!? In Denmark?!?!? Sheesh … imagine that. [Aside: imagine going to Botswana and commenting on how there were an abundance of people with black hair.]

As she chatted with two tall, 30ish+, attractive and definitely blond women who seemed to be her unofficial tour guides, the subject turned to religion. The conversation went something like this [paraphrasing]:

Oprah: “What about religion? Are you religious, do you attend church?”
Blond A: “No, I am not religious. The churches around here are usually empty.”
Blond B: “I do not believe in God. Many here are non-believers.”
Oprah: “Well, maybe you believe in God but just don’t realize it?”
Blonds A&B: [Blank stare; awkward hesitation]
Blond A: [Feeling the need to throw Oprah a bone and trying not to cause her unnecessary embarrassment] “Maybe there is a higher power of some kind, who is to know.”

Oprah: “Maybe you are not religious but just spiritual?”
Blonds A&B: [ Blank Stare]
Blond B: “Maybe.”

Oprah: [Nods approvingly]

“Spiritual !?” Oh shit!

Mrs. Hump and I looked at each other with incredulity at this peculiar line of questioning. What exactly was that all about? Why was Oprah so insistent that two Danes (who openly reject religious superstition, as do the majority of the European Union most notably Denmark which is among the least religious countries on the planet) … must believe or may believe in God but are evidently too damn stupid to realize it?

Why was this so important to her that she twice attempted to eke out some confirmation of belief; contrive a convoluted connection to, or validation of, her own enslavement to superstition? I found this bizarre and yet so typical of the pomposity of Americans of faith. I’m sure the blond Danes found it quite strange. I just wish it had been me she was sermonizing to about believing: "No , you ignorant half-witted theist refugee from reality --- what part of 'I'm an ATHEIST' don't you understand!?"

It seems American Christians just can’t come to terms with the fact that the strangle hold that religion held on Europe for a thousand years has been broken. They don’t want to acknowledge it. Perhaps it’s because that reality looms like a specter of the inevitable they’d prefer not acknowledge. Perhaps it’s because delusion loves company.


HoleyHands said...

Video ..........Here

Dromedary Hump said...

YIkes, HH !!

Leave it to you to find a video of EXACTLY what I was talking about.

I did pretty well from memory,for an old guy.

NewEnglandBob said...

Oprah is not a very intelligent woman. She supports a lot of crazy stuff. This includes support for anti-vaccine knuckleheads, new-age spiritual garbage as well as other stupid fads.

Winfrey is very closed minded about religion. It may be because she might have a limited education.

Dr. Phil is nothing but a quack and a huckster.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch Oprah or Dr Phil. They're silly twits.

Unfortunately they're got millions of fans who are of the demographics that would buy the post rapture pet service insurance if either\both twits approved of it.

- Fastthumbs

Ludophile said...

Eke, not eek.

zarton said...

This one really makes me laugh as I can remember a time when I was recovering from Christianity when I described myself as spiritual, but not religious. I had the same stupid stance that Oprah apparently has. Wow, how stupid I feel now!
I can't say that I watch Oprah, I have seen a few Dr. Phil Episodes, (of which I have not been overly impressed) or do I watch any afternoon talk show.
I do however understand the powerful delusion that Oprah seems to suffer from. I myself suffered from the same mind virus that she seems to suffer from. I can only say that she would be a powerful spokesperson for reality... if only she had some.

anyway, I'm back

Dromedary Hump said...

I guess we all pretty much agree on Oprah's mental weakness.

Zar.welcome back

Lud.. damnit!! Thanks! Thank DOG my book had a genuine editor!!!

Rachelle said...

LOL! I watch 'Oprah' on occasion...and when I saw that episode, I groaned and said "How stupid" when she made that remark to the woman from Denmark. LOL! How dare an atheist be happy! How dare a very non-religious country be more pleasant to live in than the overly religious U.S.! LOL! Oprah couldn't wrap her head around it...but I blame her upbringing in part. Many black people are thrown into the church at an early age and never question their beliefs. Goes back to slavery...something the Bible said about a slave not rising up against his master. LOL! I still love the good things she does (esp. for children)...but Oprah is an idiot. LOL!

Tidalgrrl said...

This is so unbelievably stupid!

"...but if you don't BELIEVE yet you're still a happy and productive citizen, where does my argument go...?"

I used to love Oprah. I also used to be a Christianist with magic underwear. People can wake up, and I hope Oprah does it some day.

Rachelle said...

I hate how she credits "God" for her accomplishments when she's the one who actually did everything. I'd like to see someone achieve something by doing nothing save for praying.

On one episode of 'Oprah' she talked with a man who survived a plane crash. He was either the sole survivor or one of few. She asked the man if he felt his life was spared by something divine. The man looked at her and said "Nope." LOL! He said other things which led me to assume he was a non-believer...but he didn't say that outright. Oprah never pressed him further on the issue. He was of course only one survivor. Many other people...probably believers among them...died.