Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Religion in the News: It's been a busy fortnight for the righteous

I don’t usually blog about the continuous flow of reports about pastors, priests, youth ministers, and their followers' predilection for criminality, perversion etc. Oh, I may reference it to make a point, or underscore a contention within a blog, but I don’t commonly just report on them; it’s too frequent and too widely reported in the media and on blogs.

But it’s hard to ignore the contribution theists have made to current events over the past 14 days. Top news stories included:

Yes, it’s been a busy two weeks for religionists here in America. One wonders where they find the time to pray, eat man-god flesh wafers and deny Evolution. If we looked world wide at the list of crimes, hypocrisy, perversity, and despicable hatred promulgated by the god fearing devout of all religions with god’s blessing, they would likely fill a dozen pages.

And what do the religionists say about their believer brethren who make the headlines? “Oh, they aren’t True Christians”; “Oh, he wasn’t practicing True Islam.”
As usual, it’s simple denial of reality; that's what they do best.

But, to be fair, and in full disclosure -- here is a list of crimes, hate, hypocrisy and perversion promulgated by those unethical, amoral godless American atheists, agnostics, and freethinkers and their disgusting foundations and organizations over the past two weeks:


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Delphyne said...

I love your atheist, agnostic and free think list! That list says it all.

Rachelle said...

It's unreal the amount of sh-t these religious nuts do and oft times get away with.

If i were a man who was a child rapist...I'd join the Catholic church or some extreme Islamic group...I could get away with raping and abusing children and never see the inside of a prison cell...As a Catholic I'd have the pope on my side with hush money...call it sex scandal insurance if you please....And if I lived in Saudi Arabia I could marry an 8 year old without anyone batting an eyelash at me.

These other religious nuts are going about it the hard way.

Personally I wish they would all drop dead. Eternal bliss is my birthright.

NewEnglandBob said...

These theists have been doing this for thousands of years. It is just being reported more lately and it is harder for these religious nut jobs to hide.

As Christopher Hitchens says:

Religion Poisons Everything.

Randall "Doc" Fleck said...

I must confess, Fred. Last weekend I forgot to cover a sneeze.

Sorry... There goes our clean record.

zarton said...

Also NEBob,

As Christopher Hitchens says:
"with god anything is permissible"
Of course we could go on and on quoting him... not a bad idea.


BathTub said...

Damn I thought you said Tony Miano there and got a little excited.

Joyce said...

Rachelle, you wish all of us to drop dead? That's pretty harsh, isn't it?

John_poson26 said...

About two weeks ago, while in the checkout line at Safeway. I started fantasizing about grabbing the neck of this cross-wearing christian, who was telling another christian, how jesus had cured his sisters cancer, after had been in the hospital receiving treatments; and throttling the life out of this deluded loud-mouth christian moron!

Oh what a “sin;” maybe the xtains are right; maybe we’re all just heathens!

Joyce said...

See? I don't get that. If they were both believers and having a conversation by themselves, not trying to 'convert' you or make you believe what they do, why would you want to grab that person's throat? They weren't doing you any harm. That just makes no sense to me.

Dromedary Hump said...


I'm sure Rachelle was referring to the nuts who use religion as an means to a nefarious end, or who justify their acts through religion, not every believer. We don't always make the distinction clear...but it's understood.

John's experience is not unique among free thinkers. And he would never act on that impluse. What he is expressing is frustration and incredulity with the extreme absence of reason and complete emmersion into supernaturalism.

When religionists choose to ignore the fact that if god had cured the relative then they wouldn't have needed medical sciences treatments. That they ignore entirely the impact of medical science and credit it to supernatural forces is beyond delusion...it's idiocy.

Is it their right to be so stunted in their lack of thought? Absolutly.

But we find that hypocritical, inexcusably moronic, thus enormously frustrating. It stirs up a primal urge to just want to shake them and say:
"Snap out of it you idiot. God/s had nothing to do with it! Aunt Jane would be rotting in her grave if not for medical science! and you KNOW that because her insurance company paid $250,000 to save her ass!!!"

Rachelle said...

Sorry Joyce. :)...I should have been more specific...NO I do NOT wish all religious persons to drop dead. I actually have religious friends and family members who mean a lot to me. :)

I was referring specifically to the religious nuts who "prey" on children...To me that is the worst of all their other offenses. I actually feel that way about child rapists in general...They don't change and they're a waste of space.

Sorry for the confusion...I don't wanna taint Hump's wonderful blog. LOL!

Joyce said...

Gotcha, Rachelle. I know that it's sometimes difficult to get a point across when it's through the typed word only. No worries. Nice to meet you. I've enjoyed reading your comments and I'm glad you're here. :)

Dromedary Hump said...

Hey...who says we aren't ecumenical here?

[Hump breaks into a chorus of Kumbaya]