Thursday, November 4, 2010

Catholic hierarchy in quandary over US Catholic attrition: Maybe they should ask an atheist

The National Catholic Reporter reports that “… Catholicism is experiencing the largest loss of faithful of any religious denomination in America.”

The reasons for this decline seems to elude the Catholic hierarchy. Could that be the same hierarchy that still believes in demonic possession? Go, figure.

While the Catholic leadership seem to be bamboozled by this and spend their time gnashing their teeth and wringing their hands over the exodus of the faithful; as an atheist I am able to better see the forest fore the trees. Why are they losing membership in America in spite of the influx of Hispanic immigrants who are overwhelmingly Catholic? Let me count the ways:

1. The Church's inane position on contraception: The pope’s claim that condoms contribute to AIDS is proof of blatant denial of reality and scientific truth. Meanwhile uncontrolled birth rates in 3rd world countries are sucking their resources dry, a recipe for global disaster. In thirty years the population of the planet is expected to double. Where will the already scare water necessary for this population explosion's existence come from? Continuing this absurd stance is tantamount to endorsing environmental and social disaster and the wholesale spread of famine and disease.

2. This bizarre fixation with genitalia: Whose penis is going into whom? What rights do women have over their own uterus? The condemnation of masturbation. The insistence on celibacy for priests. Declaring homosexuality to be a crime against god and an individual choice. It’s time to acknowledge that sex is part of life, part of the natural world, and not subject to supernaturalist control or dictates by men who use their penis only for urination … or are suppose to.

3. Institutionalized Hypocrisy: Not a single Nazi was ever excommunicated, yet the church excommunicate’s nuns who support women in the priesthood, or who report priestly misconduct; they threaten excommunication for politicians who support a woman’s right to choose. Is this “God’s justice”? It certainly isn’t Man’s.

Clergy wearing gold threaded dresses trimmed in ermine, and jewel encrusted hats that look like a psychotic went wild with a Bedazzler; gold chalices and solid gold crosses; all while people shell out money to the church they can ill afford to give up. Christ would be spinning in his grave over such finery if he ever existed, for is it not written that he said to his apostles when he sent them out to preach the Word: "Take nothing for your journey, no staff, nor bag, nor bread, nor money—not even an extra tunic. (Luke 9:3). What’s wrong with this picture could be discerned by a reasonably astute twelve year old.
Meanwhile, as I write this, the Vatican’s bank is being investigated by Italian courts for money laundering. Already, the authorities have seized $30 million of the Vatican bank’s funds.

4. Enabling of Molesting priests: Cover-ups; insufficient action against those who perpetrated it or enabled it. Not a single excommunication for sexual misconduct or Church subterfuge to date. Not one powerful action that would purge those suspected of being perverts, or prevents the ordination of them. Again, as I write this, 10,000 pages of previously secret documents have been discovered that prove the Diocese of San Diego, California intentionally covered up known molestations by priests, and transferred them to other Diocese.

5. Superstitious nonsense: The gross foolishness of transubstantiation; of exorcism; of demonic possession; of bleeding statues and supernaturally empowered relics and bones; of miracles old and new. Only the weakest minds, the hardcore unquestioning, the core of the Church’s mostly aged faithful, still buy it. Educated youth are abandoning these absurdities in droves.

6. The Politicizing and foolishness of "sainthood”: Silly and archaic, it borders on polytheism. Mother Teresa endorsed pain as a glory to god and withheld pain meds from the dying. Is that the behavior of a saint? By whose definition of morality? A patient prays to an obscure dead nun, experiences cancer remission (while on chemo therapy and radiation) and suddenly the dead nun is working miracles and ready to be given goddess like status? Please. It's the 21st century. Only the feeble can still possibly believe this clap trap. Is it any wonder why the average age of the dedicated Catholic non-Hispanic church-goer is 50 years old?*

In short, the primitive dogma of Catholicism has become obsolete in the 20th/21st centuries. It’s time the Church adapt to the scientific age, come to reason. Time to drop the spooky nuttiness. Time to abandon the madness of dictating human’s sexual and reproductive behavior. Time to adjust their focus to more relevant issues of the era, and in meaningful ways, that directly enhance the lives of people in the real world. Catholic hierarchy you’ve been placed on notice; your parishioners are steadily moving toward reality, your best efforts to stem that tide not withstanding.

Of course, all this is wasted on those who have made careers as professional purveyors of superstion and as go betweens to a make believe spirit and the religiously infected. But who cares? Whether they adapt to a more reasoned modernist approach to morality and the real issues of life and human well being, or choose to remain mired in ancient ignorance and irrelevance -- it’s all good. After all, their losses are our gain.



NewEnglandBob said...

Thanks Hump for telling it like it is, all in one place. You honed in on the RCC's stupidity

Dromedary Hump said...

TY, Bob.

Hirondel said...

Maybe this startling new revelation will help explain why Catholics are having second thoughts.…


Jeff Sherry said...

Hump, I would wonder if The present Pope has contributed by being non-charismatic and also being a conservative by slowly eroding the Vatican II principles?

helga said...

ooh thank you Hump! the rcc - my pet peeve!
Leaving the rcc is the only sensible action of an intelligent person...unless of course, you happen to be a priest, bishop etc. Then it's a VERY good place to be - lots of innocent kids at your disposal, unconditional support from the church (whatever sins you commit), lots of sanctimonious preaching to undeveloped nations about sex, condoms and AIDS, as well as lots of gowns to wear. And then you get to be a saint!!! Coool...

Sinfanti said...

I grew up Catholic, attending Catholic schools until I went away to college, and I completely agree with your assessment. It's a nice summary of the church's many failings.

Anonymous said...

You covered all the bases on this one. Honestly, with everything going on in the catholic church today, I would be embarrassed to be a catholic.
Catholic churches are closing faster than mom & pop video stores.
In a town where I lived recently, there were two giant churches on the SAME property. One of them now lies empty, dark and cold (much like the pope's heart and brain) because they "consolidated".

And there's also a shortage of new priests? Shocking. Think of the stigma and embarassment of wearing the "collar" in public. It's like a scarlet shouts out: "I could be a pedophile."

While the vatican elite (wrinkled old perverts) sit on jewel-encrusted toilet seats and wipe their asses with imported silk and pleasure themselves with solid gold dildos, catholic churches around the globe can't even pay their electric bills and beg the poor faithful for every last dime.

Here's pope RAT-zinger incredulously denouncing riches while he wears the hat pictured in your post: “OPULENCE and waste are no longer acceptable when the tragedy of hunger is assuming ever greater proportions.”

An athiest can take comfort in the fact that once the last few old ladies die out, there'll be nobody left in the pews.

EarlyOut said...

There's a fundamental flaw in your prescription for the Church:

"It’s time [for] the Church ... [to]...come to reason."

"The Church" and "reason" are mutually exclusive. If ANY church came to reason, it would self-destruct.

Dromedary Hump said...

Seems i'm not the only proponent of exposing the Catholic church for it's myriad trespasses and useless existence.

Hirondel..LOL.. gtreat artilce on gay angels. The one about getting the pope to look less evil is equally enjoyable :)

Jeff... yes, looking like the evil emperor from star wars, saying inane things that outrage Muslims, and thinking people, and pushing the church even deeper into conservativism in a time when science and more liberal religious attitudes prevail, isn't exactly a stroke of papal genius.'re welcome. I loom forward to the day that the career of bishop and cardinel is as obsolete as a the village horsewhip maker.


girstle... yes, the echo of the emptiness of each church and cathedral as they shutter the windows; the wailing of old women at the shuttering of their sactuaries of ignorance; and the "hell no we won't go" of one time priestly applicants unwilling to supress their sexuality and masturbate in secret for the rest of their lives is all music to my ears. deed. We can dream can't we ;)

Anonymous said...

the penis of god is impregnating mother earth. thats why god is claimed to be a man. christ means something close to the sperm of god.