Friday, June 10, 2011

“What’s ruining this country is....!!” The Xtians ‘splain it all to us.

Warning: I'm going to go on a rant here.

I read an article headline where some Christian group has declared that homosexuality and abortion is what brought on the financial crisis. I thought it was from the Onion, thus satire. It wasn’t. I didn’t get past the headline.

Last week a Xtian woman told me that pornography is destroying the country. So she signed a petition by some sexually obsessed/repressed Xtians to stop NBC from airing a TV series about the 1950’s Playboy club. The costumes on Dancing with the Nobodies will be racier than the Playboy outfits.

Although I have been chastised for labeling some Christians imbeciles, stupid, and unthinking, I will now add to that utterly clueless and fucked-up. That makes it five defaming labels... they win the quinella and deservedly so.

What’s ruining this country isn’t gays who simply want to be happy and treated equally, or women who insist on retaining the right to control their reproductive system, or guys flogging the bishop while looking at porn (much less looking at women in one piece bathing suits with cotton bunny tails). Nope. None of that has one damn thing to do with any of the perceived ills of this country.

What’s ruining this country are the school boards who want kids to be taught that Gawd created all life, and evolution is a fraud...setting back the teaching of science by 100 years.

What’s ruining this country is the admiration and glorification of buffoons, political hacks, and uneducated “celebrities” who believe Paul Revere’s midnight ride was to “...warn the British that they weren’t going to take the colonist’s guns.” [Palin]. Or that The Shot Heard Round the World which started the Revolutionary War at Lexington & Concord Massachusetts, was in New Hampshire [Bachmann]. Or that the president “probably doesn’t” have a US birth certificate [Trump].

What’s ruining this country is distortion of history, no... lets call it what it is... the bald face lies about our nation’s history in order to support a religious agenda. I.e. The Ten Commandments is the foundation for American law; our Founding Fathers were all Christians who wanted a Christian Nation; Thomas Jefferson didn’t mean separation of church and state when he wrote the Virginia Constitution’s prohibition of sectarian intrusion by government and used the term "Wall of Separation.".

What’s ruining this country is the bizarre insistence that patriotism cannot exist without religious delusion.

What’s ruining this country is the ignoring of the law by school officials who promote and encourage prayer at school sponsored programs, in direct violation of the Supreme Court.

What’s ruining this country is the hope of those same religious fanatics and haters that our economy doesn’t recover under Obama; that unemployment remains high, the stock market falls, and the recession continues to cause pain and suffering for millions - the better to improve their chances of getting a Republican in the White House in 2012.

What’s ruining this country are people who have surrendered personal responsibility for raising their children by seeking to ban a TV show instead of banning their children from watching it. Or who surrender their self determination to an unseen non-existent God, and pray to it to make everything good. Or who surrender some of their freedoms to gain a little safety. Or who expect Government to do for them that which they should do for themselves.

What’s ruining this country are politicians who ask their constituents to pray for rain during draught, pray for the economy to recover, pray to have god bless this nation, and who kowtow to the lunatic religious fringe to whom such things are worthwhile government responses to our ills.
Gays, abortions and porn have existed for millenniums. They aren’t causing the demise of our nation. Credulity, deception, the dumbing down of our education system, and reverence for gross stupidity can claim title to putting us on the road to Third Worldism.

OK, I feel better now.


Anonymous said...

That's a damn fine rant.

Dromedary Hump said...

Thank you.

Harmony Bertrand said...

Yes, you are so right! Yay for your ranting!!!

Sue said...

Bart, I am ever amazed that you can regularly and continually come up with fresh and insightful new rants. But then, you've got plenty of fodder for that probing brain of yours, right? I am reading several chapters of your new book each night, and I have to force myself to sleep rather than read all night long--the better to savor it. And I sleep better.

Dromedary Hump said...

Thanks Harmony, and thank you Sue ;)

Compassionate Heathen said...

Fuckin-A! Preach it brother! :)

Bill Cooney said...

Right on the mark. I'm beginning to think we are already there; we live in a virtual theocracy right now! And Pres Obama is of little help on this issue, what with all his pandering to religious constituents. Where are the enlightened politicians? Do we have any?

Mia said...

Well said, spot on, a coconut for that eloquent young chap :-)

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Hump,
Once again you have done a fine job with this posting.

I would only add the compassionate religious right wing nuts also pray for the DEATH of Gays......because they love...

Steven Utter said...

I loved Sarah Palin's assertion that Paul Revere rode to warn the British. I hope she runs for President. At lease it will be entertaining to see what she says next.

August Berkshire said...

More abortions and gay weddings would have STIMULATED the economy!

rsalmond2006 said...

Hump I can't add much to what you said so eloquently but I would like to make a few comments.

I would like to bring to your attention an article posted at Common by it's editor Abby Zimmet titled "Nobody Much Likes the GOP Candidates, Except God, Sort Of". Zimet writes: "Unremarkably, new poll numbers show that nobody - not even people in their own states - likes the nine possible GOP presidential candidates. Oddly, several say God supports them - meaning even He/She is less than faithful." The link is

Zimet shows a chart from Public Policy Polling that shows the ranking of prospective GOP candidates from best to worse. She provides the following link to an article from New York magazine titled "God Got Caught Backing Multiple GOP Candidates for President." From the article,: "After a thorough investigation, Daily Intel has discovered that God is separately backing at least three different contenders for the Republican presidential nomination. Over the course of the past few months and even years, God has sent signs and direct messages to each of these candidates encouraging them to run, presumably without telling them that he supports other candidates as well."

In the Common Dreams discussion forum on the article I engage a number of individuals who's minds are enslaved by religion and superstition on their absurd beliefs that a world exists outside of reality and the existence of spirit/god. It is nearly impossible to reason with these people. As you have written, their minds are so infected with the God Virus that they are immune to reason.

It is amazing that our country is so rife with religion and superstition that political candidates feel that they have to meet a religious test and thus prostitute themselves to our religious and superstitious populace. The very assertion of a politician seeking the presidency of the United States that he or she was chosen by a non-existent god and communicates with this god should make them unfit to hold any publicly elected office. I thought that we lived in a secular democratic republic founded on the principle of the separation of church and state rather that a theocracy.

The last GOP president George W. Bush communed with God and said that Jesus was his favorite philosopher. He stated he never asked his biologic father the former president George H.W. Bush for advice, because there was a higher father who guided him. That father never told GW that Saddam Hussein had no ties to Al-Queada or the Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction.

Will mankind ever advance to the state that Bertrand Russell predicted where science and reason will lead to the eradication of religion and superstition?

Joyce said...

You said: "What’s ruining this country are people who have surrendered personal responsibility for raising their children by seeking to ban a TV show instead of banning their children from watching it."


I don't totally agree with about prayer as you I am a praying person. But my prayers are personal and between me and God and/or with other believers. God said go to closet and pray or pray with believers and I'll be in the midst. Praying otherwise and especially announcing it proudly is so against anything that I've read about prayer. Hypocrites and hornblowers, proud and righteous idiocy. Ugh.

ubetiam said...

Damn fine rant, indeed, but I'd also add the fact that the country ... indeed, the world ... is being run by psychopaths. Narcissistic ones at that. Check the DSM-V for the definitions and you'll see that it's spot on.

ubetiam said...

Damn fine rant, indeed, but I'd add that the country ... indeed, the world ... is being run by narcissistic psychopaths. Check the DSM-V and you'll see it's spot on.

Reverend RobDiesel said...

You know, Hump, that if you keep your emotions and feelings bottled up and don't say what you REALLY feel, you're going to get an ulcer.

I just commented elsewhere that I think religious adherence should exclude one from public office.

I vote for you to represent me and my people, not some invisible man that YOU hold higher than those who made you incumbent.
BY the people, FOR the people, right?

griloco said...

And LORD JESUS Christ, King of Heaven, Viscount of Earth, Duke of Earl, with His mighty great voice,

Oh, a Hump rant. I'm so scared, my sandals are shaking. Ooooo... look an old wound opened. Oh, no, what'll I do now?

Don't be fooled, Blasphemer, Whore of Babylon! When I'm done shaking the ants off my sandals, I have seven Bowls (NIV) of Anger to pour on you.
Sores and blood and demons and beasts will plague you!

Keep My TruthWord out of the AMERICA that I Bless so often. HA! Not gonna happen. For I have an eight bowl-- full of Humpoallergenic pillows. The WordTruth will encircle young minds while HumpRant dies like a fig on the vine.

Not so brave now, are you? What's that I see? Why, your hooves are shaking.

CYA later (and I will)

Joyce said...


Please don't embarrass me by claiming to call yourself a Christian. The people I know (and myself) don't go around making threats in God's name. Do you seriously think if Jesus was here that He would talk to Drom and his friends here like that? Highly unlikely. Please don't align yourself with the title of Christian and your haughty pride. Remember the meek shall inherit the earth? Remember love your neighbor? How about love your enemies? The Good Samaritan? Any of that ringing a bell? You want to pray for them? Fine. Go into your closet privately and do that. But don't embarrass Christfollowers like me and if you truly believe you are a Christian, quit being so prideful and judgeful. It's shameful and embarrassing that others think that all of us who are believers act like you. They will know we are Christians by our love. Read your Bible a little more closely. Backspace and delete are wonderful little tools. You might want to try using them once in a while.

Dromedary Hump said...

Joyce..."Griloco" is that nutty Dennis Markuze from Quebec. Evidently his mom let him have his computer back.

I allowed it to be posted because he does in fact represent the craziest Christian stereotype, and it stands by itself for the madness that hyper-religiosity exemplifies. was funny.

JML said...

I feel sympathetic to this. I live in the Philippines, and I don't know whether to laugh, or cry when people make up illogical reasons for why they do things. That's one thing I don't like about religion. It makes people stupider. Even if you ARE a well-educated individual, as soon as you start believing in some God-construct, you can't be reasoned with. And seriously, how you fight belief with rational thinking. Given, humans aren't rational, but seriously, religion is like an excuse to take human predisposition for irrationality to new heights. And living in the Philippines, I face it everyday. Even our politicians get into the act. We're just trying to pass a divorce bill here, currently, and it's the new hot topic. All the bishops are on the pundit, telling their parishioners to go fight it. But what I find hilarious, is that one of our congressmen said, on LIVE NATIONAL TELEVISION, that he is not in favor of the divorce bill because it is against the CHRISTIAN EFFIN TEACHINGS OF THE CHURCH.

Ah, sorry. Even I'm ranting now. It's infectious. I have to say, your blog is a relief. Makes me feel good that I'm not the only one feeling this way.

verukka said...

Well said Bart!
When a possible Presidential candidate looks wide-eyed into the camera and spouts off oh so wrongly about US History, and refuses to back down and say she effed up, when folks are so riled up about the lack of enforced prayer in school, and say nothing about the loss of exercise time and the absence of fresh produce in their grossly overweight children's school days; I kind of stop looking at what is ruining this country. I CAN see what is right in front of my face. I will not blame it on homosexuals, masturbation, pornography, or a television show that I can choose not to watch. I won't blame it solely on the fundamental christians either, just the stupid ones. Thanks for making me think during my summer vacay. :-)

Oh: True Christians may want to do a little more reading of their book- Jesus was a pretty cool dude who had a bunch of loser friends that no one else liked, and he sought out the worst people in every town to hang out with- like the homosexuals, prostitutes, and pornographers.

GatorApe said...


You've done it again -- another epic rant that is dead on. Indeed, it was "epic" enough to pass along to my friends and family -- and now I am (gladly!) dealing with the fallout.

Great job!

griloco said...

Hump, Not a comment/post, more fyi. I am not Dennis Markuze. From what I can gather about him he is a theist, probably Christian. I am neither.

My latest comment was meant to respond to Joyce's posting. I absolutely agree with her that her Jesus of Love (not Jesus, Duke of Earl) wouldn't threaten you. But in the very same book where she gets JOL is Revelations which threatens all sorts of hideous punishments.

I didn't want to get into an argument with her about reading "your Bible a little more closely" so I attacked the Hump with Joe Pesci's Goodfellas non-biblical rant followed by Revelations. Sort of an indirect way to wake Joyce up (got called away, more to follow)

longhorn believer said...

Homosexuals are not the worst people in town. Just sayin