Saturday, July 23, 2011

Your Mom was Mistaken - Rape and Pedophilia are Next to Godliness

I was reading Mojoey’s latest report on a convicted clergy pedophile on his Deep Thoughts blog The convicted rapist minister of an 11 year old girl looks forward to continue to do god’s work when he gets out in eighteen years. Yes, he said “continue.” Mojoey was repelled by the deviate’s apparent cognitive dissonance. But while it sounds bizarre, a case of denial and delusion, the pastor’s comment actually makes perfect sense.

Your mom probably told you that cleanliness is next to godliness. Well, she was partially right. There are all kinds of laws in the Bible that mandated sanitary practices, not the least of which is where exactly to take a dump during wartime - albeit, your mom likely was totally unaware of that little detail [Deut. 23:12].

God sets the example for what “godliness” is, hence the term. How can one strive to be as God to any greater degree than emulating God’s example, applying God’s lessons in life? Taking a dump outside of the camp, not having sex with unclean (menstruating) women; sending a soldier outside of camp for having a wet dream are just the tip of the divine iceberg.

God encouraged child rape (Numbers 31; Deut 20). Among the 613 laws in the Old Testament not one prohibits pedophilia.

God punishes rape of an unattached young [Hebrew] woman with a $50 payment to her dad, and requiring the victim to marry her rapist (Deut 22). Jewish movie starlets, beauty queens and super models would have been in big demand back then, and constantly in hiding.

God gives instructions on how to rape your [non-Hebrew] enemy’s women (Judges 21).

There’s more. But the point is their God is one horny old bastard who encourages pedophilia, and doesn’t go out of his way to discourage rape ... openly endorsing it in many cases. How could a man of the cloth be expected to ignore God’s word? Does not God’s laws and example transcend earthly secular laws? Did Jesus/the New Testament have anything to say about ignoring his/his dad’s long standing example as the supreme cocksman? Nope.

Not only should the convicted pastor not be condemned by Christians, he should be considered among the blessed, a true follower of God’s divine word, a living example of the Holy Bible’s sacred practices. So too the thousands of priests, bishops, pastor, youth ministers who similarly are doing god’s work to children all over the planet.

His will be done.


NewEnglandBob said...

There is progress, anyway. Until recently, the pastor would not have been convicted or even brought up on charges.

Anonymous said...

The bible is full of stories and god-given commands of rape and murder. It's because the bible was written by men. Every word came from the minds of men.

They used "god told me to do it" as justification for raping and pillaging. Right-wing conservative politicians are still using god to justify many of their actions, as Bush did when he invaded Iraq. Michelle Bachman recently stated that god instructed her to run for president. (Another travesty)
I think she probably receives messages from god during her migraines.
Well, at least her church thinks the pope is the antichrist...

Fifthgen said...

My pappy told me when I was growin' up that the bible is simply a book written by men over several hundred years where they were all trying to figure out who they were and how they got here (on earth!). Particularly significant when gazing up into the starlit skies and seeing the incredible depths of our galaxy, universe. Heck, I am fortunate enough to live where there's minimal light pollution and there's nothing better than goonin' at the stars on a clear moonless night. I think it's pretty damn egotistical to think we are the only ones out here in this big old universe; odds are, that we ain't alone...and I'm not talking about a white-bearded old guy sitting on a throne somewhere.

My pappy also told me that if you realize there's a typo right at the beginning of the bible, then the rest makes since: it should the beginning MAN created GOD...

Atemis Ward said...

Fifthgen, I loved this quote from your pappy: "My pappy also told me that if you realize there's a typo right at the beginning of the bible, then the rest makes sense [I corrected the spelling of since here, an easy oversight]: it should the beginning MAN created GOD..." A single piece of paper or a card to put in the front of all the hotel/motel Bibles with that quote would be a wonderful thing to do. I might get a few printed out for my next trip.

Thanks, and great post Hump! I always marvel at what people must be thinking when they read about this genocidally vicious monster they worship. I don't believe they read it, or they simply can't be thinking when they do.

Fifthgen said...

Thanks for MY typo correction Atemis Ward...see how easy it is to be HUMAN!

Fantabulum said...

Fifthgen, here's one more that'll be found quoting your pappy.

Hump, those are some interesting scriptures you dug up there; I love reading the craziest of 'em. I am still confused though, where do I go during peacetime; _On_ Deut. 23:12 perhaps?

Kristin said...

That light switch cover is hilarious!! Sorry, I don't have something deeper to contribute. :-p