Saturday, November 26, 2011

Credited with dissing and destroying the Bible, Hump basks in the after glow.

Agitated by a news service blog’s mirthful reference to the KJV’s olde English suffix “th” (e.g. “beholdeth”) which religionists mistake for actual middle eastern ancient Biblical language, a fanatic bible worshipper insisted that the blog authors: ”Please be more respectful of holy things.”

That provoked me. I set out to educate him:

Since when is the antiquity of an inanimate object worthy of universal respect owing to its age or presumed “holiness” by its adherent? It is due respect only from those who foolishly imbue it with supernatural qualities, like an animist fetish, or voodoo doll.

The KJV or any other version of a book of fables, misogyny, societal mind control, and childlike hocus pocus which glorifies genocide, suborns slavery and infanticide, and is used to justify - with divine authority - intolerance, subjugation, and rejection of reality is due as much respect as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Screw that, and screw it.

And that would have been that until this reply:

“... you have disrespected hundreds of millions of follower’s belief in the Holy Scripture’s truthfulness ... Consider that you might be endangering the value of those who place value an inanimate object, such as a book or a picture, because you do not value it and say so in such a derogatory and vicious manner and therefore may become as that which you describe.”

Perhaps I was not clear enough.

Your book of fables is due all the respect as is Grimm's Fairy Tales. Now, if I had a first edition Grimm's I would certainly treat it with respect if only for its history, rarity and value.

However, whether first edition or reprint, I would hold its stories of witches, terror, cannibalism, murder in exactly the same reverence as I would your preferred book of fables ... which is to say none.

That this insults 100's of millions of believers (in either the scripture, or Grimm's Fairy tales) is of zero concern to me. That a billion Muslims are insulted and driven to rage by my depictions of Muhammad, and that I credit the Koran with spewing the same degree inhumane, repressive and intolerant lies and trash as I do the bible similarly leaves me nonplussed.

If Hindu devotees are repelled by my depiction of Ganesh eating peanuts; or Mormons don't like my calling their prophet a charlatan, and their book bad sci-fi worthy of derision; or that I mock Neo-Druids, Wiccans, Scientologists, or Cargo Cultists for their equally inane beliefs and rituals, all means exactly the same to me - Nothing.

Christianity, its doctrine and its handbook carries no more weight, validity, gravitas nor warrants any more respect than any other man-made/ self induced delusion or societal control mechanism. That your fellow deluded adherents are troubled by that is fine with me. So, now what? Inquisition? Jihad? Holy war? Fatwa? Crusade? Perhaps a more passive aggressive route ... you'll pray for me?

Finally, I do not endorse book burning. Book burning is largely the provenance of Christians. More books have been burned by Xtians through history and to current time than by all other belief systems, governments, or movements. But If my mocking your scripture, demystifying it, rejecting it for the dangerous and harmful thing it is to humanity is endangering its continuity...well then... I shall redouble my efforts. While I appreciate the credit, and do wish it were so, I am hardly worthy of such an accolade.

But I’ll bask in the glow anyway


Motorhead said...

LMAO! That is the most Hitchens-esque rant written by you I've read. Oh ye destroyer of faithfuls faith, bask your camel heart's cockles off and pass that bowl of Ganesh's peanuts please. They'z tasty!

NewEnglandBob said...

Whether you can or cannot take credit, redoubling of the effort is worth it anyway. Showing their books no respect is itself, even too much respect. Scorn is what they deserve due to the uses these dogmas have caused irreparable harm and deaths over their existence.

tfam said...

Wish I could write like that.
Go Hump!

flyz4free said...

Well spoken as always Mr. Hump. I presume there was another reply to your reply in which this xtian person will directly address none of your points (once again) but will again draw your ire by side stepping and ad hominem attacks. I think this post deserves a Part II!

Anonymous said...

What! They haven't threatened you with hell fire yet? Loved this article Bart. It warms the cockles of my heart. If only we could finally rid the world of fear, superstition and ignorance. Governments won't back us, because they need the ignorant mentality of Christian thinkers to go fight in their holy wars against the infidel in Iraq, Afghanistan, and all the other stans still waiting (Pakistan? etc.). At home we are paying our police forces to protect the rich whilst they are beating the poor. They can always afford wars, yet not health care and education. Wonder where they get these ideas? If they continue insisting on destroying education with their insisting on inserting biblical values and history, then eventually the whole world will overtake the 'civilised' West!

Dromedary Hump said...

Thanks all.
I haven't rec'd a reply as yet. If I do I'll update comments.

David Evans said...

You've done it this time. You have gratuitously annoyed and enraged the Committee for the Defence of Archaic English.

"Beholdth", forsooth? Thou wilt not find that or its like in the KJV, or anywhere else. "Beholdeth" thou mayest find.

Furthermore you meant "e.g." not "i.e".

(I know, that's Latin not English. We multitask.)

Dromedary Hump said...

Ty David...I standeth corrected.

RBH said...

I don't understand why you hold back and don't tell us what you really think about the Bible. :)

longhorn believer said...

Dear deluded xian, you've just been Hump slapped!

RBH said...

A belated addendum: One of my favorite responses to folks who complain that I diss their beliefs is from John Scalzi:

If you want me to treat your ideas with more respect, get some better ideas.

Dromedary Hump said...

RBH: Love it!!