Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On Judging and Christian Love: Reason and Platitudes Collide

A Southern Baptist self proclaimed Christian, Palin supporting, McDonalds employee from Fancy Gap, Virginia ( I am not making any of this up) posted this remarkably annoying comment on a facebook discussion thread:

"If someone who claims to be Christian is judging you for what you have done wrong then they are more religious than Christian. A Christian doesn't judge because they realize they are not perfect either...”

“... being a Christian is believing in Jesus for what he done [sic] for the world and loving every person no matter what they do.” Brad N., 4/3/12

That comment almost drove me to apoplexy. There comes a time when accepting pat platitudes, and then seeing the purveyor of same expose his/her hypocrisy becomes intolerable.

Xtians don't "judge"? My fat camel ass! They judge abortion providers and women who abort a fetus; they judge gays; they judge this to be a "Xtian nation" and all Founding Fathers to be Xtians in spite of all evidence to the contrary. They serve on juries and judge defendants. They judge whether or not a person on a darkened street, or deserted subway car is a threat to them. Many judge Obama to be a Muslim, a Kenyan, a Communist, a fascist, and/or the anti-Christ.

They judge all non-Xtians as deceived or "closed minded" for not buying into their myth. They judge clergy who molest and the hierarchy who cover it up to have been "led astray by Satan" and a rarity.

They judge global warming endorsing scientists to be fakes and evolutionists to be gullible. They judge it better to turn a blind eye to tens of thousands of third world people dying of AIDS rather than to insist their church endorse condoms.

Xtians are all about judgment, and the more Xtian they are the more their judgment is invariably hideous and grotesquely poor.

The whole “Xtians don’t judge” nonsense derives from their misunderstanding of Matthew 7:1 “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Not surprising since most have never read the Bible, or those who have haven’t taken the time to understand it. It has nothing to do with judging peoples acts/actions, it has everything to do with assessing who is and isn’t worthy of “salvation.” Big difference.

So while Good Xtian Brad opined to grace me with his expertise, it is in fact a defunct explanation offered by someone who doesn’t understand his own professed doctrine.

As for loving every person no matter what they do” ... Bull Hockey!

Any Xtian who claims to love / have loved Bin Laden, Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin,
Dr. Joseph Mengele, Mao, Torquemada, Vlad the Impaler, Tim McVeigh, John Wayne Gacy, or anyone one of thousands of despots, murderers, and genocidal fiends though history just because they commit their minds to believing a dead Jew came to life and all the Pauline doctrinal bullshit that accompanies it, is either a liar and mouthing expected doctrine, patently insane, has been lobotomized, is a social deviate, or a damnable moron. The old "I hate the act but love the person" is the most insipid Xtian platitude ever invented right after "its okay little Suzie got decapitated in a car accident; it was part of God's plan."

They may figure they are fooling their God, and thus assuring themselves of a place in heaven, but anyone professing love for a mass murderer is irrational at best, psychotic at worst.

Naturally I explained all this in vivid detail to Brad N. He replied that since he didn’t personally know any of those murderous historical personages he can’t be sure if he “loved them or not.”

The deafening crash he probably heard after he hit the send button on that sentence was brute reality and gross Xtian hypocrisy traveling on the same track in opposite directions at 100 MPH. So much for the non-judgmental, all loving Xtian ethic courtesy of Fancy Gap, VA.


flyz4free said...

And yet he will espouse the same bullshit tomorrow. I know it's imperative not to just let this mindless parroting go unchallenged but do you think these peabrains will give 3 seconds serious consideration to what you say? I fear not, though I will enter a conversation if the fundies are stinking it up too bad. It really is an obligation to counter ignorance with facts the best we can. Good reply by the way...I hope that dipstick showed it to a few of his friends in jebus.

Dromedary Hump said...

flyz4- You're correct of course.

No manner of reason or teaching will influence their non-thought. Typically they dig in their heels and redouble their efforts to fend off reason.

But if I can at least demonstrate his foolish pomposity to the other witnesses to his comment, then perhaps they will be prepared to spread the Word of Reason when similarly assaulted by stupid platitudes.

Chatpilot said...

Hump, all it is is hypocrisy in the name of Jesus. Nothing more and nothing less. Believers want to seem pious and worthy of heaven so they try to put their best foot forward with such empty platitudes. But the truth is that their acts contradict their beliefs at every turn. They say one thing and do another the definition of a hypocrite indeed.

NewEnglandBob said...

Hump, you put a pin in Brad and he is done. One can not make the willfully ignorant learn anything. All one can do at this point is ridicule and laugh.

Trikepilot said...

I would imagine those you argue with on Facebook see you as somewhat of a bully. I see you as a beacon of reason. In fact partly because of your humorous yet educational rants, I am going to wear my "imagine no religion" T-shirt at family reunion this summer among 60 or 70 bible thumpers.

First came friends, then immediate family, then in-laws, and now my Atheist outing will spread to the rest of the clan. I am ready to let them know that the relative they have known for 32 years has been an Atheist all along.

Wish me luck.

Dromedary Hump said...

Best of luck with your coming out.
Just be sure they don't have YOU on the family reunion menu.;)

Joyce said...

Actually, there is one article someone wrote that I keep in my favorites:


Yeah, for those who don't know, I'm a Christfollower. :)

Anonymous said...


Another good send up. Why is being pious and having unevidenced faith so important?

I guess the payoff of being part of the soical club known as "Christianity" outwieghs the social costs of not being in the club in a lot of cases...


Since it's tax time, I've always wondered if atheist should organize into a church to obtain favorable IRS tax treatment by labling ourselves as clergy of a new Christian (or Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, etc.) denomoniation (call it unsupernaturalistic Christians and use the Jefferson Bible as a guide...)

All that would be needed is a small group to create and run a certification board that hands out clergy certification.

I wonder how long the favorable treatment of clergy in general would last if 10-20% of the USA population became members and ministers of unsupernaturalistic Christianity

- fastthumbs

Anonymous said...

One thing I could never get my head around is the christian's belief that if you repent on your death bed, you're good to go, regardless of how you lived your life.

So, you can rape and murder a thousand infants, but as long as you accept Jesus into your heart minutes before you shuffle off to hell, and are "truly serious about it", you're on your way up to high-five the trinity. What a deal.