Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day!!


Helga said...

America, the whole world is watching, and we are with you in your fight to free yourselves from over the top religiosity and fake leaders who claim to be christian, but who have no problems going against the teachings of their christ. They are full of hate and lies and it's tragic that people even consider them as leaders on the world stage. Instead of the world becoming a more open, tolerant place, it is instead filled with bigoted, superstitious types who wish to impose their social and religious views on others. Much as I don't pray, I might relent just this once for the President to win today...the other candidate, sitting with his dead-eyed running mate in the oval office, thinking up ways to thwart women's rights, is too scary to contemplate...Wishing for an Obama victory....he must win!

Dromedary Hump said...

Thanks Helga.
I am starting to have a good feeling about tonight's results. We should know in the next 4 hours.