Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Some Holiday and New Years Wishes from the Camel

Whether you are observing Sol Invictus; the birth of the gods Tammuz or Mithras; Saturnalia; the winter solstice; Yule tree worship; a purely secular Xmas, or (dog forbid) a tradition Xmas, I trust all of my readers are having an enjoyable time with friends and family. Nothing brings us together, or says remembrance of mythical man-god made up birthdates or the celebration of natural cosmological events, like December 25.

As we approach the end of 2012 I have a few wishes for the New Year:

- Health, happiness and prosperity for us all.

- A healthy and happy new baby for my eldest and his wife next April, my first grandchild.

- A wonderful new life together for my youngest son and his new bride.

- An accelerated withdrawal from Afghanistan.

- Another year of erosion of religion here and abroad

- A year with fewer declarations of divinely inspired and supported hatred and inane madness from religious shaman and their mindless followers

- Less child abuse cases, murders and destruction in the name of their nonexistent god.

- More exposure and prosecutions of clergy and church hierarchy misdeeds.

- More legal victories by the Freedom from Religion Foundation, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State and other Freethinker orgs against religionists who spit on the Constitution and equate godliness to patriotism.

- More activism and visibility by secularists around the nation and the world to inspire closeted freethinkers to come out and speak up.

- The televised celebrations of Fred Phelps, Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, and Terry Jones funerals narrated by Ricky Gervais, with the tune “Don’t Let the Door to the Outhouse Hit You in the Ass on the Way Out.” playing in the back ground.

- A pair of baby camels delivered to the Camel Ranch, free of charge - freight prepaid - one male one female.

That’s it. I’m easily satisfied. I don’t ask for much.
Have a happy New Years , be safe, and keep practicing Faithicide.


The Lousy Cook said...

Happy Festivus to you, too, O Dromedarian! :)

paul said...

Well said, Hump. We've just finished the first round of gifting (three generations around our frankly secular tree, decorated with lights, toys and ornaments representing all 22 of the great dogs who have enriched our lives during 51 years of marriage. Amazingly, we are truly secular family, from my 97-year-old mom to our 12-going-on-22 granddaughter and everyone in between. Brothers, sisters, and an amazing assortment of in-laws, none of whom are afflicted by belief in any kind of religious mythology. More family will be arriving for our gala family dinner, with more gifting, and we'll be tipping a few glasses and bottles in honor of the season and even better times to come.

Thanks for the great post.

Chatpilot said...

Amen to everything you said in this post and congrats on the grandchild. Keep up the good fight for reason and freedom of thought my friend. I too will continue to do the same as long as there is life in me.

Dromedary Hump said...

Lousey cook... ;) thank you.

Paul..you sound like a very lucky man. and thanks

Chat...I'll be right there along side you.

Carl said...

Merry born of a virgin died for your imaginary sins day. And a happy new year!

Ian Mason said...

What have the Monty Python team done to you that you hate Terry Jones?

Happy Hols and congratulations on the grandchild.

Anonymous said...

Happy Festivus for the rest of us.

Hump, how in the world did you get a hold of my xmas list?

Dromedary Hump said...

Carl..thks. back at ya.

Ian.. sorry "Rev" Terry Jones.

gristle...I don't want to know what you'd do with a pair of baby camels.

NewEnglandBob said...

I join you in all your wishes (including the ones for your children) and wish to add some of my own:

Congratulations to my son and his fiance who just got engaged.

The hope that this year will bring a more sane US that bans all automatic and semi-automatic weapons.

The hope that medical science has more breakthroughs against cancer and other diseases.

The realization that the Republican party and especially the Tea party members have become mentally unstable and the beginning of the dismantling of their organizations.

Dromedary Hump said...

Bob... congrats on your son's engagement.