Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What’s behind this fascination with Jesus’ erection?

Back in the 50’s the Knights Of Columbus (a fraternal organization of  Catholic nutters who wear funny hats and carry ceremonial swords) erected a statue of Jesus on federal property in Montana. Painted in flesh tones, with a blue robe, the life size idol stands adjacent to a ski trail on a national park.  It is an obvious and blatant violation of the 1st amendment, as its presence on federal land is tantamount to the government’s endorsement of a specific religion. Christianity. Its continued existence is being challenged by the Freedom from Religion Foundation. Today the courts agreed the suit can go forward.

As usual the religious are up in arms at the godless’ attempt to have Jesus displaced.  Oh, they know it’s blatant a violation of the constitution, or at least their legal council knows it, but that doesn't matter to them. Evidently after fifty years they figure Jesus is beyond some imagined statute of limitations.  Their argument makes as much sense as finding out a hypothetical county in Alabama forbids blacks from voting, but defending continuation of said violation because it’s been that way since reconstruction.

Similar violations of religious statues and symbols on public lands have been the subject of ongoing challenges. In some cases they've been removed, or encapsulated with plywood pending court decisions.  In others the public land where the icon stands has  been sold to sectarian organizations to circumvent the law.  The battle goes on.

What’s behind this Xtian fixation with erecting graven images and execution devises on land your and my tax dollars paid for and support? Does their scripture demand idol worship on public property? Has Jesus now declared that what is Caesar’s should be encroached upon and possessed by Jesus, in direct contrast to his admonishment to keep Caesar’s and God’s property / tribute separate [Mark 12:17] ? Is the faith of Christians so weak they need to have public reminders that they are superstitious throwbacks? Is their private property or church holdings so sparse that they are insufficient to contain their grotesque religious renderings of death devises and Jewish zombies?  Doubtful.

What it comes down to is promoting the faith and using the government as co-conspirators in their proselytizing scheme.  No innocent trespass of the law, this is a full fledged frontal attack on separation of church and state, and clear intent to promote their religion as the preferred belief. 

They’ll deny this, of course. But it doesn’t take Nostradamus to predict their response if adjacent to their statues the government was pressured to provide equal recognition for all other beliefs.  In fact, that may be the best tact the FFRF could take.  For every Christian symbol on public property demand equal space for the Pastafarian’s noodley god, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, complete with meatball eyes and bright red marinara sauce.  Insist that a Wicca goddess, a Satanist effigy of Satan, a Muslim crescent, and a full color life size rendering of Ganesh, the four armed elephant god of the Hindus in all his colorfully hued skin tones, keep Jesus company.

One of two things would have to happen. Either the government would be forced to remove all the offending Xtian symbols thus resolving this issue once and for all; or they would be forced to provide equal space and prominence to these competing religious symbols to avoid the endorsement of one religion.

Frankly, I wouldn't care which one it lead to. Either would satisfy me as long as the erections of Jesus and Satan were the same size. 


Den!s said...

So you had to mention Jesus' penis eh? hehe Some time ago I thought that it would be cool to write a novel called "Jesus: The Early Slutty Years". Doing so though would of course doom you to having a Xtian jihad declared on your sorry ass. One that would equal Salman Rushdie's horrible situation. A follow up novel entitled "Jesus was Gay" wouldn't help you much either.

Dromedary Hump said...

Um... No, I didn't mention Jesus' penis. You did.
My reference to erection was limited to the installation of religious effigies.

Write the book. I'll buy a copy.

Jefandrues said...

The erections of Jesus may not be bigger than that of Satan's but they are definitely more numerous: there are at least three verified sacred relics of his foreskin available for pilgrims to worship.

Mac said...

Hump, It's all good. Bill O'Riley says Christianity is a philosophy not a religion. So, that makes it ok...right? ;)

Dromedary Hump said...

Jebus was just a philosopher but a billion people pray to it as a god? I never heard of anyone praying to Descartes, Hume, or Plato. O'Reilly says whatever is convenient to his agenda.

I'm surprised Xtians haven't tried to have O'Reilly burned at the stake for that heresy. If only.

Jenny said...

MMMM.....His Noodley Goodness.

Anonymous said...

"Bill O'Riley says Christianity is a philosophy not a religion"

Great! Then there's no reason not to tax these "philosphers"!

- Fastthumbs