Saturday, May 4, 2013

Distrust of Muslims is akin to persecution of the Jews? Only in the minds of the unthinking accomodationalists

A college student blogger from the UK, Nicola Moors, bemoaned the spread of the distrust of Islam, what she deems “islamophobia,” and correlates it to what the Jews of Europe went through in the 1930’s and 40’s. You can read her whole article here…if you have the stomach for it.

What a patently stupid and off the mark comparison.

The Jews were persecuted for centuries through no fault of their own. The Church promoted anti-Semitism / anti-Jewish sentiment as part of its doctrine. Paul was probably the first self hating Jew and promoter of the “Jews as Christ killers” dogma. And why not, since attempts at converting Jews was failing miserably, and his efforts to proselytize to the gentiles, especially Romans, wouldn’t go over well if their hands had the blood of their man god on them. The killing of Jews in Europe by the Crusaders on their way East was considered good practice for the battles to come.

From there it was picked up and cultivated by Protestants after the Reformation, Martin Luther being the most notable Jew hater. All of which lead to pogroms all over Europe, and ultimately the Holocaust.

Contrast this with modern day Islam. Muslims have been terrorizing the civilized world for decades. The 3,000 dead from the 911 attack, the underwear bomber, shoe bomber, Time Square bomber, and Boston marathon bombers are just the tip of the international iceberg of Islamic terror which spans Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Far East.

40% of Muslims world wide and 25% of Muslims under 30 yrs old in the US approve of suicide bombing (Pew survey 2010). At least 28%* of Muslim Americans still deny the 911 deaths were caused by Muslims, preferring to blame the Israeli Mosad, or the US government (Pew Survey 2010).

Given this reality, is it any wonder that non-Muslims are suspicious of, cautious about, indeed feel threatened by Muslims? If Laplanders, Sioux Indians, Eskimos, Hindus, Buddhists, or Jews were spreading terror worldwide; if their friends acted to cover up their misdeeds, and help them evade authorities; if they declared “jihad” on the West and targeted civilians for death to achieve whatever their objectives were- then they too will be subject to condemnation by the West. They'd deserve to be treated with the same suspicion and disdain that the Muslim community had brought upon itself.

The UK has already kowtowed to Islamic demands and threats. They have become the poster child for accomodationism in many subtle ways, most recently relaxing sanitary protocols by permitting Muslim nurses to cover their arms with sleeves out of modesty*. The UK is trading its culture and its birthright to placate Muslims in an attempt to achieve some sense of comfort and safety. You'd think the accomodationalist example of Neville Chamberlain would be fresh in their memories. Evidently not.

Now this accomodationalist blogger, who has all the understanding of history of a nine year old child, has the nerve to suggest Islam is undergoing unjustifiable, unprovoked, and undeserved scrutiny and “persecution like the Jews did” (and in some places still do) simply for being Muslims? A pox on her, and those whose heads are buried that far in the sand, or up their arses.

* Correction 5/7/13


Anonymous said...

It's not correct that Muslim nurses are allowed not to wash their arms. The rule is that they are allowed to wear long sleeved uniforms when not engaged in patient care, and that they may wear disposable plastic sleeves during procedures that require sleeves to be pushed up so that they don't have bare arms. They are still required to wash hands and arms before and after procedures as normal.

Dromedary Hump said...

Thanks for the are correct.
But what is considered an important sterile protocol,no-sleeves, has now been altered in order to "accomodate" a religiously driven absurdity.

If it were not a compromise in said protocal, then it would have been a medical norm all along.

sd555 said...


I can't find the Pew survey you mentioned about attitudes towards suicide bombing and the responsibility for 911. Could you post the link?



Anonymous said...

Islam is not the peaceful religion they claim it is. That is, unless they mean the peace that will ensue after they have taken over at the point of a gun.

Gerard26 said...

Another well directed rebuttal that takes in account the history of religious inspired violence that the apologist for faith embarrass themselves in trying to whitewash. Most if not all violence done against Islamists is internecine slaughter between sects, Sunni versus Shia. But in the case of Islam every other faith tradition and professed nonbelievers are an enemy that must one day submit to the rule of Islam. Thanks for, if I may say, the Humpslap.

Dromedary Hump said...


Here are some links that should confirm my Pew surevy statements:

On the above Wiki Link, you'll find this reference to the Pew Survey:
"The same poll also reported that 40% of U.S. Muslims believe that Arab Muslims carried out the 9/11 attacks. Another 28% don't believe it and 32% said they had no opinion."

Note thatI had said 40% deny the 911 perps were fact, only 40% of American Muslims DO BELIEVE muslims carried it out. So I'm not sure whether I understated the number who are in denial, or if I overstated it. It would be the latter if ALL OF THOSE who "had no opinion" ALL believed Muslims were responsible ... I doubt it though ;)