Saturday, April 27, 2013

Prayers for the Boston Bomber? I don’t get it, and evidently they don't either.

On the heels of the worst Muslim fanatic attack on America since 911, I read last week that some Christian clergy are calling upon their sheep to pray for the Boston mass murderer. And as good sheep always do the “prayers are pouring in.” They even have a poll asking readers if they would pray for the perpetrator. 59% said they would / are.    Here’s the whole story:

From the story is this quote:
“Our God is a God of mercy AND just. As brothers & sisters of Christ, we must pray for the captured suspect, for he still is a child of God!”

Out of curiosity I posted a comment asking exactly for what they were praying. A week has gone by, not a single reply. Out of over 1100 comments, no one seems to really know the answer or they prefer to ignore the question.

I’ve wracked my brain and for the life of me I cannot figure out what the hell they are praying for. Could they be praying for his recovery? He's getting the best medical care available to humanity. Are they praying for his conversion to Jebus? Praying for his "soul"? Praying for his repentance; to what end? Praying he doesn’t get the death penalty? Praying he isn’t even convicted? Nothing in the story gives a clue as to what request or favor they are soliciting from their imaginary god on the murderer’s behalf.

Here's a thought for those baaing fleece baring drones of delusion: pray to your god for the sixteen people who lost limbs to the bomber’s indifference and inhumanity to re-grow those limbs. Or maybe just eight of those victims’ legs. Or just focus all your prayers to re-grow the legs of just one double amputee. Heck, play it safe and just pray to have that young dance instructor’s foot miraculously regenerate. No … not one of them would dare to offer that prayer, the potential for it’s quantifiable failure is so obvious that it would expose the uselessness of prayer and diminish the validity of their platitudinous and meaningless gesture.

When their devout mumblings are finished; when they feel as though they have done their duty as good Christians to help the bomber achieve whatever the hell it is they want to achieve through the intervention of this supposed supernatural power, I wonder how many of them will do something meaningful- like making a $20.00 contribution to

Not many, I’d venture. It’s just so much easier to not lift a finger and mouth meaningless religious platitudinous tripe than to do something genuine, real and useful.


NewEnglandBob said...

The world is full of sick fucktards, especially those who pray for other sick fuctards.

Dromedary Hump said...

Ya know..I could have saved a lot of typing just quoting you, Bob.

carl said...

I see dumb people everywhere and no one dumber that the sheep who follow stupid preachers.

Mike Meyers said...

I have been seeing a lot of "pray for this and pray for that" nonsense on my Facebook page by friends and relatives. As soon as I respond with "I think the modern medicine was responsible for your recovery and not people mumbling to themselves" (or similar, depending on what they wanted the silent mumbling for), I either get no responses, such as the lack of response to your question, or I get a request to no longer respond to that post and to consider the post closed. Why, did I just say something logical? That's right, religions kryptonite is just that, logic and reason.

Dromedary Hump said...

Carl: couldn't agree more.

Mike: Indeed, a dose of reason is not welcomed among the religiously afflicted.
It seems "our thoughts and prayers are with you" is now the de rigueur reply everytime something horrendous happens. It has the same genuine quality as a sales person saying "have a nice day."

Analog Kid said...

To the 59%: Visit the parents of the dead 8 year old boy, look them in the eyes and tell them you're gonna pray for the bombers.

gerard26 said...

This incident points out in sharpe relief the self-delusion of the divines and their pointless calls for prayer that only gratifies their own pompous self-centeredness that they are making a difference,in the face of suffering and evil. They make meaningless mumblings and appeals to their supernatural sky god for an intervention that never occurs. Donations to relief funds make a real difference.