Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Prayer in School!! Why the heck is this still a discussion?

It seems Christian inspired stupidity, confusion, and self interest never seems to go out of style.  For fifty years prayer as part of the school curriculum, or school endorsement, has been deemed unconstitutional. For twenty years the Supreme Court ruling declaring school sponsored prayer at graduation ceremonies illegal has stood.  And yet this insipid “debate” rages…with the religious demanding prayer be brought back, Christian prayer of course.   Here’s the latest story with stats:

Bottom line is 57% of Americans disagree with the Supreme Court decision.  Substantially skewing the number is the South, where 73% of people want prayer…Xtian prayer mind you… brought back to public schools. Well, what a surprise.  Not surprising, the Northeast and far West have the highest percent, the majority, of people agreeing with the Court's decision.

More than seven-in-ten Southerners disagree with the Supreme Court. This from the region whose majority endorsed slavery; who fought integration through more than half of the 20th century; whose majority believed inter-racial marriage was a sin well into the 70’s; where a disproportionate number of legislators think pregnancy is a rarity among rape victims, and that women have no place in deciding their reproductive rights; whose residents eagerly drop to their knees in flocks when their elected Governor-Clergyman asks them to pray for rain; and who have a disproportionate number of homophobes versus the rest of the nation.

The region that has, on the aggregate, the most poverty, highest teen pregnancy, worst unemployment, lowest average income, the lowest education, lowest standard of living, highest religiosity, and among the highest crime rates in the nation - ... they "disagree with the court decision."

Whew... good thing they do. If they agreed with it I'd have to rethink MY position.

Oh…have I previously mentioned I hate the fuckin’ South?  If so, please forgive the repetition.  It just seems to keep coming up over and over again through no fault of mine. 


Carl said...

Oh ya the good old south a bunch of bible thumping dumb fucks. I lived right in the bike belt for a while Alabama thought my head would explode with insanity so packed my bags and never looked back. Your spot on Humb I hate it probably more then you.

NewEnglandBob said...

The south is fine, its just the people there who suck, big time!

Sue said...

Pity those of us who are reasonable and live in the South. But take heart! We are making strides, and the younger generation is corrupted--er, enlightened, by being exposed to reason on the Internet! It is changing...And polls show it is changing quickly. Even here in NC.

Mike Meyers said...

Hump, you forgot to mention highest divorce rate. So much for the sanctity of traditional marriage.

Analog Kid said...

Don't forget they score lowest for number of teeth too.

The South is the red-headed stepchild of America...the boil on America's otherwise blemish-free ass.

Chatpilot said...

I'm with you on this one Hump. Demanding Christian prayer in public schools is yet another public demonstration of Christian arrogance. If we allowed prayer in public school there would have to be a classroom set aside every morning for every religious set. One for Muslims to address Allah, one for Christians, one for Buddah's followers, etc. These idiots even attribute school violence etc. to the removal of prayer in school! Christians never get it.

gerard26 said...

The South will continue in its benightedness for the foreseeable future as long as total political power is in the hands of its current stakeholders the reactionary religious right,tea party obstructionist,conservative republicans,neoliberalist political views and notions of old south "states rights".

Dromedary Hump said... all my readers [should] know, I have nothing but respect and sympathy for the small bastion of thinking people who reside in the South.

That they can maintain their sanity and reason in the face of such overwhelming idiocy is a credit to their strength and intellect.

Christian said...

I was laughing when I read this for all the wrong reasons. I just don’t get how they petition the supreme court to change the abortion laws but do not listen to the same court on school prayer.

I guess its good old theism denial at work.

Sheldon said...

I agree with New England Bob, it's not that south that's the problem, it's (most) of the people. There are so many beautiful places in the south, it's a great place to visit (but not live). Besides, you also have to appreciate the south's contributions to American food. Without the south, you would probably never have had fried chicken, potato salad, etc. Think about that for a moment. ;)

Dromedary Hump said...

Naturally when speaking of my dislike for "the South" I mean the majority of people therein and the culture of religion and disdain for modernity.

Disliking a region because it is hot; humid; swampy; buggy; infested with snakes & alligators; is subject to devestating hurricanes; and otherwise intolerable geographically or climate wise would be silly ;)

I do like New Orleans, it's food and fun... if you can stay out of the way of their notoriously corrupt police. But just thinking of Bobby Jindal keeps me from going back there.

David said...

We have the same problem in Australia, athough admittedly not as extreme as in the bible belt. The closer you get to the equator the more religious dumbfuckery you encounter. Don't know what it is about that. The tropics are some of the most religious regions in the world. The thing is they just can't resist telling us southerners how great the weather is up there, it's embarassingly relentless, as if tropical cyclones, devestating floods and a summer that feels something like sticking your head in a plastic bag full of chicken wings that have been left in the sun really is more tolerable than our three months of mildly nippy weather in winter.

Dromedary Hump said...

Thanks for the laugh.

yes, I've always contended that the closer one is to the equator,or the trropics, the less intellectually astute one is likely to be.

I'm guessing the energy expended tolerating the heat and humidity negates intellectual progression and leaves one more ripe for religious delusion. But that's just my off the cuff theory. ;)