Tuesday, July 23, 2013

“God is Good ALL the time!!!!!” - the scariest Xtian platitude.

If you’ve ever frequented a Xtian fundie page on Facebook, or been witness to a Xtian troll on an theist website, you are likely familiar with the phrase above.  Of all the simple minded Xtian platitudes, this one probably irks me the most. It’s also the title of a song sung by some nutter named Don Moen (you can hear it online if you care to inflict it upon yourself).

One would think “I’ll pray for you.”, or “You’re going to hell.” would set me off, but nah, that stuff is passé.  They are simple minded meaningless statements that are easily countered with “You do that, and I’ll think for you.”; and         “Well, you’re going to Hades so be sure to have coins to give Charon the ferryman over the river Stix.”  But the “God is good” or “God is Good ALL the time!!!!!” absurdity has a much deeper implication.

One simply needs to read the bible to see how horrific a god their god thing can be. I won’t detail the hundreds of verses that recount the hideous acts attributed to their god, we are all familiar with many of, if not all of them.  Let’s just say unless you accept as good the killing innocent children; tribal genocide; destroying the entire human species save eight people; and establishing dozens of grotesque laws calling for the horrific deaths of people for minor infractions, biological realities, or imaginary wrong doings … then there is no way on Gawd’s green earth you could call their god good, much less good all the time.

Their god even says it is the cause of all the ills of the planet:
"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things." Isaiah 45:7 (KJV)

I wonder who they are trying to convince with their “good” praise?  Themselves? Their fellow sheep? Or are they trying to convince and placate a petulant unpredictable god who they admittedly “fear,” by telling it it’s good to destroy, kill, hack, chop and impale it’s way through an imaginary history, and inflict punishment disproportionate to any crime? 
What troubles me about the “God is Good ALL the Time!!!!!” idiocy is this: it implies the religiously afflicted has not read the bible or is in denial of the horrors perpetrated at their god’s behest; or worse, that he has read it and has accepted such horrors as  “good.”   

Good that Moses destroyed the animals, men and women and innocent male infants of neighboring tribes; good that god demands a woman’s hand be cut off for grabbing the testicles of her husband’s attacker; good that people deemed to be witches or sorcerers be killed; good that it sent bears to maul and kill forty-two children; good that in spite of his knowing in advance of his creations disappointing misbehavior, god nevertheless created them and then killed them with a flood.   And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If the book in question had been a biography of a real being, that person would be condemned roundly as a psychopath worthy only of condemnation and disdain.  Only the most depraved person would call said person “Good.” 

There is no point in trying to engage in discourse with such Xtians as nothing can get through this force field of self imposed …what?... delusion?  idiocy? denial?  worship of evil?  They wouldn’t engage long enough to even hear it, much less lend it a considered ear.  They too enamored of the imaginary power, too far gone. That we share a planet with these people is just plain scary  - and THAT, is what makes it troubling beyond all other platitudes.   


Chatpilot said...

"They're too enamored of the imaginary power, too far gone."

This is exactly why Christians view God as good all the time! I wrote a post a while back where I compared the relationship one has with Jesus to the relationship one has with someone they are in love with. I then compared a domestic violence relationship with the relationship one has with God.

No matter how many people God kills or how many atrocious acts we read about in the Bible the theists justifies God. Like the abused spouse they project the blame onto themselves. Mans disobedience to God forced him to act as he did. Just like the husband who beats his wife senseless and is forgiven. When asked why she doesn't leave the usual reply is that it was not his fault "I provoked him!"

Dromedary Hump said...

Yes, I recall your excellent blog post.
Indeed, it seems whatever their god does to punish his creations, it seems "we had it coming." An unhealthy relationship if ever there is one.

Carl said...

Actually you won't see any books in most Christians households. There may be a bible laying around but never read except the highlighted ones of what the preacher told them to read. And they will have a TV in almost every room to keep them in a mindless stream of idiocracy.

Analog Kid said...

Here's one ridiculous fundie response:

"in the King James Version says, "I make peace, and create evil." One of the fundamental rules about understanding the Bible accurately is to read a difficult-to-understand verse in its immediate context, as well as in the broader context of the rest of the Scripture. Another rule is to consider other possible translations of the verse."

LOL - difficult to understand??? It's clear as crystal. Basically, if the bible says something bad about god or contradicts their personal beliefs, they just say "well....it doesn't really mean that.

Anonymous said...

When you ask a Christian if they have actually read their Bible and they say yes, what you have to ask then is if they still think the Bible is a moral book. If they answer yes again the possibilities are:
1. They are liars.
2. They are ignorant and read it without comprehension.
3.They are monsters.

Dromedary Hump said...

Analog. "CONTEXT" the last cry of a Xtian in denial of the ugly truth.

drenn.I'd say that summarizes it perfectly.

Carl. once had a xtian challenge me on a biblicalverse. I told him to get his copy of the bible and read to me what it said. He said his bible is "on-line" and he's having problems with his browser.
OY. ;)

longhorn believer said...

I am so fucking HAPPY I am not the only one that gets pissed off by this platitude!! I didn't know this platitude was a common thing now among xians. It gets posted a lot on one of my family member's facebook page. I thought it was something her particular preacher had made up or something. It's not just that their Bible contradicts it, it's also that even though they believe in an omnipotent god, they give him a pass on all the suffering going on in the world. He's omnipotent except when it comes to being able to do anything useful or helpful. GEEZ! How the fuck can that be good!!? It makes me just want to pull my hair out especially if I'm trying to still hold on to some respect for someone I care about. It makes it hard to do.

Denis said...

Hump, I thought you should see this but the site isnt appropriate for general view, but totally appropriate for you to see.... and you might want to wander around the pics too, hehe


Dromedary Hump said...

LOl.. Thanks Denis. Yeah, familiar with that company. Love it ;)

BTW my email address is: atheistcamelchronicles@msn.com
feel free to email me anytime.

Sue Botchie said...

such is also true among low church athiests - that is, people who don't call themselves "athiests," but might as well because, even though they might have uttered a prayer back in '97 or may have gone to church several easters ago, the Lord is last on their list - that is, if He is even on the list. Nice try anyway, fella :)

Dromedary Hump said...

I'm at a loss as to what your oint is. Esp. the "nice try anyway" comment. Care to expand on it in a less ambiguous way?