Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yes, Vernon, there IS a heaven…

  Dear Mr. Hump,
Some of my bunkmates claim there is no heaven.  They say it’s all made up, like Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and Jesus.  I asked my Dad about it.  He told me if I read it in your blog then it’s true.  So, Mr. Hump, I’m asking.  Is there a heaven?

Vernon McGillicutty
9 years old
Camp Hiawatha,  Steep Falls, Maine

Dear Vernon,
Alas, your friends have fallen victim to the age of reason. They don’t believe in anything except that which they can see.  They think that nothing can exist that they have not yet experienced. They have shut their minds to the endless possibilities that life holds in store. In time, with experience, they will be shown the truth…as will you.  

Yes, Vernon, there is a heaven.  It exists as surely as Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream, topped with rainbow sprinkles and butterscotch goo ... and you know that exists.

Not believe in heaven?  One might as well not believe the first time they slip their hands under a girl’s bra, or the first time they get laid.

No heaven? If so they will never experience the feeling the first time they drive their brand new ‘66 Mustang 2+2 down the main strip on Saturday night.

No heaven? Then one may as well never experience returning from war to the warmth of home, hearth, family, friends and the girl they love; never experience the joy of being united as one in marriage with one’s kindred spirit; nor experience the joy of the birth of ones children; nor feel the relief and freedom of retirement in a grass and forest covered paradise, or the coolness in the shadow of a shady maple on a hot summer day while inhaling the scent of fresh cut grass, sipping ice coffee and throwing a ball for the dogs; nor see the first smile cross the lips of one’s grand child while you make a fool of yourself making silly noises.

No heaven? Thank dog it exists.  It exists here, now, later, and forever as long as you live on a planet full of wonderment, beauty, and love … and as long as you know where to find it - and when you’ve found it.

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