Friday, December 20, 2013

The Camel Weighs in on Ducks, Dipshits, and Douche-bags.

It's likely you've been Duck Dynastyed to nearly comatose. But I'm going to briefly weigh in on this issue. I just can't ignore it. 

To the religiously afflicted, which includes virtually all of the far right homophobes, the insipid utterances of this backward religious fanatic Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, are pure gold. The self-righteous defenders of the faith will flock around him and demand that the broadcaster rescind their suspension. (Whatever happened to the much espoused Conservative position of freedom of business to do as their conscience tells them?) .  Already they are screaming "Freedom of Speech", as if suddenly it was pulled out from under him. 

Yes, Mrs. Sarah "Africa is a country" Palin, and Gov. Booby "quick, call the exorcist"  Jindal your icon of homophobia is guaranteed the right of free speech.  But in your undereducated state of delusion and typical Conservative idiocy, you fail to realize that the 1st amendment  guarantees only that the government, Federal, State and Local, may not impede your right to express yourself.  Just as it protects the rights of  the KKK, the American Nazi Party, and the likes of Pat Robertson and the Westboro Baptists to freely express their hate and delusion  free from government interference and censorship, so too can your bearded backwoods bible banging Louisiana inbred moron.  But, what you, and your like non-thinking sheep fail to realize is  that  there is no right to expect ones hate, prejudices and intolerance to be applauded,  ignored, supported, or insulated from the interests of the business that airs their show. The right of private entities to reject, censor, or edit speech is sacrosanct.

Just because one's intolerance is founded in ancient religious ignorance doesn't give that ignorance any special weight that demands individuals, groups, or businesses endorse or tolerate it.  That goes for homophobia, misogyny, racism, the endorsement of witch burning, or the stoning of unruly children.

Yep, spew your religiously supported homophobia, exercise your freedom of speech all you like, just be prepared for the fall out from people who have embraced modernity and who disavow your grotesque simple mindedness - who see it for the obsolete obscenity that it is.   Just as the Christian Network isn't forced to give Modern Family a platform for their liberal ideology, so too does A&E reserve the right to reject that which offends its clientele, or is in opposition to their own perspectives. 

Cancel the damn show, I say.  Let this be a shot across the bow of backwardness, another volley of determined reason at obsolete non-think, a loud and clear affirmation that it ain't your Grand Wizard endorsing father's nation any more. 


NewEnglandBob said...

I completely agree, cancel the show. Bigotry and hate should never be rewarded or tolerated.

Ursalina said...

If I hear "Freedom of Speech" one more time I am gonna choke a bitch!!!

Den!s said...

It pisses me off that the conservative xtians think that because it is in their buybull, it is quite ok to repeat it in public. Well it isn't ok

It's all a phony show anyway; they are not hillbillies, they grew those beards and wear those clothes for the show.


Gerard26 said...

Hate speech when wrapped in the flag and in the phony whinning about religious expression has no place being expressed on the publicly owned airwaves Great post and spot on once again.

Carl said...

Nothing but a bunch of homophobic racists with religious delusions cancell the show and let them go live in their backwood village and let the rest of society progress forward.

Joyce said...

If I see one more "First Amendment" meme, I think I'll scream -- and it's my First Amendment right to do so -- as long as I'm not screaming "Fire" into a packed movie theater.

Before reading this, I had just finished reading a commentary by LZ Granderson. Your blog is just as on-spot as his. His conclusion reinforces exactly what you have said. It's good to know that there are more well-informed people out there:

"This is where Jindal -- as well as those who believe Robertson's suspension violates his constitutional right to free speech -- get it wrong.

You can say some stupid stuff -- whether it's Paula Deen dropping the N-word, Alec Baldwin dropping the F-word, Jesse Jackson using a derogatory word for Jewish people as he talks about New York City -- or Bobby Knight infamously saying, "'I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.'' -- and the First Amendment will keep you from going to jail. But it is not a get-out-of-jail-free card in the eyes of society.

And if you don't believe me -- try walking into your boss' office and call him or her a big fat idiot with ugly children.

Then see if "freedom of speech" helps you keep your job."

longhorn believer said...

I so badly want to to send this to me Pentecostal relatives in Loosana. One of my cousins is doing exactly what you said. He's all over his Facebook page supporting Duck Dynasty and calling it a travesty that people disagree with them. Unfortunately, he ended our "friendship" after I asked exactly what it was he was so upset about otherwise I would post this on his page. Also, one of his friends stated that if it had been a gay person that said something bigoted and had been sanctioned by the network, it would have been called discrimination. Morons.

Joyce, that is well stated by Granderson. Thanks for sharing.

WhyNot said...

"The Camel Weighs in on Ducks, Dipshits, and Douche-bags. "

Hey, I resent that! I like ducks! My good friend Valérie goes to see the ducks and the swans at the Eiffel Tower gardens & pond every day. Definitely no dipshit there, let alone born-again cunts!

Anonymous said...

And they would shut down a business where an employee said "Happy Holidays".