Friday, March 7, 2014

Pity the sensitivities of the put upon Muslims: The horror of cartoons!

The headline in the Huff Post reads:  “Why Muslims Don't Like Cartoons”.
In the article the author bemoans the “thuggish” behavior of those who willingly insult the Prophet Muhammad; while she calls radical Muslims who demand their beheading “slightly loopy”.  She’s not entirely enamored of the Jesus and Mo cartoons, as one might expect. 

Whole, story here:

Hmmm… “thuggish” for  committing blasphemy, “slightly loopy” for promoting beheading.
  I detect a slight disconnect there. Not surprisingly the wide variance in the descriptors bestowed on the two conditions is totally lost on the Muslim woman.  This speaks volumes of how Islam, and /or the cultures that embrace it, view the value of human life.  It is this very obliviousness to that disconnect that makes religion so dangerous and devout religionists so difficult to reason with.

If only one person was murdered for blasphemy by Muslims, or Christians, it would be one too many.  The fact that many thousands, perhaps millions have been dispatched for their words or thoughts is the grand obscenity of religions and reason enough to work toward their demise. 

Blasphemy is a victimless crime.  Whether it is Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Allah, God, Moloch, Horus, Isis, et al, ...none of them deserve anymore respect than the charlatans who founded Scientology or Mormonism - L. Ron Hubbard, and Joseph Smith- or the millions of other fictional literary personages, gods, or entities like Moby Dick, or Hans Solo.

So, to the sensitive and peace loving followers of the pedophile Mohammed I say issue your fatwas, threaten your jihad, hold up your signs, promote beheading, demand sharia law, blow yourselves up in crowded markets... do what you have to do in the name of defending your "profit" and your absurdly referenced "religion of peace."   Time marches on, it's the 21st century in the rest of the civilized world; society is no longer a slave to the absurdities of religious dogma and delusion; your sensibilities do not take precedence over our freedom of expression;  nor are your antiquated beliefs due my respect because they are your delusion.

Anyone who kowtows to such demands, or professes that we bow to the sensitivities of religionists who hold superstitious delusion more dear than human life, go stand in line with the other appeasers, pucker up, and affix your lips to my ample camel’s ass.


NewEnglandBob said...

I'm glad you didn't include Thor, the thunder god in your post. He is real. Thunder proves it.

Islam is certainly the worst of modern religions. Some in the past were even more brutal and idiotic.

WhyNot said...

Lol, great cartoons. I particularly like the last one: reminds me of GW Bush (the 2nd).


"Islam is certainly the worst of modern religions."

Mmmm... I don't quite agree there. Try American "Born-Again"s for size, then reassess your "worst religion of modern times" paradigm.

Helga said...

Blasphemy in general should be encouraged. If it is banned, then how on earth would we know which god/prophet has the thickest skin?

Anonymous said...

oh blasphemy feels soooo matter what religion :)