Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You didn’t have to be Nostradamus to see THIS coming!

Last week Mrs. Hump and I were sipping our morning coffee and watching the Today show when we heard the story and watched the tape of a woman in Florida driving into the ocean with her kids on board.  Once the incident was stated to be clearly not accidental, I turned to Mrs. Hump and said these words (or words to this effect): “I’d bet my hump God or Satan told her to do this…she’s got to be a religious nutter.”

It wouldn’t surprise me if you came to a similar conclusion, since the incidents of mothers killing or attempting to kill their children at the behest of a religious supernatural entity is hardly unusual.  

Sure enough it seems she heard demons, and was blabbering about Jesus, and was suddenly immersing herself in the bible according to her kin and children.  In what was intended to be the family’s last moments alive she told her three kids to close their eyes as they were going to “a better place.”   Bingo!!  Religion strikes again.
Whole story here, if you’re not familiar with the details:

I mentioned this on someone’s fb posting and was met with objection by a devout Catholic who said the woman was clearly not in her right mind, and   ”… you’re just out to bash Christianity.”  He’d have much preferred her insanity be left at that, and the religious aspects ignored. Naturally, that is either self imposed ignorance, or intellectual dishonesty on his part, since the prevalence of the religious aspect cannot simply be ignored. Besides, any opportunity to bash religion and its unhealthy effect on society is worth taking advantage of.

I do not doubt for a minute the woman was mentally unstable.  In fact, the onset of her sudden religiosity implies she is suffering from schizophrenia which is often accompanied by  “hyper-religiosity,” a clinically recognized symptom.

But, how can that religious element be ignored? After all, it isn’t as if schizophrenia invented religion and the specific elements of demons, Jesus and the bible and implanted it in the woman’s mind.  The woman herself had carried the religious meme with her from childhood as part of her cultural indoctrination.  The disease simply ignited that training in the brain - rekindled it, so to speak- and magnified it to inflame her and justify if not provoke her murderous action. If she had never been exposed to Christianity, never heard of Jesus, or demons, or heaven (that “better place”) at least that justification for her murderous act would never have existed in her psyche.  What then would she have resorted to that would have justified attempted murder of her children? One can only wonder.

As I stated in The Atheist Camel Chronicles … there is no clinically recognized mental disease/disorder which makes one more secular / atheistic / rational - not surprisingly.  I never heard of an insane atheist who was prompted by the voices/spirits of Sagan, Darwin, O’Hair, Russell, or Hitchens to commit heinous crimes of passion.  If that were the only reason people should avoid infecting their kids with religious fable, it would be grounds enough.


NewEnglandBob said...

But the big question: Are there any insane atheists who were prompted by the voices/spirits of Dromedary Hump? If not, you have work to do :)

Dromedary Hump said...

Been doin the best I can :)

the serpent said...

How can any Christian or believer not stand up in the defense of this woman's actions? when people like this unfortunate woman or someone like Susan Smith, who drowned her three children are ridiculed by Christians, I have to ask, why don't you believe that they heard the voice of God? I mean you're holy book is full of examples of God speaking to people and telling them to do things. If you're a true believer, then the idea of divine command theory cannot be ignored. why were the Christians not mobbing the court to defend Susan Smith? Here's a woman who heard the voice of God but yet every Christian I've ever talked to has denied this. Isn't it funny how quickly their faith evaporates?

Dromedary Hump said...

Your logic and reasoning is impeccable;and therein lies the problem.

Seems the religious believe god only talks when it is advantageous ... like when it's time to wage a war they are particularly enthusiastic over. Or when it comes down to explaining why god was angry and killed a few thousand people via a natural disaster. Or who to vote for and who the latest Democratic anti-christ is.

The hypocrisy is palpable.
Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I will NEVER be able to fathom the minds of the religious. Honestly, logic and common sense seem to have left the building and cherry picking becomes the mantra of the day. Abraham is a heroic, worshipped figure in the bible for following god's orders yet anyone today who kills (or attempts to kill) their children claiming a voice from god is crazy. Mass murder on a monumental scale runs rampant throughout the old testament, and who knows how many innocent human beings were murdered by the church during the inquisition, yet the faithful bristle at anyone who insults the 10 commandments, eg Thou shalt not kill. And any attempt to point out any inconsistencies (particularly by a stinking atheist) is met, not by any logical reply, but an insult to our non-belief. I think that your average believer is such an immature, fearful, easily swayed individual that to bring any sort of logic into their religious equation can only be met by hatred and disgust. Hence the statistic that we as atheists are the most reviled, distrusted people in the country. IMHO, if even one person is killed in the name of ANY religion, that religion or respective god is not worth worshipping.

Dromedary Hump said...

I couldn't agree more..have said many of those things myself. Thks.

A FB friend recently posted this excellent 15 min youtube video to my page. Speaks precisely to the issue of biblical morality / genocide specifically...and how it is accepted as a norm by Christians.

Anonymous said...

If you were an alcoholic and I bought you a drink I would be an enabler. For the woman, schizo or not, religion was her enabler.

WhyNot said...

Interesting dilemna. Very sad, of course - especially for the children, but even for the woman.

If only mass murderers like GW Bush (since he's the most recent one) had heard that "divine voice", 4 million Iraqi men, women and children would still be alive. And since the born-again religions are about 1000 times more inane and insane than the catholic one, and since Bush is a confirmed born-again addict (as well as an alcohol and cocaine one) it seems a cruel twist of fate Bush didn't hear that supreme divine command.

Next best divine command that insane cunt could listen to and obey would be to immediately organize a self sacrifice involving a good wholesome "hung, drawn and quartered" show. Icing on that cake would be a disembowlment send-off where all the spectators could join in and rip his offals out, lol.