Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hump Crosses the Line of Civility - and couldn’t give a fiddler’s damn.

I was gently chastised recently for expressing my disgust with Dick Cheney’s obscene condemnation of Obama in the WSJ and on talking head TV over the Iraqi crisis that he and his ventriloquist dummy president promulgated.

In my anger I openly wished that snarling hunk of human feces Cheney would suffer a massive heart attack, and save the rational people of this nation the further pain of having to bear witness to his obscene lies, perversions and obfuscations of truth.

Evidently my wish (which of course has all the power of a religionist’s prayer) crosses the line of civility. I was chastised that no one should wish ill on anyone.  
Oh fucking please. 

There's a cattle car load of people, past and present, that I would have or do wish harm on.  There are people alive today who, because of their deceit, greed, twisted reasoning, and utter disregard for life sentenced thousands of American soldiers, and untold tens of thousands of Iraqis to their unnecessary and premature deaths ... with thousands and thousands more still to come.

I challenged my critic to tell me:  if hindsight were foresight, and she had known where their lies would have lead, and her wish would have been granted, would she NOT have wished for the deaths of the prime perpetrators in order to prevent the deaths of the innocent thousands they caused for their own perverted purposes or defective reasoning?

How many times have we the thinking condemned people for praising their god, worshiping it, praying to it, and swearing their allegiance to it, when that same god permits millions of third world children to die of starvation and disease?  When that god who creates all life creates horrific diseases that torture millions to death?  If said god existed how many of us would not join an alliance to find a way to destroy this psychotic being, or at least wish for its demise to stop its threats and reign of horror?
Why then is it wrong to wish for the demise of a person who perpetrated horrors, then goes on to lie and bolster their reputations at the expense of others? People of horrendous repute, who refuse to acknowledge their responsibility for carnage, and who happily lick clean their hands stained with innocent blood while pointing fingers elsewhere. To not wish for their demise would be no better than to say they’d not wish for the demise of a callous and psychotic god who’d watch 6 million Jews gassed, millions of children suffer, and condemn billions of non-believers to eternal torture instead of using its power to destroy the destroyers, right the wrongs, and abandon its torture chamber. It would be morally wrong - unconscionable.

One might ask what my justification is for wishing said person(s) death after the fact, when the ill deed is already done.  Easy… because if wishes could come true, their death after the fact would be the only justice those countless thousands of dead Americans and Iraqis will ever get.  Crossed the line of civility? Perhaps. I suppose it’s a matter of opinion - in the eye of the beholder. Frankly, I’m still wishing today and I’d put my civility, ethics and morality above the likes of Dick Cheney’s and George Bush’s,  or any of history’s great deceivers and murderers any day. 


elsinann said...

Well put! Very well put! Thank you, Mr. Hump!

billofjazz said...

The Hump never crosses the line of civility when he has occasion to lambaste the unconscionable lechers who ran America into the ground, propped up the way too rich, left the Obama administration with no money to work with....and....2 wars to end.
Any chance the DOJ will ever find reason to place GWB, Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz, Powell, and the many hundreds who are complicit in the Iraq/Afghanistan debacle that cost trillions of $$ and killed hundreds of thousands?

Dromedary Hump said...

Thanks, elsinann and billof,

No... no legal action will ever be taken. here is no appetite for it. They will never be held accountable, except in the annals of history, if it is truthfully written. They'll never escape that. That will be their legacy.

Gerard26 said...

Thanks for lifting spirits today!

verukka said...

Just remembering the morning of 9.11- when George was stutteringly reading to a group of elementary kids and Dick was umm, where?, for a few crucial hours, allowing sufficient time for the Saudi royal family to leave the US prior to the shutdown of US airspace is reason enough to back up your sentiments. You are writing what the sane Americans are thinking; if they are thinking. Well said Bart. Karen H.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's crossing the line of civility to wish retribution on someone like Cheney and his ilk. Well said. Would these individuals make the same comments were you wishing ill of Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin or the like? I don't think so. The religious republican right just can't stand it if anyone insults or finds fault with one of the chosen. Although it was interesting that, (of course I don't like Megan Kelly of Fox news), but she publically lambasted Cheney on her program! Amazing! No, Cheney made millions with Halliburton through the middle east war, and should bear personal responsibility for the senseless deaths of thousands, and as well showing absolutely no remorse. Just insults to Obama. Another in the line of standup human beings.