Friday, October 31, 2014

Ready to Join the “Atheists for the GOP Revolution” ?

Who controls the Legislative branch is more than just their position on one or two issues. Before one casts their vote they should answer some pretty important questions.  This list should help you decide if it is time for you to belly up to the bar and join the "Atheists for the GOP Revolution".  Go for it....

  • If you agree that state efforts to suppress the minority vote is the American thing to do.

  • If you concur that non-believers are rightly declared a blight on America’s morality and should not hold public office or teach in our public schools.
  • If you believe that gays getting married will weaken or has weakened your own marriage.
  • If you accept that corporations are just like people with all our rights and privileges.

  • If you understand that making a company’s health insurance cover contraception is an affront to that corporation’s religious  beliefs.
  • If  you accept that Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, and Ted Cruz  reflect your perspectives and priorities.
  • If  Lindsay "If I get to be president, white men in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency."  Graham is your kinda guy.
  • If you agree that the stated  #1 priority for ½ the Congress for four years, during thisnation’s worst economic crisis in over seventy years,  was preventing that Kenyan     Muslim Monkey from being re-elected was the right and proper priority.  
  •  If you want to see more religion in our schools & on government property, and support the call to put “God back in the White House”.
  • If you accept pregnancy from rape is a blessing from God, or scientifically can’t happen; or that there is both a “legitimate” and “illegitimate” rape.                               
  • If you think allowing affordable medical coverage to millions of Americans & covering pre-existing conditions for hundreds of thousands of citizens who otherwise would be without is “Godless Socialism” plain and simple.
  • If you are comfortable with this being declared a “Christian Nation” by 76% of your like    thinking political cohorts.*
  • If you agree with the 69% of Americans who say that liberals have gone too far in     keeping religion out of schools and government.*
  • If you are happy that at least two of the Supreme Court justices put the Bible over theConstitution of the United States, and concur that States have the right to establish an
      official religion.
  •  .. If you think that the past six years of deadlock in Washington, and the government shut down was good for the nation. 
  • If you support indefinitely blocking Executive Office appointees, including Surgeon       General and scores of federal judges makes perfect sense for the nation.
  • If you agreed that “high gas prices were the fault of the current administration and wasdestroying the economy”; and that “current low gas prices are the fault of the     administration and is killing the economy”.  
  • If you concur that Veteran’s Benefits are good enough, and maybe too damn much; and that the epidemic of vet suicides is simply because they are weaklings and pussies.

  • If you think we don’t spend enough on National Defense, and too damn much on    repairing infrastructure and those welfare children.
  •   If you see carrying an AK or AR-15 into a supermarket, restaurant, and at school bus   stops as normalcy, and simply a valid expression of your 2nd amendment rights. 
  •    If you buy into eliminating the minimum wage will grow business, decrease      unemployment, reduce the deficit, and reduce welfare rolls.

  • If you agree that EBOLA and BENGAHZIE, are the critical policy issues of our time.
  • If you concur that what a woman does with her uterus is the government’s business not her own.
  •   If you perceive FOX News to be “fair and balanced” and the news source of record forthis nation & that the likes of Hannity, Savage, Rush, Coulter, et al  are “telling it like it is.”          

    Then check yourself into a fucking asylum with the other seven freethinkers / atheists in this country who think like you.     

* Pew statistics:


MissBizzyLizzy said...

Daaaaaaaaamn.......Tell it like it is, Bart. LMAO Well, you always do! ;-) Great post as always.

Gerard26 said...

Thanks for the preelection votes issue list, you are doing a great public service the, list is spot on.

Dromedary Hump said...

MissBizzy & Gerard,
Thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget privatizing everything, after all it keeps our jails full, and we don't need libraries, public schools, the post office, Social Security, or Medicare. Due away with the EPA, OSHA, unions and more. There should be no regulations on anything, feel free to charge all the interest they want, free to dirty the air, water and land. Workers shouldn't have any rights. If you do ever get out of jail your rights should not be restored, and your record should be held against you forever. Women are not as valuable as men. Becoming a citizen should be very expensive and take years and years. The founding fathers were all Christians. Your list was great, it's hard to cover all the horror they want to impose on us.

Anonymous said...

Without doubt, one of the factors in the emergence of anti-religious ideas and a phalanx of deniers of God, has been the false teachings, the inadequacies and the intellectual perversions of the followers of some religions. The peculiarities and separate characteristics of each religion must, therefore, be individually examined when studying the reasons that have led men to adhere to that religion.