Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Congratulations America!!!

In September the Republican Party had a disapproval rating of 72%.*  Worse than the Democrats,  worse than the President, the lowest approval rating for any party in modern US history.   

Yesterday America, or more accurately,  less than half of America spoke... and handed the entire legislative branch to the GOP.   Joseph de Maistre was correct
The people get the government they deserve”.
Congratulations, America! You have demonstrated that we are indeed
the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, Cave to the Apathetic, Pawns of the Corporate Power, and Asylum to the Utterly Stupid



Gerard26 said...

Hump, it only gets worsts the neo-confederates in the south want to make christianity the official state religion in Mississippi the poorest and most backward looking state in the country... it may have sucess there both white and black communities, fully segregated,are overwhelmingly supportive of christian supremacy and facisim.

Anonymous said...

The attitudes of Americans never ceases to amaze me. So many have an attitude or a philosophy that is developed not from reason or inquiry, but from what he said she said, which was totally uninformed. IMHO the republican party doesn't like unions, higher wages, universal healthcare, immigration, education, socialized programs as social security or Medicare or any program for that matter that aids the middle or lower stratum of society or costs the upper class any money at all. They love the rich, wars of any kind, Christian fools, environmental destruction, outsourcing jobs and a litany of other issues that seem only to benefit themselves. But the larger problem is that so many Americans are so stupid that they vote for a party that directly threatens themselves. Talk about pointing the gun at your own head. I am amazed that anyone that makes $100,000 a year or less votes for any republican. That group in itself, if they gave any real thought to their own respective circumstances, would band together and no republican would ever be elected to office, at least until their platform changed. This considering the fact that the average american wage is so (relatively) low. But the quote is correct, you get the government you deserve.

Wilson said...

Hump. The election was less about what either Democrats or Republicans positions were on the issues, and more about Americans being concerned with 2 more years of unchecked "Amateur Hour" from the White House.

Anonymous said...

While the democrats had a majority in the house, the Republicans were successful in creating and maintaining gridlock to an unprecedented level.

Now that the Republicans have a NON-VETO proof majority, I predict that the Democrats will be successful in creating and maintaining gridlock to an unprecedented level.

I predict in 2016, having an abysmal track record (mostly due to gridlock), the Congressional rating will be much as it is today and the voters (and since it is a presidential election, a lot more voters will turn out that generally favor Democrats), you will see the House again flip to a NON-VETO proof Democratic majority.

As far as the presidency goes, that is probably more up to grabs, but as long as the Republicans can't pass any significant legislature (immigration, jobs, tax reforms, etc.) they will still be seen as obstructionists (especially if they decide to shut down the government again like Cruz is talking about). The reason the Republicans are crying foul about Obama taking 'executive' action on immigration is that he will be forcing the Republicans to be in a political no-win situation and be shown as incompetent (or more so) or heartless greedy corporate pigs (or more so).

- Fastthumbs