Tuesday, September 8, 2015

“All Glory goes to God.” : The Ultimate Delusion of the Religiously Afflicted.

After four and a half days in jail for contempt of court, the Kentucky county clerk religious fanatic who refused to issue gay marriage licenses because of her religious convictions has been released.  .

The faithful were jubilant as she emerged from the jail; waving cutout crosses, signs with religious verse, and of course, the obligatory Confederate battle flag.  Because nothing says freedom, support for justice, and equal rights under the law like the Confederate flag.

Sandwiched between Mike Huckabee, the Al Sharpton of the right; her lawyer from Liberty University, a school that makes an associates degree from a third rate community college look like a doctorate; and her husband, the ultimate caricature of the white Southern under-educated trailer dwelling redneck dressed in his overalls and a straw hat … the three time divorcee and protector of family values and the faith proclaimed “All glory goes to God.”

To paraphrase Saturday Night Live’s Dan Akroid: “No, Kim…you ignorant slut…all glory goes to the reason and sanctity of a secular judicial system.”  The judge released her with the understanding that she will not interfere with her deputy clerks issuing marriage licenses to any qualified applicants including gay couples.

But never mind reality - Jesus set her free. For you see she serves “a living God” who, quite coincidentally, hates gays as much as she does, but who also it seems telepathically told her it’s cool to eat shrimp, marry four times, and wear her tacky polyester/cotton blend garments… never mind the biblical  admonishments against those things.

If there was ever a reason to despise the South and Christian fanatics it was the scene outside that jail - a veritable orgy of religious delusion and religiously supported bigotry. I sense this will embolden other office holders to misinterpret the judges reasoning and  largess and test the waters by similarly defying the law of the land. 

But it is of no matter. Gays will now be legally married, even in that Kentucky county. The protestations, and hallelujahs, praises and appeals to their god thing will not stop the advancement of freedom and equality, and the evolution of civility…anymore than did their for-bearers’ invoking the bible as justification for segregation and opposition to mixed marriage.  And as annoying and grotesquely laughable as that jail house celebration was, in the end, that’s all that matters.

{ Note:  My thanks to those of you who emailed me asking about my absence and expressing concerns for my health.  I’m well rested and eager to resume sharing my perspectives on religion.  Thank you all for your patience and continued support. - Hump}


Carl said...

Great post hump! Glad you are back writing! 😎

Riley the Atheist Dog said...

I hope the judge throws that insane fuckwad Huckabee in jail for counseling the deluded lump of rightarded trailer trash to defy a court order.

I wonder why she hasn't taken the honorable step of showing her displeasure with the SCOTUS decision by resigning from her $105000/year position. Well, I don't really wonder.

Nice to see you back blogging Hump. I did follow you on facebook but then they cancelled my account because I'm a dog and I don't have any id acceptable to facebook! Facebook claims they only demand id in response to complaints that an account is "fake". If there really were complaints, they would only have come from christofascist rightards who don't like having their insane delusions laughed at by a dog. Not that I trust facebook, but I do wonder if my tiny contribution to sanity on social media was enough to spur one of god's warriors to bravely and anonymously complain.


gerard26 said...

This case highlights the continuing emboldened raise of the neo-confederate religious based culture of the south and the complete debasement of a Republican party which once in its proud history stood for the freedom and liberation of the millions once held as slaves to all manner of oppression advanced by the totalitarians of religious faith. Like Dylann Roof before her, Kim Davis is the poster child for an aggressive offensive of christian domineering in their goal to transform the United States into an intolerant theocracy. Welcome back to writing this column, your keen insights and thoughtful observations have been missed.

Trikepilot said...

Good to have you back. I miss your rants. Time for a third book to add to my shelf maybe?