Friday, September 11, 2015


Fourteen years ago today my eldest son experienced first hand the horror of the 911 attack. That morning he escaped World Trade Center Tower II as his mom and I waited for hours to know if he was alive or dead.  Almost three-thousand other Americans, and their tens of thousands of family and friends who loved them, were not so lucky.

For as long as my son, my wife and I live, that day will be indelibly etched into our memories.

No prayers for the fallen; no accolades to an imaginary being for sparing our son's life while said fantasy being allowed thousands to die in agony and fear.  No.  Just sadness at our nation's losses, and anguish at the suffering made possible by religious fanaticism. 

 'Science flies men to the moon, religion flies men into buildings.'  -Victor Stenger

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NewEnglandBob said...

We will remember forever. Teach the next generations to also remember.