Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Reality Check - I just need to be sure I have this right.

In 2015 Radicalized Muslims have killed 19 Americans.
In 2015 Radicalized Christians killed 9 black folks in a church, killed 3 people at a Planned Parenthood Clinic, and three black churches were set afire by white supremacists; while the vast majority of this year's 9,000 gun murders nation wide are committed by Christians.

And the GOP presidential wannabes, their ditto headed drones, and Christian Dominionists, are fear mongering about being killed by radicalized Muslims under ISIS' influence?

Do I have that right?
Sompthin is awry.


Den!s said...

The GOP presidential wannabees are sure to play the paranoia card, specially the Dominionist Christians like Rand Paul, who always looks like he's sucked one too many cocks and now his mouth is stuck that way...we did tell you Rand... and his dad Ron Paul would just love to see a theocracy in America. Rand is short for Randy, which is short for 'Hello sailor, new in town?'

Den!s said...
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Den!s said...

The GOP appear to be a bunch of chimps in display mode; jumping up and down, beating their chests, making big noise. I'm certain the Obama administration pays zero attention to these windbags from the GOP

JC said...

Dont forget the guy in upstate NY who wanted to irradiate muslims in public with a mobile Xray machine.

JC said...

And yes, you have it right. As Usual.

Dromedary Hump said...

"...which is short for 'Hello sailor, new in town?'"
LOL..Den!s..thanks, I almost spilled my Grande Latte double-frapachino over that one.

JC, I never heard about tha Xray machine thing. Have to search it out. Sounds lie something a nutter Xtian would come up with.

MUFOG said...

You got it right as far as we know. Any KKK (Kristian Killing Korps) murders of nonthems? this year? Hard to imagine they missed a year.

David said...

Careful, you'll give the bible thumping, FOX News watching punters an aneurysm if you manange to make them think for a second about what they're being told.

Dromedary Hump said...

No KKK murders that we know of, but if there were likely they'd be bundled in with the annual Christian gun murders this country is blessed with.

I don't think I'm in danger of making any FOX news drones think; they tend to lack the gene necessary for that particular trait.