Thursday, September 29, 2016

A dear friend's appeal on behalf of Trump. I still love him never the less.

He's my childhood friend.   Fifty-five years we've known each other - caroused, hunted, camped, fished, and almost died canoeing and driving while under various influences. I love him like a brother.

But, alas, he has never quite shaken off the "Guns and taxes  is all I give a shit about, and fuck them welfare niggers, ragheads and queers who hate America!" mentality. A mentality that I must confess I once shared, a long time ago in another life.  I oft received obscene and racist mass email mailings replete with gross cartoons or photograph meme's from him, evidently part of the stuff he regularly receives from his similarly racist and right wing New York friends. Happily he respected my request to be removed from that distribution.

Today I received this email from him:
  "Pal the next president will be appointing at least one probably 2 supreme court justices.. I don’t think even you will like Clinton’s choices.. You gotta vote Trump."

My response:

"Thanks... but I don't vote for infantile, hateful, narcissistic, sociopath, misogynistic, xenophobic, racist, fascistic, inveterate liar reality stars for president. If I did it would be Charlie Sheen ... a coke head who always thought he was "WINNING" too.

And I'll settle for any Supreme Court justice who isn't 'in the mold of' Scalia or Thomas.  

No... I'll stick with the hideously elitist phony woman with international experience and a modicum of mental stability who doesn't fuck her own daughter. But..,I do appreciate your always."
I don't expect a reply.  I hope there isn't one since I have exactly no interest in engaging in debate on this.  I'll always love him, I'll always be there for him ...but I mourn the passing of time that has left him so many years behind the evolutionary progress of civility and reasoned thought.  

Meanwhile, Trump demands that non-Christians identify themselves during a rally, and invites the attendees to vote on whether they should be allowed to stay.   Just think about that ... the implications on a broader scale. That any thinking person can't see what he is and be repelled speaks to the spiral  into fascism with which our nation is flirting. It disgusts and horrifies me.   Whole story here 


paul said...

Otherwise seemingly intelligent people support the Donald for a number of unfathomable and spurious reasons. One of my acquaintances who carries a concealed .45 is a Trumpeteer because "second amendment" and Hillary wants to take all our guns away; nothing else matters. Several people I know are simply Obama haters, and will vote against Hillary to "prevent another four years of 'that'" (whatever 'that' is...).

Another, a conservative Xian is simply wants to promote "Christian values" and has heard the Donald pandering to the ultra conservative right, when he wasn't pandering to some other anti-something or pro-something-else group.

Much (most?) of the most virulent support for Trump or bashing of Hillary has nothing to do with the ability to govern or lead a major world power. It's all about "me, Me, ME!"

Dromedary Hump said...

I concur.
But I'd amend the it's about "Me Me Me" to include "THEM, THEM ,THEM".
Nothing excites the passions of bigots like the fear mongering of the: "THEY'RE coming to get you/ take your job/ use your tax money / rape your wife/ and shoot you or blow you up."
Never mind the fact that those taking their jobs, using the tax money, raping their wife, and murdering 10,000 Americans every year, are their own Christian brethren, the majority of whom are white.

David said...

It has come down to barracking for your political party like you barrack for your football team. All reasonable, rational critical thought was lost from Camp Republican long ago. Now it is just getting silly.

write my essay said...

Donuld trump has got famous due to his racism tactics. I personally dont like him as he is not the one who wants good relationships with different nations. He is kind of a selfish man