Saturday, September 3, 2016

Behold... Born Unto You This Day, the Holy Potato. Let us pray.

So... they slice open a potato, and lo and behold an execution device appears, placed there evidently by their God of Potato Messages. It's immediately declared a "divine presence" by this group of aging and obviously senile Catholics.   Read all about it here.

Seriously? A signal from God? And he sends it inside a fricking tuber, because he's what... Irish? or maybe because he yearns for some tater tots?

Never mind that it's a commonly recognized disease that causes the death and thus darkening of cells inside of the potato.  Never mind all that normal reasonable scientific fact of freekin agriculture, it's a sign from Gawd! It's a "Miracle"!

I fully expect that potato to be canonized.  It would be just as deserved of that nonsensical mumbo jumbo as is Mother Teresa. In fact...maybe even more so.  At least the potato didn't prolong, and take satisfaction in, the suffering of dying patients. Catholics. Ya just gotta shake your head.


David said...

Sure, canonize it, sounds like a good idea. I'd rather have that potato caring for me, should I become terminally ill, than Mother Teresa.

Dromedary Hump said...


dissertation writing service said...

hahaha this is so true!! Don't know what's wrong with people's belief system, thinking God has put a cross there...Why people why!